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:star: ASHWORTH web-comic live discussion (8:30PM EDT)

Time to get back to business! 

Feel free to join :iconjurdganer: and :icondarkspeeds: as we discuss about concepts of our web-comic project: ASHWORTH.

We did one last time and the feedback we got from our readership on story-boarding was a lot of fun!

Come join us for another round as we focus on how we'll approach the following pages after Aonarik's escape from certain death at the gallows of Dragnok. I will also have Corbin - one of the main characters to the story, completed for viewing and review. Aonar, Maya, and Talia will be the next focus for characters to be designed. Your input will be much appreciated!

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: JOIN THE DISCUSSION HERE via DARKSPEEDS' PICARTO :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

And here are some concepts I sketched over the week to share! We'll be talking about these too in the chat. It'll be fun! ;) 

Web-comic website design
Edenspell concepts 41 Ashworth website layout (fro by darkspeeds

Ashworth & Corbin by the campfire
Edenspell concepts 41 Ash and Corbin campfire by darkspeeds

Talia ideation & Ashworth jumping off the hill pose
Edenspell concepts 45 Talia ideation and Ashworth by darkspeeds

Corbin ideation (facial designs)
Edenspell concepts 43 Corbin ideation by darkspeeds

Maya ideation and an attempt to design Corbin's foster father (The Otter-looking one)
Edenspell concepts 43 Maya, Aonar and Otter family by darkspeeds

Galmah & Aonar ideation
Edenspell concepts 44 Galmah and Aonar ideation by darkspeeds

Talia's updated design 
Edenspell concepts 42 Talia ideation 01 by darkspeeds

Ashworth & Maya intimate scene
Edenspell concepts 46 Ash and Maya intimate scene by darkspeeds

Map of Glynn

Map of Ashworth 17-06-2016 by darkspeeds

:star: Process to "Guest of Honor - Tracy J Butler"

Guest of Honor00 Tracy J Butler JUN2016 by darkspeeds

Guest of Honor00b Tracy J Butler JUN2016 by darkspeeds

Rocky is fun to draw! by darkspeeds
Rata-TAT-TAT! by darkspeeds

Guest of Honor01b Tracy J Butler JUN2016 by darkspeeds

Guest of Honor01c Tracy J Butler JUN2016 by darkspeeds

Guest of Honor01e Tracy J Butler JUN2016 by darkspeeds

Guest of Honor - Tracy J Butler (Lackadaisy Cats) by darkspeeds

:star: An Announcement from Darkspeeds Studios...

DK The Movie - Auditions begin APRIL2017 by darkspeeds

If you feel you got what it takes to showcase your voice-over talent on an exciting new project that is based off the critically acclaimed web-comic series: Dreamkeepers, then you best prep up for 2017!

The project will focus on the entirety of "Dreamkeepers Volume 4: Descent to the Archives" - it's going to involve at least a cast of over 40 characters.

I'm only going to be looking for the best candidates for the part so be sure to sharpen your voice acting and do your research! You can start by getting yourself a copy of the book on the official Dreamkeepers website. The graphic novel is a beautiful piece of work, worthy to add to your collection of comics, however if you are in a pinch with money, then the PDF option is the way to go - it only costs you less than two cups of Starbucks coffees!

If you are someone who loves this series but is not confident with providing a voice-over for the project, then fear not, you can still help me out a great deal by recommending other awesome VA's you know that may love to work on a project like this! You can let me know either on:

deviantART: via PM

In the meantime I'll be taking a break after the awesomeness that was "Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie" and work with Gabriel on our new web-comic series: Ashworth: Tales of the Cummanwald Swordsman. Super excited as we got A TON of things to share with you including plans to produce 100 pages of comic content within a year - and the content will be made FREE on the official website that is to come sometime towards the end of the year.

Also for those curious about what my studios have handled in terms of comic dramas and voice acting in projects, check out this recent post:

Darkspeeds Studios: Retrospective + Prospective by darkspeeds

Have an awesome weekend to come everyone! Take care!

