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[UPDATE] Thanks for the awesome two and a half hour session guys! Been lots of fun talkin' about Sonic music, college, travelling, economic crisis, voice acting, comics and loads of other stuff! Wait... Did I say economic crisis? lol

Anyways it was also cool to do some voice impressions on the spot and based off listener request! Once again I share my thanks to people and friends who have attended the session, couldn't have had a show without yas. 8-)

Hi guys! Just posting this for kicks. I really need a break from all of these crazy assignments due at School of Design. I'll be doing some vocal recordings based off the Sonic Archie characters that I'll be using for my latest voice demo reel.

When I'm done we can have a catch and just talk about stuff! I'll try to keep it to an hour since it's 1AM atm... lol See you there. 8-)

:star: SONIC UNIVERSE #47 Readout! (Program and Feedback)

Holy Walkers!! The entire live recording was just an experiment that came out of the hat but it turned out to be ALOT of fun! I couldn't have done this without :iconkovabomb: and without you guys who were most cool to tune in, give us feedback and see how much fun it is to do read-outs of the Sonic Archie comic series!

For your convenience I've made a list of what was crammed into 1 hour and 35 minutes of epic recording carnage!

 photo Darkspeeds-deviantART_03MAR_01_zps44a12c83.jpg

[UPDATE] I had a re-listen to this and boy did I screw up/LOLs/interrupt several times! X_X;; I'll take note not to be too giddy next time if I were ever to do one again. Sorry guys (and Kovabomb - who maintained composure throughout the live recording).

I also gotta fix the volume settings, make it a little more louder on Kovabomb's end. Also didn't like the fact that it gets cut sometimes while we're delivering the lines - probably it's preventable if I shut the webcam off. Some things to consider for next time.

:bulletgreen: PROGRAM :bulletgreen: -  [CHAOTIX QUEST Live Recording (feat. Darkspeeds & Kovabomb)] - :bulletgreen: PROGRAM :bulletgreen:

  1. Just Me and Chris talkin' bout stuff ~ Posting announcement of our exercise, preppin' up for the performance, Scourge's kick-ass voice! [00:00 - 12:30]
  3. CHAOTIX QUEST #47 (Live-Read out begins) [12:37 - 30:12]
  5. FEEDBACK to SonicPolo23! [30:15 - 31:12]
  6. KOVABOMB Suggests Feedback from Viewers: [31:15 - 33:00]
  7. Post this at Bumbleking forums? Darkspeeds takes a Break and KOVABOMB talks to Viewers [33:20 - 34:50]
  9. "Don't you DARE STEAL MY SHARD!!" [34:52 - 35:30]
  11. KOVABOMB as Shard and Sonic  [35:50 - 36:18]
  12. Darkspeeds desperate to do SHARD's voice (AND CHEATING!) [36:20 - 38:10]
  13. Q & A with Kovabomb (Who's your favourite Sonic Archie character to VA?) [38:12]
  14. Q & A with Kovabomb (Does Your Voice Get Hoarse When you VA frequently?) [38:46]
  15. Q & A with Kovabomb (Who would you voice in Sonic x Megaman?) [39:30]
  16. Q & A with Kovabomb (Kovabomb does the JOKER from Dark Knight!!) [41:00]
  17. Darkspeeds talks about Performance enhancement when reading out dialogue [43:55]
  18. Darkspeeds and Kovabomb (as SHARD and SONIC ~ bloopers!) [44:00]
  19. CHAOTIX QUEST #48 (Live-Read out begins) [46:50 - 1:07:00]
  21. FEEDBACK TIME! [1:07:15]
  22. Who has seen Wreck-it-Ralph? [1:09:20]
  24. Kovabomb does impression of TURBO? [1:09:35]
  26. CHAOTIX QUEST #49 (Live-Read out begins) [1:11:16]
  28. This is getting tense!!  [1:19:25]
  29. MIGHTY UNLEASHED??!? [1:20:03]
  30. CHAOTIX QUEST #49 (End!) [1:24:40]
  32. LIVE AND LEAAARRRN!!! [1:24:42]
  33. FEEDBACK 2.0 [1:25:04]
  34. Meet Tails! [1:30:00]
  35. Encore [1:33:30]

It's a shame that :iconevanstanley: wasn't on Skype, but it's all good - Kovabomb managed to brilliantly pull off all of the girl's voices (ie. Matilda and Thorn the Lop!).

