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Which hedgehog's personality represents you the most in real life? 

230 deviants said Silver - Bashful and disorientated at times.
210 deviants said Shadow - Cunning and efficient. Someone who had regrets in the past but likes to move on.
199 deviants said Sonic - Adventurous, courageous and helping but likes to be a lonewolf type.
150 deviants said Amy - Cheerful and happy-go-lucky. Can pack a mean punch too if messed with.
126 deviants said A combination? (please state and discuss)
46 deviants said Rob O' The Hedge - Democratic and honest.
15 deviants said Scourge - Another badass type but through your own will.
11 deviants said Metal Sonic - Pure badass but through manipulative measures or influences.

Devious Comments

MiKs94 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2010
i am either sonic (adventurous, helping and lonewolf type) and/or silver the "NAIVE" one lol
sheezy93 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
... really hard one XD ubut i'll go sonic because i'm kidn respect other people and help people who are upset it made me even sadder when i see them sad :/ i can be angry really easily sometime lol :p but now i started slowly stopped anagry and become calm one ^__^ it took me looong time @_@ and i also sad person who does alone all the times :/
KateStroh90 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I chose a combination- Mainly for two reasons.
One: I am like Sonic in his advanterous type, wild imagination...
Two: Get me angry, And I'm like Amy.....Packs a punch if messed with.
That is why I picked that anwser, I have even taken a Sonic quiz, and have gotten between Sonic and Amy for results (mostly sonic...)
SonicWolvelina99 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Well according to your descriptions, Sonic, Shadow and Amy. Sonic because when you said lonewolf type, I actually do prefer to do things alone and as I please. I sometimes think too much... Amy because of my temper. ^^;
YgvantheShaper Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Mixed between Sonic and Shadow, helpful but prefer to be alone, logical and a need for brutal efficiency.

with a bit of madness mixed in.....................................................................................................MELON PIE!!!!!!!
starpachirisu Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010  Student General Artist
I think i'm a Shadamiver It's a combination of Shadow Amy and Silver. But I think I just made a messed up yaoi Pairing. Oops...
SonicGal390 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm kinda like a mix of Amy Rose and Silver ^^;
lunanotikdeo Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm one of those combination people. Of Sonic and Amy to be strangely honest. I don't like being tied down and I'm usually the freakishly energetic one (happens with a high metabolism). If some one makes me mad, I exact my own style of revenge. I often have a bad temper but that ties in with the 'if you piss me off' thing. (I suppose that counts as a combination of Sonic, Shadow, and Amy ^^; All the characters who have bad tempers)
Ribbons13 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010  Student General Artist
im a mix of amy and scourge
shir0-ch4n Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
im a mixure of sonic(without the lone wolf thingy),amy,shadow and silver because im weird like that :D :typerhappy: btw i love your art even before i had an account here
CobaltWinterborn Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
You know me Elson, I say Shadow.
Crasher111 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010
I dunno about me....
BabylonRogues101 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010
combo of Sonic and Shadow
Nero-Blackwing Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A combination of many of the hedgehogs, I think. It sort of goes like this...

:bulletblue: Sonic: I am foot-loose and fancy-free (almost), with a love for adventure as well as a dislike for being stuck in one place for too long. Like Sonic, I loathe being constrained and held back, and I prefer to do as I please without others telling me what to do, which also shows that I can be stubborn and will refuse to do something if I do not want to do it. Everyone knows Sonic is impatient; so am I. I don`t like anything that is described as "slow" - such as slow thinkers, slow-moving objects, etc., etc.. Qeues are probably one of the things that make me increasingly grumpy the longer I am stuck in one. For me, I cannot stand going nowhere. I have to keep moving.

One of Sonic`s famous traits that make him a hero is a trait that also makes me a good person; the fact that I am against all evil, no matter what. Petty crimes, big crimes, crimes that devestate innocent lives, I hate them all. Whether it is murder, terrorism, kidnapping, a hit-and-run, I hope that the person/people committing these unlawful acts get what they deserve; and that`s not a slap on the hand and a "don`t do it again", I want them locked away for a long, long time. As you would expect, I also cannot stand silly things; such as racism (hating someone because of their skin color), homophobia (hating a man because he cannot love a woman, hating a woman because she cannot love a man, or either because they love both genders), and such and such.

There are other things that make me like Sonic, too, but I`m too lazy to list them.

:bulletblack: Shadow: Ooooooh yes. I`m also like Shadow. Anytime I`m not telling a joke, laughing or desperatley trying not to, I`m dead freakin' serious. People who know me a decent amount will probably have noticed by now that I am serious, like Shadow is also serious. I can be so serious, that if somebody is joking around with me, I will not notice at all, so it can lead to grave misunderstandings brought about by the fact that I`m not a happy-go-lucky ball of love that vomits happiness and has the sun shine out of my rear.

Besides my seriousness, I can also be rather hidden and withdrawn when it comes to my emotions. If I`m happy, then yes, I show it. But if I`m feeling negative, then I never show it. Well, 95% of the time I don`t.

