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March 15, 2010


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Back To Square One (16th March 2010)

The following image will perfectly sum up/paint a picture of my 'recent' feelings for the GRAND HUNTER comic project that I've been working on for the past couple of months.

It's no surprise really - because of work, running errands back home, planning for a holiday to Bali, making application for a higher duties/supervisor role in my department of E-Gaming, chillin' out and relaxin' with family and friends - I didn't really get much time to dedicate to the comic series as of recent.

Not to say that is a bad thing because my priorities comes first and the comics are not a top priority in my life - it's really an extra as so to speak. My passion for drawing comics, cartoon and Sonic fan art is (as mentioned many times throughout my lifetime) a hobby and always will be. It's an escape from reality to put it in another sense - and it's a pretty expensive hobby since it takes up a lot of my time that can be spent more on going out and socialising with real people/networking and such - an all important step if you want to get into a relationship and have a family of your own one day in the near future.

But nevertheless the frustration comes at a time when I thought I had GRAND HUNTER ready and set in motion - I thought I was ready to deliver the pages to my fellow fans and readers of the series and get them engaged in the story of my comic creations. That is not the case as of today. Why? Well I want to be honest with you all...

I'm not satisfied with the work put into the comic project.

So to keep it simple the concept for the first saga which consists of 4 issues (each containing around 20-22 pages) was not good enough for my liking. There were plot holes. The bad guys weren't solid enough to hold an engaging purpose in the story and the plot was too complex. In addition I was still indecisive about the comic style/format to be used.

You can have a preview of my (to be scraped) works towards Issue 01 below. There are 6 pages (all except for the first) that needed to be coloured after I've done another 6 progressive pages in black and white sketch form.  

Let me know what you think of the execution so far...

Issue 01 - Adventure In The Desert - Page 01 - To be scraped.

Issue 01 - Adventure In The Desert - Page 02 - To be scraped.

Issue 01 - Adventure In The Desert - Page 03 - To be scraped.

Issue 01 - Adventure In The Desert - Page 04 - To be scraped.

Issue 01 - Adventure In The Desert - Page 05 - To be scraped.

Issue 01 - Adventure In The Desert - Page 06 - To be scraped.

Now that you've read through my most recent stuff for the official GRAND HUNTER story now it's time to say good bye and say hello to something new and refreshing at the beginning of APRIL 2010. I will try to make that as my deadline for some fresh material on the GRAND HUNTER front. Hope you can join me then! ;)

Visual Step By Step for 'Mad Desert Dash' (12th March 2010)

Well you know me, lately at the end of each coloured concept piece (that's based off my original cartoon series) I post up a visual guide of the creation process for that specific concept piece.

Here it is in 4 easy steps:


02 --> INKING


04 --> SHADING


That is all for now! I've got a ton of work to catch up so if you'll excuse me I shall get back to you all when I'm free!

Keep on drawing and keep on inspiring! *thumbs up*

:bulletgreen: Concept preparations of 'new series' GRAND HUNTER (Chapter 01: 'Adventure in The Desert', FULL COLOUR - 22 page comic First Arc containing 4 issues. Progress - SCRIPT = 25%, COMIC PAGE = 15%

:bulletgreen: Concept preparations of 'new series' CLOUD RAIDERS (work in progress)

:bulletgreen: Sonic Archie fan comic series - 'DEPARTURE' (currently ON HOLD)

:bulletgreen: Update and complete ALL of my FAN-COMICS starting with Sonic Adventure 2 Fan-Comic (95% complete - ALMOST THERE!!)

:bulletgreen: Finishing my SOS Promo Videos – then plan and prepare Sonic community meet-up in the United States of America for 2010 (codename: UCSTH - United Community of Sonic the Hedgehog)
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Hikari1017 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
-_- fixing the example.
Hikaru Uzumaki created by: :iconhikari1017:
Ashworth the Wombat created by: :icondarkspeeds:
(Sorry about that. I hate it when I mess up icons. No wonder I don't use them very often. Bythe way, if you want to know more about me or my character just ask me and I'll give ya' information. Also, Hikaru is a hedgehog, so it could be a good start of a hedgehog meeting a wombat.)
Hikari1017 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very impressive work Elson! I like how you show how to make the creativve details set in motion. Maybe I could try that sometime with some of my drawings. But I have a least one question....Could I borrow Ruby, Fei and Ashworth in a story I want to make when I get back? It woulbe be lovely if I used your characters. But here's what I'm going to do. If you say yes here's what I will do with the story; First I will need Ruby, Fei and AShworth's personalities. Second; I will use there personalities as a role play story. (That's how I do all of my stories.) Third after I make the chapters of the whiole story in the authors comments I will put odnw the characters and write down the creators and who they belong to. For xample; Hikaru Uzumaki created by; :iconhikari1017: Ashworth the Wombat created by; :icondarkspeed:
That's what I had in mind. But I will do that in a couples day if you let me dpo so. I promise I will credit about your charaacters and how they are yours.
So if you say yes, just send me the message and I will look at it by tuesday, because I'm leaving today. So if you say yes just send me the message and I'll check on it when I come back. (Sorry if you hate me repeating. I have a tendency of doing that. By the way, Ashworth is so cool! ^^)
Beatleboy62 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010
Writers Block/Not Satisfied With Finished Product:

Well, I can tell you feel a bit flustered at the current point of events in your comics and such, but I have a small bit of advice for you.


