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Medieval-Jam banner DEC2016 by darkspeeds

Success! Woo! And what a lovely session that was! I think keeping it to a max of 4 online-live participants will be a good limit to set for each session.

This week's participants included:

:iconlimro: :iconjerijune: :iconchichapie: and :iconkuurion:

This week we studied from this episode of Croquis Cafe for nude/figure drawings. A combination of 5 x 1 min, 4 x 2 min and 1 x 5 min poses.


figdraw Limroto01 1min by darkspeeds
figdraw Limroto02 2min by darkspeeds


figdraw Jerijune01 1min+2min by darkspeeds


figdraw Darkspeeds01 1min+2min by darkspeeds


figdraw Jerome Jacinto01 1min by darkspeeds
figdraw Jerome Jacinto02 2min by darkspeeds

5 min sketches

Barbarian Warrior J   3 By Mjranum Stock by darkspeeds F1166a38576a48b3f1f37fecfaeda8cf by darkspeeds
Duell 7 By Syccas Stock-d4mrsmr by darkspeeds

Nobleman Stock Iv By Phelandavion-d6rfw9q by darkspeeds


figdraw Limroto03a 5min by darkspeeds
figdraw Limroto03b 5min by darkspeeds


figdraw Jerijune03a 5min by darkspeeds figdraw Jerijune03b 5min by darkspeeds


figdraw Darkspeeds03 5min by darkspeeds


figdraw Jerome Jacinto03 5min by darkspeeds


figdraw Kuuribro03 5min by darkspeeds figdraw Kuuribro03a 5min by darkspeeds
figdraw Kuuribro03b 5min by darkspeeds

and finally...

20 min sketch

Final Shot   Drawing Reference By Senshistock-d5m9 by darkspeeds


figdraw Limroto04 20min by darkspeeds


figdraw Jerijune04 20min by darkspeeds


figdraw Darkspeeds04 20min by darkspeeds


figdraw Jerome Jacinto04 20min by darkspeeds


figdraw Kuuribro04 20min by darkspeeds

I love how everyone had their unique approach to each of the exercises - not one illustration looked the same. Great job guys!

I hope to do one of these every week! I will try to aim for one every Sunday but if I'm working a shift that day I may switch it up to Saturday/Monday.

Thanks once again to my special guests and to all of the people in chatroom who also join us offline the Google Hangout! Your positive feedback was very much appreciated too!

For more information on this initiative check out the journal post below. See you next Sunday! 

Medieval-Jam! Live Figure-Drawing SUNDAYS 10am PST:star: Figure-Drawing Session (Medieval) SUNDAY, 10am PST - JOIN US LIVE!

"You'll never improve your game if you don't put in the hours"

That is true in the art world, it's really about getting your foundations right and building up on the mileage you put into your illustrations. I remember this when I was study in The Academy of Art University in San Francisco back in 2013. One of the best things I've done in my life.
I miss going to class where we get to draw live in a class full of eager and talented artists. The live models were a delight to draw, we had the choice of nude or clothed. It was a very raw experience, one that you will remember for the rest of your life.
We're moving onto 2017 next and I feel that at this point in my life I'm going to try to up my art game and also attempt to engage with the online community a little more.
I'm going to test out this initiative in which I'll call for now - MEDIEVAL JAM!
Fruitso Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Love seeing everyone's styles presented here!
XalenTheWolf Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016
Nice sketches ^^
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