Like Shadow, I am a lone wolf. I prefer to do things as I please, and on my own. I`ll only socialize if I want to. I never liked groups of people and crowds as it is. :|

For a girl, I am also quite hard and I do not back down against threats of any kind. Plus, one can be perfectly sure that I will not take other`s crap and simply give them the cold, hard facts whether they like it or not. If it`s the 'net, I will even say it to their face if I have to.

:bulletpink: Amy: There`s only one thing that I have in common with the annoying brat, and that`s the short temper. Luckily I fall off the end of my tether at things that are understandable, instead of trying to hit someone I like with a large object just because they accidentally missed a date or some trivial rubbish like that. One notable thing that annoys me greatly is a stupid person, or stupid people, at that. While someone might ask a question that isn`t that intelligent and some others will be fine, I will sigh and temporarily lose my will when somebody asks me a question that I deem is completely stupid. It`s worse if that person is not using correct spelling and grammar or is chatspeaking. This is the internet, not a mobile phone text conversation.

:bulletwhite: Silver: Mostly for being so modest. Whenever comparing myself to somebody who I deem is my equal or superior, I can never bring myself to say that at some point, I have done better than them. I`m not sure why. But as we all know, there is a thin line between being modest and having no confidence... I could however be dead-center on that line, though... :paranoid:

I am also very determined, and I do everything I can to make sure that my chosen actions will make everyone happy. As expected, I don`t let anything stop me, either.

:bulletgreen: Rob O': Can`t say much here, since I don`t know what he`s like. But reading from somebody else who described how much they could relate to him, I will say I am also a combination of him, even though it`s just a little. I cannot stand greed, and likewise, greedy people, nor do I tolerate selfishness. I always try to be as honest as I can, too. Meanwhile, blind, childish decisions that can cost others dearly are one thing I do not want on this planet, neither does anybody need self-conscious pricks that can`t see any further than the ends of their noses making the above-mentioned blind, childish decisions. Unlike Rob O' though, I have no faith in humanity. I lost it ages ago.

:bulletblue: Metal Sonic: Mostly for the badassness. I`m badass myself (even though I quite ofen don`t realize it), but that was really brought about by the influence past events had on me, which probably changed me to make me drastically different today than what I was like a few years ago.

Well, I think that`s that... I will go to sleep now. :dead:
Arkdevil Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2010
I;m a combination of Sonic and Shadow. I like to help people, prefer to be on my own, very adventuress, and I like moving on from the day before. Also, I'm turning 21 in 2 weeks. Lets get Blitzed!!!:drunk:
DaL33T Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2010
Combination (and I just realized this right after I hit the :censored: submit button for another option!):

>Rob o' the Hedge: Democratic and Honest (for the most part)
>Shadow: Serious (concerning work anyway)
>Silver: Disoriented at times (especially with math class)
OC-Alert Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2010  Student General Artist
Oh hell I don't know.
I would have said Sonic in the past but now I'm older I'm not so much like that,
I'd say I'm somewhere in the middle between him and Amy (though I wouldn't say a combo as such)
8-DJ Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Well,my personality is that neither of the Sonic,I love adventures,I am very brave,and like to help others without receiving anything in return,I help because I like it.

Check out my other arts[link]
flametalefox Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010
Hmmm.... I just pick Shadow cos the way you explain his traits are like mine. @_@

Hmm... comparing Silver between games and comics, he's atcually suppose to be quite rude and has a strong sense of justice in the Sonic games.

Huh? Oh, I'm just saying I prefer the rude Silver hehe..
Petsuchos-Isis Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mostly a mix of Amy and Sonic, it seems. I chose Amy, though, as I like staying positive about most things. I'm nowhere near as 'courageous' as Sonic is, but the "help others and then do your own thing again" thing fits me.
BlakeSanger26 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010  Student Writer
I am more of inbetween of Amy&Shadow cause well....I have the same personality to both of them :D
angelidia Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
A combo:
Sonic: I like to explore and and help out.
Amy: Sweet, kind girl but I can also pack a mean punch if messed with.
Silver: I can be shy at times but yeah I'm modest.
koolkon08 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010
Silver: I'm disorented... ALOT.
Shadow: I've had regrets in the past but I like to move on. Sonic: I'm helping but I'm a bit of a lonewolf.
Amy: Don't piss me off if you wanna live.
Skyscraperjunkie Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010
A combination...

Because I am adventurous, and I am always wanting to see and learn more about the world around me. I like to think that I also have a kind hart and strive for the best possible outcomes. I also traditionally have been a lone wolf, running to the beat of my own drum. This is honestly what got me into being a sonic fan as a younger kid; he is a symbol with character traits that I could relate too, and traits that I wanted to have. Sonic is a 'person' that is cool, athletic, well liked and doesn't believe in the word 'impossible'; and these were traits I learned to live my life through self confidence and pushing myself towards reaching new goals. I honestly see part of myself in this character, which is why that fictional blue hedgie has been a part of my life for so long now, as corny as that sounds.

