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October 18, 2012
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:bulletgreen: WHAT'S ON OFFER? :bulletgreen:

Hi everyone! I've been meaning to make a page dedicated to what I can offer in terms of commissions! I'll keep this updated as my portfolio grows. Commission prices may change at any time but I'll try to keep it as fair as possible. Without further ado let's see what's on offer!


:bulletblue: [Description]

A drawing of one character posed on white background. This is done in a drawing style similar to what you'll find in a sketchbook!

:bulletred: [Cost] = $20 USD  (+$10 USD for additional characters)

COMMISSION #10 Ariana the Echidna ($25) by darkspeeds 


:bulletblue: [Description]

A drawing containing the standard full-bodied character shot of your choice. Fully inked and colored. You also get the sketch, inked and base color files at HIGH RES along with the final render. Preferably can be used and edited as your personal persona ID or avatar.

:bulletred: [Cost] = $40 USD 

COMMISSION #03 - DISASTERFOX by darkspeeds

(+plus the following extras!)


:star: COMPLETE DRAWING (with Simple Background) :star:

:bulletblue: [Description]

A drawing of any character of your choice doing whatever you feel would best reflect their personalities and represent a scenario!

:bulletred: [Cost] = $50 USD (+$20 USD for additional characters. The same rule applies to additional larger-scaled props such as a vehicle/motorcycle/full bodied animal mascot in replacement to additional characters etc...)

Samples: Blade of Misguided Sense of Primitive Justice by darkspeeds COMMISSION #04 - FriskeCrisps by darkspeeds COMMISSION #05 - Zacnichols123 by darkspeeds

:star: COMPLETE DRAWING (Detailed Background) :star:

:bulletblue: [Description]

The works. Whatever fancies your imagination - challenge me if you please! Also, the reason why this costs so much is that it takes extra effort and extra time (duh!). And to be fair it is reasonable to charge $10 USD for each additional character in the drawing (on top of the two that is already included in the price) because they individually contain additional details that the artist has to spend more time and extra care on. During my second semester at the Academy of Art I've been tackling some Perspective assignments that encouraged me to explore new worlds and utilise my ability to render highly detailed illustrations that require research, effort, and patience. If you're looking for a highly detailed illustration containing characters, a story and atmospheric perspective, all done in graphite, this is where it's at. These kinds of illustrations are my speciality too, taking up more than 8-10 hours to draw and fully render.

:bulletred: [Cost] = $70 USD (+$20 USD for additional characters ~ depending on detail (negotiable), on top of the two already included in the initial charge)

Samples: STEP ON IT! by darkspeeds (this will cost $90 USD) Secret Freedom Squadron by darkspeeds (this will cost $210 USD)


:bulletblue: [Description]

If you're looking for a highly detailed illustration containing characters, a story and atmospheric perspective, all done in graphite, this is where it's at. These kinds of illustrations are my specialty too, taking up more than 8-10 hours to draw and fully render. So you're pretty much paying me $10 or less an hour to complete a highly detailed illustration to your liking,
which I think is quite a bargain. XD

All graphite illustrations will be done in 11" X 14" Bristol or Vellum.

:bulletred: [Cost] = $80 USD (The standard already includes two predominant characters in the illustration as focal/non-focal points. Extra charges may apply if there are several important characters to be included in the drawing. We can negotiate from there to find the right budget matching your request.)

Samples:  A Prophesied Meeting by darkspeeds  Port Salvamento by darkspeeds Crime Scene at Victorian East End by darkspeeds Underground Nightclub at Smoky's by darkspeeds

:bulletgreen: TERMS & CONDITIONS :bulletgreen:

Here are some rules to follow. READ THEM, respect them and I can get your commission done in good time:
  • PLEASE send me a DETAILED description of what you're requesting. The more detail the better since you're here to get the most out of your commission!

  • Keep your descriptions as CLEAR as possible.

  • Try to send me commissions that are INTERESTING and CHALLENGING to work on! There is nothing worse than drawing a lifeless character or a boring scenario!

  • REFERENCES PLEASE! I MUST HAVE REFERENCES to any character that you wish for me to work on. The more information I get the better your final product will be in meeting up to your expectations!

  • You can request a drawing style that is NOT MY SPECIALTY (for example drawing HUMANS). I will do my best to deliver but please don't expect perfection, just expect the best effort I can make out of your commission (that is outside my norm) as possible.

  • Payments are to be made in GOOD WILL and are also NEGOTIABLE. I don't expect to get paid upfront, but I also don't expect to be paid so late. Try to keep it real and we'll work something out through the power of common sense. If you screw me I'll BLACKLIST ya for good, and I personally wouldn't want that to happen to anyone.

  • Once the details of the commission have been agreed upon, a 50% deposit is required at the start and the rest of the payment is to be sent upon completion. I will send a small preview of the commission as proof that it's ready and submit the high resolution image on my gallery once full payment has been received. You may also request the image be sent to you in private.

  • All payments to be made to my PAYPAL account (and PAYPAL ONLY, sorry guys!) -

  • Requesting for the ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATION to be sent to you is definitely an option! Note me for a negotiable rate of the original artwork and the rates for postage and handling.

:bulletred: :bulletred: Additional Important Note!! - Make sure you DON'T send money as a PERSONAL transaction. This will avoid a FEE that can be passed on to myself or to you who is sending money to me. Send the money without the charge by treating the transaction as a good or service ie PURCHASE > SERVICES. Doing this will prevent any unnecessary monetary loss from both sides.

Every commissioned work I do enables me the right to present ideas and concept sketches, based on the details of the commission, to the general public. If you prefer to have information, details, and/or artwork of your commission CONFIDENTIAL please let me know in advance.

:bulletgreen: ANY QUESTIONS? :bulletgreen:

Should you have any inquiries regarding commissions please don't hesitate to:
  • write a comment here,
  • send me a PM, or
  • throw me an e-mail at -

Thank you for taking the time to read through my commissions page, have a happy time requesting!
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zeldalegends4525 Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hey Darkspeeds Ive been meaning to try and do commission work but I dont know how to get started any tips??
darkspeeds Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist

First get REALLY GOOD with your art.

Secondly be giving to the community and get more people watching you.

Thirdly, advertise yourself and be humble about it at the start, then as you gain momentum with your work you have right to up those prices. Don't sell yourself short, ever.
Trash-meta Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Student Writer
Do you have any limitations on what you can draw? Like, can you draw humans or characters from existing stories for example?
darkspeeds Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Sure! That's what I'm here for - to challenge myself after learning new things from school. Did you have a commission in mind?
Trash-meta Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Student Writer
Well I was thinking if you can draw an illustration on two human characters I have worked on.
darkspeeds Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Sure why not? Send me the details by note and let me know what commission type you're looking for. 
Trash-meta Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Student Writer
I'll give you the details in email.
darkspeeds Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the payment. I'm already working on thumbnails and determine what kind of style I'm aiming for in terms of drawing your human characters - Gustav and Nadia on scene.
darkspeeds Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Got them, I made a reply. *thumbs up*
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner May 27, 2014
Good to see this up.  It reminds me that I need to do something like this.
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