Take a few days off, go to the beach(if you're near it), spend time with your friends, sleep in, try a new hobbie, anything to get you away from your work!

Whenever I have writers block for my fan fics, whenever I goof off the problem seems to have disapered in my mind by the time I get back.

Yes, your readers may have to wait a bit longer, but if they were really your fans, they will wait.

(P.S. I'm not saying you live in your house drawing all day like a hermit, I just suggest doing more)

Hope I helped!
JadenTerra Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Dang man! You're still awesome at drawing Darkspeeds!!
EliseBellatrix Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2010
I can understand you, Elson. I'm so busy lately too! I can't go the rehersals with my choir as much as I wanted to... It's natural that you are not feeling satisfied enough with your Grand Hunter lately if you haven't time enough to dedicate to them. But you use to get good ideas and I see that you're edvertising us about something new and refreshing! ^^ Well, I'm sure that a break in Bali will make you feel much better and inspired! :hug:
Skyscraperjunkie Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2010
Don't sweat it, this is just typical writer's block. Your creating something entirely new and original, so this to be expected. I know its frustrating because of all the work and time you put into this series thus far, and BTW, the line art is superb. My recommendation is first: scrap any preconceived deadlines you have given for yourself and take a break. Go enjoy your trip to Bali and just bring a sketch book with you and scribble down on ideas you might have along the way. You never know when that great concept idea might strike you, and I have feeling you just might find it along the way.

After a while, take a look at the possible concepts you have compiled in the sketch book and expand upon them. Draft a quick outline of bullet points in 5 minutes to see what direction the plot may take. Once you have that great idea and direction, flush out those bullet points in the comic. And again, don't pressure yourself with deadlines; when you find that gold, the work will just flow from it. You don't owe us anything here, we just appreciate your talents and that you you share it with the world. This is your hobby and you need to live your life as well. When the comic pages are ready, then present them; but just set goals, not deadlines.

My final recommendation is to work through this new concept even if you might be a bit dissatisfied along the way, as long as you have an overall direction to go that your happy with. Individual pages can be redone over time. When I was in school for my undergraduate degree, my instructors would always say "A project is never complete, but at some point you have to say your 'done'"; and I have found its a pretty good quote to live by in this regard.

Take a break, get some rest, and enjoy your trip.
Emily-Young Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2010  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hmm...Well, I think it's pretty cool. The only thing I don't get though is, why is Ruby trying to sink her own friends in quick sand?O_O"

Anyway, over all it looks pretty awesome.^^ And yeah, when trying to plan out some ideas of mine I get stressed too cause I like...Have no idea what the heck should happen here and there! UGH!!! Can drive an artist mad!

But like everyone else here has said, don't worry about it to much...Listen to some music, take a look outside, watch a funny movie! All of these things help inspire me sometimes. =) Just do something that helps you come up with fresh new ideas!

You could also go Horse back riding and call the horse Fei!^^

Fei : WHAAAAT????

*Cough* Anyway, you'll find something that wil inspire you.^^ And you can enjoy yourself while being inspired to!!^_^
HappyAggro Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
I understand. You have your priorities in place. The best you can do from your new perspective is to be sure that you're for the most part, satisifed with what you're putting out. If you're satisifed, then we will be, if you aren't...people can tell.

With that being said, I really do think you should keep the Lognites and the way that Ash and the gang break the fourth wall. You don't tend to see the characters break the fourth wall in adventure stories, and you definitely do NOT see the characters make an attempt to bring you in PERSONALLY to the story. That's original, and an underused type of thing and utilizing that can really help your comic stand out. The only series I've seen that does something similar to that is the MAXIMUM RIDE series. The first chapter of the book is one of the main characters more or less presenting a dialogue to the reader, making some bold claims. It definitely piqued my interest once I read it...and those books have sold a LOT of copies. And its not like people are going to be saying that you're ripping off Max Ride either...lemme tell ya, its waaaaay different from your story and I don't think that you can really "rip off" literary devices. XD
taeshilh Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010  Professional General Artist
Sorry about your struggles ;__; If you ever wanna talk about plot issues, comic plans, and the like, hit me up on Skype! Maybe I can help. I know all too well when there's a comic part I'm really frustrated over, one of the best things to do is just tell the plot to a friend.. and seeing what the friend thinks of it. You're aiming to entertain a reader, so a reader would be your best bet!
kelia-zephyr Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
Sorry to hear about your project. I was really looking forward to it, especially after spending an entire afternoon glued to my screen reading "The Grand Ashworth Fortune" web-manga and absolutely loving it! I hope you are able to find some time to re-think and re-work your new series, I will be waiting^^
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