Because I can have a wickedly bad temper at times. I have a low tolerance for bullshit and I let my opinions be known. I have had events which presented some unique challenges for me in the past and I do have some regrets.

Because I do have shyness at times and I am pretty modest when referring to myself.

Rob O'
Because I like to be honest and really want a better world for everyone. Seeing injustices, excessive greed and stupid, short sighted decisions at the expense of others truly pains me and fuels that shadow like temper to flare up at times; but really in the end I have faith in humanity and hope and strive for good outcomes in the future.
darkspeeds Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, what a lovely explaination you've provided there. I know how you feel about some of the things you said like Shadow's temper, Silver's modesty, Rob O's viewpoint of commonwealth for all and such buddy.

It's cool that you've shared how you could relate yourself to Sonic in many ways. I feel that way too when I travel.

Anyways thanks Shawn for sharing a reflection of your personalities and how you feel they could related to the Sonic characters. *thumbs up*
InYuJi Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010  Professional General Artist
Sonic- I like to helpt others as much. Sometimes courageous when doing wierd stuff (posing for ridiculous pictures at theme parks)
Silver-completely disoriented so many times cuz I daze off easily
Shadow-I'm always regretful of lots of stuff and my mean temper, but I like to move on and changer for the better
Amy-happy-go-lucky when I know I'm helping someone
HollowXDreams Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Im more of a combo of silver and shadow
I shy around a lot of people but inside I have other emotions i keep in too much.

Zero gravity is like floating forever
Deuce2011 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd say Sonic, Amy & Scourge...maybe a little bit of Shadow
EliseBellatrix Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010
Sorry, I'll try to say correctly the question. Who do you think I'm the most like?

Hahaha I need to correct any mistake I make in my English. I want to pass the exam for getting the intermediate level certificate of English!
darkspeeds Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
A combination actually:

Sonic for being passionate about adventure, Amy for being the cheerful and charming personality you have and Silver regarding modesty in your talents. ;)

I wish you all the best on your endeavours and studies of the English language! You're going a long way to being able to communicate very well on daily basis - so keep up the practice! :)
Silver36013 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010
I'm a mixture of Sonic, Shadow, and Silver

Sonic because I like to go on adventures, Shadow because I made some mistakes in my past and learned from them, and finally Silver because I think alot and that sometimes make me zone out for hours.
KentaruZ Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010  Professional Writer
I would say Shadow xD
EliseBellatrix Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010
Hmmm I'm curious... What do you think I'm the most like? :) Since I know you I always think that you're 80% like Sonic! :D
black7shadow Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shadow figure and maybe silver
NighttheHedgehog Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010
I like all of them actually. But I have to say I like Shadow the most because his personality is surprisingly similar to his and I can easily realate to him better than any other character.
Lynus-the-Porcupine Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010
Well, I' m a combination of Sonic, Shadow and Silver.
Sapphire-Light Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Who is Rob O' The Hedge?? :?

I think I'm like Silver :nod:
EvilSubzer0 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010
I would have to say the combination of Sonic and Shadow.

-Captain Maikeru Kuchiki
secretmelody07 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010
Amy shows alot of my hedgehog personality. That's for sure.
Pavagat Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Rob O' The Hedge is definatley me Democratic and honest ftw! plus i get to call people knaves! ha!
Chibi-Mars-Jane Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010
Sonic. 100%
Trust me. (:
Probably most like Sonic, except without the courageous part and a more toned down 'adventurous'. Very lone wolf (pokes Werehog) but I do try to help my friends out in the little ways I can.

Maybe a little like Scourge? Or an anti-version of Rob'O. I wouldn't say badass, but I'm not exactly the nicest person around, and even though I'd love to say I have a firm moral grounding, I'm pretty sure I would bypass some of the more minor stuff to get what I want.

Actually, if it wasn't just on hedgehogs, I would add Tails, since he has the idolising-Sonic aspect to him, but is slowly trying to grow out of his shadow.

Would've loved to say I was like Shadow, but... efficient? Hah. And I like to dwell upon the past.
ZoDy Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010   General Artist
Apparently I'm an Amy :B
darkspeeds Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Nah, you're more like Romzy... *SHOT* X3
199592 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010  Student
Silver and a little Shadow LoL
AmeMusashi Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd say I'm a bit of a mix between Amy and Shadow by being honest and true to my word, I'd never break a promise, but if you mess with me I'd either smite you with vengeance, or walk away cause its not even worth my anger.

Also, I'm a bit of Knuckles and Silver in a sense, cause I try to be strong and badass when really I'm a goody-goody two-shoes who couldn't hurt a kitten chewing on my leg :laughing: Sadly, I also share having dunce moments and don't get a clue even if it kicked me in the face~ :dummy:
stec-corduroyroad Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010  Professional General Artist
Much like Sonic, and man do I hate staying in the same spot all the time!
Knuczema-the-Echidna Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sonic, Shadow, and Silver. Funny and strange how im all those things at once.
HeadShot-X Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010
I seem to be a combination of Shadow and Silver.
maNAT3chCHImera Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010  Student
Guess a bit of Sonic, Silver, and Shadow.
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