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March 15, 2010


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Back To Square One (16th March 2010)

The following image will perfectly sum up/paint a picture of my 'recent' feelings for the GRAND HUNTER comic project that I've been working on for the past couple of months.

It's no surprise really - because of work, running errands back home, planning for a holiday to Bali, making application for a higher duties/supervisor role in my department of E-Gaming, chillin' out and relaxin' with family and friends - I didn't really get much time to dedicate to the comic series as of recent.

Not to say that is a bad thing because my priorities comes first and the comics are not a top priority in my life - it's really an extra as so to speak. My passion for drawing comics, cartoon and Sonic fan art is (as mentioned many times throughout my lifetime) a hobby and always will be. It's an escape from reality to put it in another sense - and it's a pretty expensive hobby since it takes up a lot of my time that can be spent more on going out and socialising with real people/networking and such - an all important step if you want to get into a relationship and have a family of your own one day in the near future.

But nevertheless the frustration comes at a time when I thought I had GRAND HUNTER ready and set in motion - I thought I was ready to deliver the pages to my fellow fans and readers of the series and get them engaged in the story of my comic creations. That is not the case as of today. Why? Well I want to be honest with you all...

I'm not satisfied with the work put into the comic project.

So to keep it simple the concept for the first saga which consists of 4 issues (each containing around 20-22 pages) was not good enough for my liking. There were plot holes. The bad guys weren't solid enough to hold an engaging purpose in the story and the plot was too complex. In addition I was still indecisive about the comic style/format to be used.

You can have a preview of my (to be scraped) works towards Issue 01 below. There are 6 pages (all except for the first) that needed to be coloured after I've done another 6 progressive pages in black and white sketch form.  

Let me know what you think of the execution so far...

Issue 01 - Adventure In The Desert - Page 01 - To be scraped.

Issue 01 - Adventure In The Desert - Page 02 - To be scraped.

Issue 01 - Adventure In The Desert - Page 03 - To be scraped.

Issue 01 - Adventure In The Desert - Page 04 - To be scraped.

Issue 01 - Adventure In The Desert - Page 05 - To be scraped.

Issue 01 - Adventure In The Desert - Page 06 - To be scraped.

Now that you've read through my most recent stuff for the official GRAND HUNTER story now it's time to say good bye and say hello to something new and refreshing at the beginning of APRIL 2010. I will try to make that as my deadline for some fresh material on the GRAND HUNTER front. Hope you can join me then! ;)

Visual Step By Step for 'Mad Desert Dash' (12th March 2010)

Well you know me, lately at the end of each coloured concept piece (that's based off my original cartoon series) I post up a visual guide of the creation process for that specific concept piece.

Here it is in 4 easy steps:


02 --> INKING


04 --> SHADING


That is all for now! I've got a ton of work to catch up so if you'll excuse me I shall get back to you all when I'm free!

Keep on drawing and keep on inspiring! *thumbs up*

:bulletgreen: Concept preparations of 'new series' GRAND HUNTER (Chapter 01: 'Adventure in The Desert', FULL COLOUR - 22 page comic First Arc containing 4 issues. Progress - SCRIPT = 25%, COMIC PAGE = 15%

:bulletgreen: Concept preparations of 'new series' CLOUD RAIDERS (work in progress)

:bulletgreen: Sonic Archie fan comic series - 'DEPARTURE' (currently ON HOLD)

:bulletgreen: Update and complete ALL of my FAN-COMICS starting with Sonic Adventure 2 Fan-Comic (95% complete - ALMOST THERE!!)

:bulletgreen: Finishing my SOS Promo Videos – then plan and prepare Sonic community meet-up in the United States of America for 2010 (codename: UCSTH - United Community of Sonic the Hedgehog)
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Huepow00 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010  Professional Artist
Heres to the Summer Elson, may it sap your energy in the same way it has mine.
ZoDy Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010   General Artist
Its a shame to hear that you feel that way about your project, I personaly believe it's been presented really well and unlike a lot of comics I've seen in the past it has a certain charm to it. But I can understand feeling really unsatisfied with a project (Hell dunno why I haven't dumped VVV yet :B )
But if you want my honest opinon, don't give up on this comic, I really dont wanna see you give up on it. Heck it's better to be socialising with people in real life and such I know that all too well, but I think if you can sort out a schedule to focus souly on your comic you'll feel pretty satisfied you took the time to finish it.
Gotta say I'm loving the lay out of these pages, you've done a far more superior job then me at managing speech bubbles D: I struggle placing those, and the locations and character just look so appealing. It really would be a shame to see the project pushed aside only to collect dust
AgentWebdog Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010  Student Digital Artist
I reboot without having drawn anything first! X_x; You should see my notebooks on both The Alliances and Quasar. Due to around four years of work, I have 16 filled on the Alliances, and 5 on Quasar, mostly toying and scrapping with ideas. Then two full of written notes for each. ;) Rebooting isn't fun but it's often neccissary. So instead of focusing on drawing, I focus completely on the characters. You gotta know the way they think down to a key before I dare draw them, and you gotta give your reader the same hints too. You gotta give yourself Mulitple personalities when thinking about this stuff.

