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Medieval-Jam banner DEC2016 by darkspeeds

"You'll never improve your game if you don't put in the hours"

That is true in the art world, it's really about getting your foundations right and building up on the mileage you put into your illustrations. I remember this when I was study in The Academy of Art University in San Francisco back in 2013. One of the best things I've done in my life.

I miss going to class where we get to draw live in a class full of eager and talented artists. The live models were a delight to draw, we had the choice of nude or clothed. It was a very raw experience, one that you will remember for the rest of your life.

We're moving onto 2017 next and I feel that at this point in my life I'm going to try to up my art game and also attempt to engage with the online community a little more.

I'm going to test out this initiative in which I'll call for now - MEDIEVAL JAM!

:star: This is how it's going to work (follow these instructions to join!)

STEP 01: I'll be using my PICARTO CHANNEL to host the session. Click here and use this browser to look into what we'll be drawing each timed interval.

: You can also join in the session as an active participant by chatting and drawing with me LIVE on my Picarto Channel. I will be making an announcement via Twitter and confirm our special guests to join privately via exclusive Google Hangout link.  

It is important that your MUTE my Picarto Channel if you're joining us live to avoid having two audio outputs - hence create that inconvenient (and annoying) 'echo' effect. 

Also if you are joining us live please be respectful of one another. Feel free to interject your thoughts as we're drawing live but be mindful that you'll be on your own to make the most out of the session till we have our BREAK intervals to discuss on feedback and sharing tips. Also you are not obligated to join us live! You are more than welcome to draw without having to have your presence live! When you're confident to engage just click on the Google Hangout link above!

STEP 03: Make sure you have a sketchbook ready and a pencil/pen! If your'e using your computer you are encouraged to use your digital tablet or Cintiq/tablet monitor! Be sure to also have water and a snack with you as we'll be drawing and concentrating for a full hour.

STEP 04: Have fun! Enjoy it as if we're in class, just like when I had my figure drawing classes back in the Academy of Art University days - that is the atmosphere I'm trying to replicate here. If all goes well we can make this a regular scheduled thing! I aim to do one of these a week for the new year of 2017! 

:star: The Program

We start our session with quick formal introductions and such. This should take 5 minutes, give or take. Then we dig right into the first (and very important) exercise. The Classic nude/figure drawing session!

This will vary from time to time but I will be utilising either of these channels for each session.

Croquis Cafe  (sample below)

New Masters Academy  (sample below)

The session can range from 30-40 minutes. We get to draw nude figures and listen to some relaxing illustration music - usually classical/bossa nova/slow jazz stuff!

We then take a 5 minute break (toilet break, snack, stretch etc).

Next we dig right into my own custom session of Medieval/Fantasy inspired figure drawings!

I have gathered an archive of professional/amateur models for poses that fit the above category. They contain both nude and clothed, but mostly clothed.  I will slowly be adding more in future but for this exercise I'll be hand picking 4 poses from the collection and we'll be sketching these at 5 minutes per pose with a 30 second break in between to catch a breather.

Untitled-1 by darkspeeds 

We'll be using a LIVE timer. This is how it looks like:

Untitled-2 by darkspeeds

Keep in mind you DO NOT have to draw exactly what you see! Use the poses as a guideline. You can visually imagine and draw your own original characters and have them clothed accordingly to the image we'll be studying!

Last but not least, once we've done all four we will be taking a one minute break before moving into the finale: A FULL TWENTY-MINUTE ILLUSTRATION!

This is where I strongly encourage you to customise with a character from your own comic series/concept art! 
During this medieval/fantasy inspired session I'll also be the DJ, playing a customised playlist - I'll do my best to keep it engaging!

This is how the screen will look like when we're drawing from my Picarto channel.

Untitled-3 by darkspeeds

At the end of the session you should end up on your sketchbook/digital file with:

30-40 minutes of nude/figure drawings (minimal 10 drawings), 4 x 5 min quick drawings of medieval/fantasy inspired characters and one 20 min detailed drawing. 

Furthermore I'll be posting my drawings on the respective journal AND you are more than welcome to send your drawings to me to be presented alongside for comparison!

Hope you can join me for the first session! Speak soon!
EliseBellatrix Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016
How do you prefer receiving our drawings? DA, email, twitter ( like PotatoStereo did ) ... :) 
darkspeeds Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Either way. ;)
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