:star: Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie - The Aftermath

These past few days have been fantastic - the feedback I got of the project was amazing. So I thank to all of you who have shared their feedback on the production qualities, the cast performances and overall reaction after watching it completely.

I got three more videos to share - I highly recommend you check out the interview (Part 2 vid) and also the "One Last Hoo-Hah!" video.
Enjoy and get inspired people!

Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie CHATROOM! (Part 02 - Interview with Cast and Creators!)

Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie CHATROOM! (Part 01: Pre Meet-up)

:star: Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie

:star: LIVE-STREAMING NOW!! X3 Come join us!

Click on this link and go to the LIVESTREAM link to start chatting with us and listen to us! Only 30 minutes before the official screening 

Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie!

:star: Premiere Night in about 7 Hours!!

So excited!!! XX3 The video has been uploaded on Youtube and is on standby. 

Gonna head off for bed and set about a hundred alarms to wake me up, just in case I doze off in a really deep sleep... lol

Looking forward to your company! It's gonna be a lot of fun interacting with you all on the Youtube livestream! ;) 8-)

:star: Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie - Project officially completed! 

That's right, the 5th June 2016 is the day that I can truly say that this project is at an end - and what an incredible journey it was.

It all started with a tweet from this person :icondreamkeepers:, I couldn't thank David enough for it.

So it was from October 2015 that I started reading this web-comic based on David's recommendation. And I was hooked. Read the story as I immediately got inspired to do a mini comic drama of a scene that captivated me, featuring just myself!

Beyond the Western Deep - A MUST READ!:star: I've Just Finished Reading Chapter 2 and...

... all I can say is this.
Man... Today marked a very special day for me. I'm so glad that David pointed this webcomic out because I would have never discovered this gem of a story.
This team of Alex and Rachel (writer and artist) is amazing.
Their storytelling in impecible - from the dialogue/script to the sublime visuals (character expressions, colors, world design), I will tell you now that it is not often that I get to read a graphic novel/webcomic that really captivate my imagination but more importantly, as I've learnt from David (regarding storytelling), I really CARE for these characters.
This dynamic relationship between protagonists Quinlan and Dakkan (as well as their interactions with the rest of the remarkable cast) goes so deep, it's like I've known these guys for years and I only read about them in two nights. What ha

It was only a week later that I decided to make it official. The power of enthusiasm was overwhelming - I just HAD to make a "The Movie" out of Beyond the Western Deep. I just had to. 

Beyond the Western Deep [AUDITIONS CLOSED!]:star: Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie [AUDITIONS - Full Roster NOW CLOSED!]

It's official, I'm going to make time for 'Beyond the Western Deep' and give it 'The Movie' treatment much like the NORDGUARD series six months ago!
It's going to be epic as I'll try to combine ALL three chapters (Prologue, Chapter 1 & Chapter 2) together. It'll be a mammoth task but I know it's possible - it's just a matter of finding the RIGHT voice actors to fill in the roles.
So here is your golden opportunity to work with me as a cast member and showcase your talent in voice acting - it's gonna be a lot of fun! 
I highly recommend reading through 'Beyond the Western Deep' before attempting the voices to get a good idea of the story and a

Another week and a half passes by and I was lucky enough to have a team of dedicated voice actors to cast for this project. A total of fourteen cast members (including myself,) have been chosen out of seventy-six auditions. I had a share of the familiar and fresh talent for the cast - exciting times they were as I personally consulted each and every one of them in my own personal time via Skype.

Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie [OPENING!]Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie [OPENING PREVIEW!]