Thanks again for being such a wonderful audience! Perhaps one day I'll we can do another - just for kicks. 8-)

:bulletgreen: FEEDBACK :bulletgreen: - [CHAOTIX QUEST Live Recording (feat. Darkspeeds & Kovabomb)] -  :bulletgreen: FEEDBACK :bulletgreen:

Ashley : OMG
Joanna : ...NO
Amaya : Woohoo!
KirbyChan : Oh wow, that is spot on O_O;
Ashley : You, my good man, ARE TURBO
shadowknux516 : YEAH! =D
Amaya : lol
TylerVA : *dies of happiness*
CHICAGOPDSTARS : Never n the red box!
Ashley : That was just EPIC
Vincent : MY GAWD!!!
ShadeKetchum1 : He's going Turbo!
Sen : That was... TURBOTASTIC!
SilverZeo88 : Can you do a Kamina scene?
DTrain2695 : Damn
Ashley : o.o Elson, you've not seen it?
Nightwing178 : OH MY GARD!
Ashley : You HAVE to see it!
KirbyChan : Can you do some King Candy?
RJManatsu629 : How... in mobius... DUDE ThAT WAS SPOT ON!!!
shadowknux516 : You haven't seen it yet!? D=
NankoYukiHaruno : that was great Kovabomb! 8D
Ashley : Honestly, the guy reminds me of the Mad Hatter
ShadeKetchum1 : SPOILERS!
Ashley : Even down to the voice
Nightwing178 : XD I get it
Ashley : You better XD
RJManatsu629 : That was a perfect terbo!
Nightwing178 : XD Come the NY
RJManatsu629 : I watched that today
Sonicpolo23 : We should when you come!
KirbyChan : I totally should be asleep by now. But this is just too fun.
Joanna : Yay!
Vincent : Is it bad that I practically hear a Country Scourge somewhere in there?
Vincent : O.o
Nightwing178 : I know My mom will kill me if she finds me awake XD
TylerVA : lol Vince
Nightwing178 : j
Nightwing178 : Epic music
CHICAGOPDSTARS : You're no Chrush 40 Elson! LOL!
Nightwing178 : XD
KirbyChan : I love your Mighty voice <3
Nightwing178 : For hr~
Ashley : His Mighty voice is pretty good ^^
Nightwing178 : FOR THE GIRL!
ShadeKetchum1 : I'm suddenly imagining Baron as a southern wardern with that voice.
WeridoKid : favortie voice to do ?
NankoYukiHaruno : hey Elson I gotta brb, but I'll be back ^u^
Nightwing178 : WHOA! He just sound like a die dog D:
Nightwing178 :…
ShadeKetchum1 : Stuff just got real!
TylerVA : These are the Best Sound Effects
Nightwing178 : I KR
RJManatsu629 : Yes
Joanna : Awesome
Ashley : And things just got intense~
Amaya : this is so great <3
ShadeKetchum1 : Sappy memories and emotions time!
WeridoKid : i'm yelling !
Ashley : Now things got emotional~
Joanna : T_T
Nightwing178 : did you run away elson?
RJManatsu629 : Wow... That's good TT_TT
Nightwing178 : T~T
Amaya : :'(
shadowknux516 : So Emotional :'(
ShadeKetchum1 : *tearing u*
KirbyChan : So many feels...
ShadeKetchum1 : *up
Nightwing178 : Pain without love
Nightwing178 : Pain can`t get enoughj
Nightwing178 : XD I found epic musc for you Elson!…
Ashley : And things are about to get reallly intense...brace yourselves folks
Nightwing178 : DEATHJ
KirbyChan : We're blasting off again!
Ashley : *braces* o.o;
Nightwing178 : FATITLY
ShadeKetchum1 : Uh oh. Prepare for the be UNLEASHED!
TylerVA : MIGHTY RAGE!!!!!!
CHICAGOPDSTARS : The collar is off!
shadowknux516 : MIGHTY used OUTRAGE! It was Super Effective! XD
Nightwing178 : XD Elson
KirbyChan : I'm kinda disappointed that there was no Mighty throwing tanks at people...
Sonicpolo23 : loving it
CHICAGOPDSTARS : If only we could sick mighty on Ken Penders!
Nightwing178 :