For example, people give me flack all the time about Quiver's clothing design, they say it's to simple, but, Quiver has a very in-the-box way of thinking. He enjoys simpler things in life, and can get by happily on little to nothing. So why should he have extreme, flamboyent clothing? :XD:

Much in the same way Ashworth is naked, because I'm sure it gives his more wiley spirit a sense of freedom and truth. There's nothing he'd really hide from people in terms of personality, he's just him, and not exactly withdrawn. (I'll laugh if I'm not even close, then be slightly embarassed.)

Taking note of these things hold your character closer, and makes it easier to write for them, because you'll know their reactions, and how they percieve things better, and therefor can mold them into any situation. People should be able to ask any question about your character and you should be able to answer it without thinking to much. (Such as, what's Ashworth's view on natural human (Or whatever they are) reaction? Does he think it's just nature? )

I'm sure much of this you already know though. =D Don't give in Darky, I'm excited to see your comic!
yuski Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010   General Artist
I know very well this sensation... of don´t liking how´s it going and reset the whole project. Before release XDragoon, it had 4 reboots before appear the final product. Many things changed, I added some characters, removed others. Was 3 years of conception before the release and yet there´s some stuff I wanted to add before, change some things or remove - but after get 400 pages done, reboot is the last thing I want to do with XDragoon. 8D

My suggestion is to relax, reflect and think on things you´d like to put on it. The most important thing while you do a comic, is that you enjoy working on it, the story and characters.
Crystal-Dream Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
aarrgh, reboots...
I dunno what is worser: do something all over again, or being stuck in what you wanted to do. I am stuck in "Eternal Purity" so far as well, no idea how to go on, or how to change into the next arc... and also the time that I spend otherwise not with just drawing.
so yeah, but on another note, I have found a new style of doing comics on the computer. [link]
I have been experimenting in doing comics digitally. This is ma first trial in a full shaded comic. If I could maintain a similiar style for EP... but then, my tablet broke recently ;___; so I won't know for the time being.
Nero-Blackwing Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So far, the current works of the comic you have up are pretty interesting, I will say. I wouldn`t worry about the frustration too much, though. Everyone gets that with comics, and in some cases, a piece of art that demands effort. I mean, I get this problem all the time, I`ll start sketching something, then I take a look at it and think "nah...", merely dismissing it as not up to my expectations. Or maybe it`s just 'cause I`m a lazy bum. *Slapped*

Either way, just don`t rush yourself too much or set your standards way too high; otherwise that`ll just create even more problems 'till you find yourself banging your head on your desk repeatedly.

And of course, life is more important, so hope everything goes smoothly. ;)
darkspeeds Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks Jess, your feedback and insight is very much appreciated. ;)

I will try not to set my standards too high and try to keep my approach as simple as possible... Probably should just do a comic strip a week or something like that and follow the story from there without any planning... Just one comic strip a week that can be on it's own... Yeah that might work. :D

And eventually when you combine a whole bunch of them you can make it into a series/one complete issue/volume! Yeah I like the sound of that. ^^
Nero-Blackwing Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sounds like a plan, then. ;) Glad you`re not rushing into this like an angry bull. :D Then again, why exactly would you?

I`d love to see what happens in the coming times ahead, hopefully a complete, well-rounded comic that you`re happy with! (And on a side note, I will make sure I read it, too, since I`m a lazy bum). Besides, whether I know a fellow artist well or not, I wouldn`t like to see you or any else for that matter be flat-out disappointed in their work so far considering it is already amazing. :)
EvanStanley Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010  Student General Artist
I hate having to do reboots.
darkspeeds Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Man tell me about it... X_X;

It already did with 'The Grand ASHWORTH Fortune'... XD
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