Man, the voice acting team and myself have been trailblazing in terms of progress for this project!
I'm really excited to present this webcomic series by Alex Kain and Rachel Bennett in comic drama format and showcase just how fantastic their story is.
Share this around with those who love stories of kingdoms and conflict, epic fantasy and engaging characters.
This movie is set for release for X-mas/New Year. This will depend on how Alex and Rachel go with Chapter 2. To play it safe I'll say that this will be ready by mid-JAN 2016.
When we hit the premier date I'll host an online gathering so that we can all watch it together and talk about the story and characters created by Alex and Rachel! Just like we had one for the Lackadaisy Audio Contemplation where Tracy J Butler kindly hosted the group chat! ;)
Oh! And of course - HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! ^^
Narrator voiced by Fai

Time passed and I not only spent time working on the project but I also stayed creative and inspired by illustrating fanart of the series that followed closely to Rachel Bennett's art style.

Quinlan by darkspeeds  Dakkan by darkspeeds  Hardin by darkspeeds  Janik by darkspeeds

Quinlan Painting Process:star: Quinlan Painting Process

That was a lot of fun! Need to practice more to get better and faster at it!
Tomorrow, it'll be a little break from commissions - I'll be working on the Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie project. Getting down to more than 10 minutes of audio so far! Woo!
The day after tomorrow I'll start work on the next set of 'painting' commissions - one from Jason Bronkowski and one from :iconstrykeforce2005:!
:star: Speed Painting Exercise
In preparation for my next couple of commissions (that will require plenty of digital painting), I'm going to warm myself up with a speed painting exercise of what
  Dakkan Painting Process:star: Dakkan Painting Process

:star: A Handsome Otter!
Took longer than I thought for the sketch! lol Dakkan's fun to draw! X3 Time for bed. Will finish the painting tomorrow when I come back from work in the morning!

:star: Red-Oak Bo Staff
I couldn't find a pose on the net suitable to what I have pictured for my next speed painting exercise featuring Dakkan from Beyond the Western Deep (another awesome protagonist to the series)!
So I decided to gra
  Hardin Painting Process:star: Hardin Painting Process

:star: Role-playing as Hardin? (Hardin's Resolve)
Actually I was in the middle of taking a reference shot for my next Beyond the Western Deep illustration to put more hours into my digital painting milage. :D
I'll be using this for my next speed painting:

And because I had a spare moment with the camera I decided to recapture the scenes I played in person for the Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie project.

Darkspeeds-as-Hardin03 by darkspeeds
You can listen to the prev
  Janik Painting Process:star: Janik Painting Process
It started with off with a quick session of myself posing for photo references. :D
I pictured Janik holding a thick hardbound book that she carries with her on her early journeys as ambassador (perhaps a Diary? a Travel log? The book of Vulpin politics? Who knows. One thing is for certain, on this illustration I wanted to show her behind a backdrop of desert suggesting that she is near the Vulpin capital of Navaran - Nessa.
Anyways back to the photos - and oh look, guess who reads Usagi Yojimbo? X3
I decided to stick with my third photo which is pictured below. I also used ART POSE ap on my I-pad mini to assist me with how the light bounced off the figure from a certain angle and thus creating all the forms of light and shadow to be rendered. These two references will be my primary guide to this speed painting session. 

In December 2015 I commissioned the talented composer :icontoxodentrail: to make a theme song for the series - music that was share with the fans and creators of the series!

Beyond the Western Deep - Overture:star: Merry Christmas ~ (Part 1) A Composition To Share!
First and foremost, may you and the family have a festive Christmas holiday!
It's been a crazy month of preparations for the holidays and I'm sure that many of you have purchased gifts for loved ones and written a good ol' fashioned X-mas card to compliment your thoughts and warm wishes.
You will know that I've been working on the an audio production for the past few couple of months based off the webcomic series by Alex Kain and Rachel Bennett entitled: Beyond the Western Deep.

Well it is still in production and I can happily say that I'm halfway through completing the Prologue chapter and Chapter 01 so far - the total audio length comes to 30 minutes long!
I was in love with the serie

And moving into the present I am now at the point of making preparations for Premiere Night (details below) in which I hope to see you guys and gals there soon.