Ashley : This is still pretty good all the same ^_^
Nightwing178 : NOOOOOOO
ShadeKetchum1 : He kinda needed to get to his sister Kirby. I mean she just lost an arm to a missile.
KirbyChan : Yeah, but he was enraged. Plus he was using a tank on the cover. But I guess throwing engines at people is good enough
ShadeKetchum1 : And plus covers aren't always accurate.
KirbyChan : I can dream xD
Ashley : Sonic Unleashed theme~
ShadeKetchum1 : Yup.
CHICAGOPDSTARS : Elson humming. Did not expect this when I created an account to be here! LOL!
KirbyChan : I will be mad if Bunnie is legionized :I
Nightwing178 :… Your depressing music Elson XD
Amaya : lol
Ashley : Nice work guys XD
CHICAGOPDSTARS : Me too. i like her back to normal!
WeridoKid : loads of fun
Sen : AMAZING job!
Ashley : You two had all kinds of fun XD
Amaya : You guys did a fantastic job
Nightwing178 :… For the sad part T~T
Hedgehogtwins : Hi all!
ShadeKetchum1 : I know what happens with Metal Sonic. But no spoilers. Awesome Job!
MarriNoelle : My gosh. I loved that. It was amazing guys! ^-^
Sen : I came for the Mighty and stayed for the great voices. :'3
TylerVA : Again, pure genuis!
Nightwing178 :…
Joanna : Wonderful!
shadowknux516 : You guys did Awesome! *claps*
Vincent : Good work dudes. ^-^ Hope to keep hearing more! :D
Hedgehogtwins : its over...
RJManatsu629 : Your Ray is epic
Hedgehogtwins : :( :(
WeridoKid : this feels like YGS
Nightwing178 : The amazing ness of life
Nightwing178 : Cookies X3
Nightwing178 : Mighty flipped the universe
CHICAGOPDSTARS ban: SU 50, why not!
Nightwing178 : ROLF
KirbyChan : Can you do SU 50?
CHICAGOPDSTARS : Your good stuff?
KirbyChan : Aw man! D:
WeridoKid : any comic besides so long sally
Nightwing178 : Depression *tear drop
Hedgehogtwins : secret freedom fighters?
Hedgehogtwins : :D :D
Ashley : nHmm.. guess I'm gonna be trying my hand at Aurora for 162
Nightwing178 : An eye for an eye mate
Ashley : Gotta wonder how I'm gonna pull her off...
ShadeKetchum1 : Whoa! I'm suddenly scared of a plant.
Nightwing178 : Thats a good thing
Nightwing178 : How do you apply for the acting?
Ashley : Me?
Nightwing178 : In general
TylerVA : ^^^ same question
Ashley : Well, I found someone doing some Sonic Comic dramas and I did some practice voice acting on some characters
Nightwing178 : Yeah
Hedgehogtwins : sounds great
Ashley : Namely Nicole, Mina, Hope...
Nightwing178 : Nice
Ashley : I earned the part of Nicole for the drama, and Hope too
Nightwing178 : WOOF
ShadeKetchum1 : Sounds good.
Ashley : But I;ve gotta work on my Hope
Ashley : Aurora's gonna be different
Nightwing178 : I always wanted to act as nicole ever so badly!
shadowknux516 : Nice Tails voice, whoever voiced him! =D
Ashley : Nicole's really not that hard
WeridoKid : any idea for haveing someone proved a Mecha Sally in a Comic Dub ?
Ashley : I kept in mind that she often remains calm and, in turn, I kept my voice just as calm
Nightwing178 : If only I had the stuff to try out
Hedgehogtwins : yay!
Ashley : Not that I know of
Nightwing178 :… XD My character of many accents
SilverZeo88 : Didn't know Ratchet from TF:P was in Sonic?
Ashley : Right now, the director's gathering lives for 161 and 162
Ashley : And since he needs someone for Aurora I stepped up. I think I may have lines for Hope soon, I dunno for sure
KirbyChan : I thought Shard only had one boss. Harvey. Who's his second boss?
CHICAGOPDSTARS : I did that in my fanfic. Now there discussing it in the comic.
Hedgehogtwins : cool!
Nightwing178 : I wish I could, but I don`t hove the equiment to do this.
CHICAGOPDSTARS : I like being ahead of the curve
CHICAGOPDSTARS : Great voice work
WeridoKid : see ya...
SilverZeo88 : Thanks
Ashley : Good to know we were great ^^
SilverZeo88 : Awesome.
WeridoKid : and to see you in live action
Sen : Thanks for the fun time!
ShadeKetchum1 : Cool.
KirbyChan : You guys were great!
Ashley : Nice to finally see the face behind the voice~
CHICAGOPDSTARS : Made my early morning entertaining. ;)
shadowknux516 : Thanx Kova! You're so Awesome! =D
Amaya : Thanks guys. It was really fun
SilverZeo88 : Gotta juice!
Hedgehogtwins : thank you!
Ashley : Buy guys ^_^
Ashley : * Bue
Amaya : Night guys
SilverZeo88 : Night.
ShadeKetchum1 : Ok then. Goodnight!
Nightwing178 : NIGHT!!!!!!!

:star: Live Recording of SONIC UNIVERSE #47 Readout!

I was in the middle of colouring the latest drawing that I'll be posting up soon (one that features Mighty, Matilda and Ray)

However my good friend Kovabomb happened to pop up on Skype and instantly I had the urge to take a break and have a fun session doing a mock recording of SONIC UNIVERSE #47.

Wanna have a listen?

Click on the image below and expect some bloopers waiting to happen!

 photo OneHappyFamily01_24-03-2013_zps232d74df.jpg

And if :iconevanstamley: happens to drop by we'll get her to tag along and do the girls voices! :giggle:

:icondarkspeeds: = Mighty The Armadillo, Alan Quail, Munch Rat, The Baron (aka Uncle Beaureguard), Lord Mordred Hood
:iconkovabomb: = Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, Bow Sparrow, Friar Buck, Jack Rabbit
:iconevanstanley: (when she's available XD) = Charmy Bee and Ray Squirrel, Thorn the Lop

See you guys at the box. ;)
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Also, wonderful picture up above, by the way. I think that's what really enticed me to click. ;)
KMTwiddley-Wings Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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I loved it when you acted as Mighty in the Sonic Universe #49 Elson, you sounded amazing!
And kovabombs sound effects were amazing when he did that siren in the previous issue :clap:
I'm looking forward to hearing your next voice over the you get to around to it. :aww:
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