The movie will be a reflection of my journey with the 'Beyond the Western Deep' series and one that I hope will leave you all inspired to start reading and supporting the works of Alex Kain, Rachel Bennett and Jermome Jacinto (who is currently working on 'Songs of the Eastern Sands').

:star: Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie PREMIERE NIGHT (instructions updated!)

It's been a year in the making and we'd like you to join us for the official premiere of the movie and the after-party!

Premiere Night INFO JUNE2016 by darkspeeds

Visit my Youtube channel and wait for the LIVE-STREAM to appear on the front-page. Click on it and you'll be invited into a chat-room.

The movie (technically it's a comic drama, but it's going to feature voice acting, a theoretical score and sound effects that accompany the transition of visuals) will also be made available on my Youtube channel as a separate video! Click on it to start watching. 

If you have followed the instructions you should have one window of the LIVE-STREAM on standby to chat live with other patrons and one window of the MOVIE to watch in your own privacy. When the movie is done, leave a comment, hit a 'like' or add to your 'favourites' if you wish, then close it and hop back to the live-stream window and mingle around until the after-party.

The AFTER-PARTY will happen at around 9:30PM EST (North America). Most of the cast will do their best to make it there, as well as the creators of Beyond the Western Deep - the webcomic! This is an opportunity for you to have a chat with us, do a Q & A about anything of the series or the movie project and have a ton of fun - in fact do challenge us to do voice impressions of the character's you've seen on the premiere!

I've set to end the live-stream session at around 11:30PM, we've all got schedules to tend to no? 

Nevertheless allow me to introduce the people you'll meet on the evening (no guarantees that we can get all of us but we'll do out best to make it there!):


Premiere Night01 Elson JUNE2016 by darkspeeds 
(Darkspeeds as cast director, audio producer and project manager)


Premiere Night04 Rory Griffin JUNE2016 by darkspeeds   BtWD 01 Quinlan by darkspeeds 
Rory Griffin as QUINLAN

Premiere Night02 Mippa JUNE2016 by darkspeeds  BtWD 05 Janik by darkspeeds BtWD 12 Rhosyn by darkspeeds
Mippa as JANIK (and RHOSYN) 

Premiere Night12 Wolfblade93 JUNE2016 by darkspeeds  BtWD 02 Dakkan by darkspeeds BtWD 06 Crim by darkspeeds
Wolfblade93 as DAKKAN (and CRIM)

Premiere Night11 Fairfieldfencer JUNE2016 by darkspeeds  BtWD 03 Konash by darkspeeds BtWD 14 Bandit by darkspeeds 
Fairfieldfencer as KENOSH (NARRATOR and EXTRAS)

Premiere Night01 Elson JUNE2016 by darkspeeds  BtWD 07 Hardin by darkspeeds BtWD 04 King-Dabheid by darkspeeds 

Premiere Night05 Josh Lambright JUNE2016 by darkspeeds  BtWD 08 Ashtor by darkspeeds   
YamatoGuru as ASHTOR

Premiere Night07 LukeWholey JUNE2016 by darkspeeds  BtWD 15 Clovis by darkspeeds BtWD 16 Greenpaw by darkspeeds
Luke Wholey as CLOVIS (and GREENPAW)

Premiere Night10 Limroto JUNE2016 by darkspeeds  BtWD 19 Caldus by darkspeeds 
Limroto as CALDUS (and EXTRAS)

Premiere Night06 Donniegirl12 JUNE2016 by darkspeeds  BtWD 18 Canid-General by darkspeeds 

Premiere Night03 Sarge Ray JUNE2016 by darkspeeds   BtWD 13 One-Eyed-Ermehn by darkspeeds

Premiere Night08 Kiratze JUNE2016 by darkspeeds   BtWD 09 Rathik by darkspeeds
Kiratze as RATHIK

Premiere Night09 Kovabomb JUNE2016 by darkspeeds  BtWD 17 Canid-Messenger by darkspeeds 

Premiere Night13 FunFamilyGame JUNE2016 by darkspeeds   BtWD 10 Bevan by darkspeeds  
FunFamilyGame as BEVAN

Premiere Night14 LaurenClare JUNE2016 by darkspeeds   BtWD 11 Eira by darkspeeds
Lauren Clare as EIRA

and of course...!

Comic Creators: 

AlexandRachel by darkspeeds

Alex Kain who is the writer of the series and Rachel Bennett who brought it to life with her illustrations!

Hope to see you all there and celebrate this joyous occasion of a web-comic series I truly admire.

If you got any questions, you are more than welcome to ask them here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Also! Do spread the word if you're a fan of the series or you are into visual storytelling!

:star: Watch me swing a Sword like Ashworth!

Go to my deviantART front-page, scroll down a little and look to the left - there you can play my video tweets! 

Swinging a sword is liberating and a great way to stay in shape! Also it is a nice way to inspire yourself if you got a character in a story that is enchanted by the sword. Get inspired everyone! ;)

ElsonSwingsSword by darkspeeds

Or you can use the following links:…………

:star: I can't believe it...

This video link says it all...

One hour and ten minutes in total... My longest 'The Movie' and comic drama to date. This is surreal. Can't sleep, I'm getting an adrenaline rush and the sun is rising outside my window... It's as if it's telling me something.

Time to go for a walk and take my dad out for breakfast! To celebrate ya know? ;)

:star: We're getting close!! BtWD movie premiere night!

Hi everyone, just giving you guys a heads up on what I've been up to lately...!

Ashworth: Tales of the Cummanwald Swordsman

I've been busy collaborating with :iconjurdganer: on the Ashworth project for story ideas and concepts and so far what I've asked him to write for me is coming out as sensational. I'm in love with the world we've built along with the backstories of the characters that will be featured in the early stories. More updates on the characters to come!

Concepts0222 by darkspeeds


I'm always active on Twitter, posting quick behind the scenes content and WIPs especially the most current update on my projects - namely Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie. I also post gift art sketches out of whim - sometimes out of inspiration, sometimes to say thanks on those who have joined me on my new Picarto sessions and as of recent as a guest on a :icondreamkeepers: podcast to reward a patron for answering a challenge I presented that evening. Here are some of the drawings:

Woods-Dreamkeepers by darkspeeds
  Taridium 2016 by darkspeeds
Zeta 2016 by darkspeeds

Do give me a follow on Twitter when you get a chance so that you don't miss out! My account is: @Darkspeeds

Dreamkeepers Patreon Milestone Party

Several awesome artists, DK fans and web comic creators were there to celebrate a milestone achievement from the creators David and Liz Lillie. That was a lot of fun and it was also a brilliant opportunity to make new friends, meet new creative talent and network to support one another on projects.

People featured in the video included:

David and Liz Lillie, creators of Dreamkeepers

Riiser, of the WebcomicRelief youtube channel

Geoff, author of the Wayward Astronomer

Skidd, co-creator of UberQuest

Scott, creator of StarWarriors

Darkspeeds, creator of Ashworth and comic video dramas

Boneitis, professional illustrator and creator False Start and Vampire Hunter Boyfriends

Tari, who coordinated the chat via Discord

Acus, currently working with a friend to develop a card game

Check it out! If you're doodlin' on a sketch, colouring a project or just wanna chill click on the video below and relive the party! Some of the my favourite moments were our discussions on the challenges of the self-publishing industry and I do remember Geoff talking about the heart of following your own dreams, making the sacrifices to achieving a fulfilling personal goal.

Also you get to hear me go nuts with Dreamkeepers voice impressions of my favourite characters (and from the Wayward Astronomer) - still killin' myself for not double checking my audio settings on Discord... Keeps cutting out! Arrrgh! XD

Beyond The Western Deep: The Movie

I'm super excited guys as I'm only 20 pages away from completing the entirety of the audio side of things. The total length of the feature is sitting at more than 60 minutes!

Here are some samples:

Test2 by darkspeeds


BtWD 19u by darkspeeds

BtWD 19v by darkspeeds

Test by darkspeeds


BtWD 20j by darkspeeds

I plan to spend the rest of the week to complete the audio. And one more week after to complete some additional illustrations to accompany the movie intro.

I cannot confirm a time for the premiere night yet but I will aim to have it on the evening (North American - EST) SATURDAY, 4th JUNE 2016.

Which leads me to the next thing...



I'm on Picarto! Be sure to subscribe me to priority on notifications on when I'm online doodlin', discussing about Ashworth and art stuff in general.

I will be hosting the premiere night to Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie on my Picarto, so be sure not to miss out! I'll try to gather as many of the cast involved in the project and if I'm lucky I can get the creators of the series to tag along in our live chat. You guys are encouraged to join in the chat and talk about the series and how the movie went! Don't be afraid to request the cast (including myself) to do voice impressions of your favourite BtWD characters: whether it be Quinlan, Janik, Dakkan, Kenosh, the Sratha-Din... It's your call! ;)

Bookmark 'Darkspeeds Picarto Channel'

Untitled-2 by darkspeeds

:star: Mr. Jake Parker - a mentor and inspiration

Allow me to begin with some quotes that got stuck in my head after studying up on this person for a week:

"You should draw fanart, do it with purpose and don't overindulge in it if you want to level up as an artist"

"Your art matters - ask yourself why? If you love to communicate with creativity it is important to define your own personal goal as an artist and what you will do to achieve it"

"Have something finished, but not perfect, and keep at it.

"A project is like climbing a mountain, you gotta train for it, do plenty of hiking, and much more - one small step at a time - to conquer it" 

That last quote can also be summed up by an ingenious analogy of his that involves you in space, a propeller rocket and asteroids.

Nevertheless I've taken some time out to write this down because I feel that it is important to share with you all this person's work, his philosophies and his giving nature. Why? Because I believe that you can benefit greatly from knowing him, learning from him and supporting his work in the process.

I discovered Jake Parker from two books I purchased several years ago that he created:

Untitled by darkspeeds

Looking through his visual story telling on both books I knew this guy was going to do great things.

Now it's been about five years and boy has he propelled himself to new and exciting heights. Check out his all-ages fantasy adventure graphic novel - Skyheart - which was a huge success on a recent Kickstarter campaign of his. 

I've come across alot of talented artists in my lifetime who are also giving, honest, clever and hardworking but if I narrow it down to those who have pretty much done it all (working in a professional studio, freelancing through commissions, and working independently through self-publishing) I feel like Jake Parker took it one step further where I can classify him as one of those rare gems that shine among the pile of gold. 

Jake has the following qualities:

Professionalism - of the highest caliber (check out his career span)
Designer - a problem solver and he explains the processes - from problem to solution - with great clarity.
Consistency - produced hundreds of beautiful illustrations and completes a product every year
Entrepreneurial spirit - follows upcoming social media trends and technology - utilises it to their full potential by incorporating it into his daily routine (e.g. Snapchat and Instagram). He also makes books
Innovation - always finding ways to emotionally connect with his audiences (creator of Inktober and Artdrop)
 - teacher of life, art techniques, self-improvement, and the science behind the art
Growth - in both confidence, art quality and knowledge
Realist - keeps things real and honest (a great example is his 'time-out' concept)
Benevolence - genuinely cares for his supporters and takes personal time to give back to the community (visits libraries, conventions and travels to places)
Inspirational - on top of his creative pieces his energy and curiosities breed inspiration
Family man - kids, wife and many responsibilities that go with it, lots of work which means...
Time management - ...he gets things done, without unnecessary excuses.
Cool factor - makes his profession fun, engaging, practical for other artists and generally creates really cool content (who doesn't love robots and his mech-inspired drawings?)

I personally haven't met the guy but I will be making it a mission to see him in person during my travels next year just to shake his hand and thank him. 

I could go on and on about Jake, but really let it be a journey for yourself to discover why this guy is so awesome and how he can possibly change your life as an artist. I know he did. Why? He gave me a true sense of purpose in what I do and I now have goals to strive for in a timely and manageable fashion.

Ignore him at your peril. ;)

:star: Heroes at Heart - The Process

My initial inked piece had some anatomical structure errors that I picked up the next morning with a fresh set of eyes. I decided to tend to those before colouring and rendering the final. Here's the process. 

Heroes at Heart1 for Jake Parker by darkspeeds

P1190568b by darkspeeds
Heroes at Heart INKED2 for Jake Parker by darkspeeds
Heroes at Heart INKED2b for Jake Parker by darkspeeds
Heroes at Heart by darkspeeds

:star: Edenspell in Black and White works beautifully...

... don't you think? :)

Before and after Edenspell Ashworth and his sister by darkspeeds
Before and after Edenspell01 Luna and his son by darkspeeds
Before-and-after Edenspell02 Guus-and-the-apprenti by darkspeeds

:star: Jason Brubaker and Jake Parker - must watch!

Meanwhile be sure to check these guys out: Jason Brubaker and Jake Parker - they're super talented visual story-tellers, hardworking and professional indy artists who have successfully published books for a living, have a family of their own and are a ton of inspiration. They also have practical tips for struggling artists trying to break into the freelancing industry and self-publishing business. Their YouTube channels are a wealth of information on the subject - well worth subscribing to.

So a shout out to Jason Brubaker for a super successful kickstarter campaign as of recent - in two days he's reached his $20,000 target!! Well done mate!

ChfjQ2GW0AEmsCe by darkspeeds

Do get a copy of his coffee table books if you haven't already! 

I got signed copies of his previous project: reMIND - couldn't be more proud! Also speaking of books I also got Jake Parker's Missile Mouse - stories of a daring agent taking on the intergalactic universe. I would love to see more adventures of him in future

JasonBrubaker+JakeParker MAY2016 by darkspeeds

Regarding about Mr. Parker you cannot miss out on his latest offering via his Youtube channel:

Give it a watch and I guarantee that you'll take something away from it. Proud to say that I've achieved some items mentioned on his list, but what's really cool is that there is unlimited potential in what you can do - it's how you spend your time wisely. 

Anyways, time to finish the rest of the drawings for my next Edenspell concept piece!

:star: Two-panel comic challenge! (& sketch-trade winner)

Alright everyone! Time to get your pens ready for the next :iconink-twenty: challenge!

Everyone loves comics but how difficult is it to tell a story with images?

:star: I want you inkers to think up of a scene that really engages your audience. You are to do it in 20 minutes and with only two panels. :star:

Who here hasn't seen 'The Shining' by Stephen King? If you haven't - watch it. This scene was made famous by Jack Nicholson, the actor. I quickly combined two images from that scene and made it a comic!

Example by darkspeeds

If you are out of original ideas feel free to utilise scenes from your favourite film and reconstruct it into two panels. Try to do it in twenty minutes.

Think about your composition!! 

Always do some warm-ups before you dig in - like this! 

Composition01b by darkspeeds

Compliments to the amazing artists at for the images.

Here's one I did at work during break. 

The Monster in the Cave (ink-twenty) by darkspeeds

Now you try! 

The deadline for this challenge is in two weeks - Sunday, 15th May 2016.

:star: The winner will receive a free sketch from me of their character or a character of their choosing to be featured in action sequence via two panel comic! :star:

Good luck and keep those creative juices rolling!

:star: Sketch-trade winner of Starfox challenge!

First and foremost a big thanks to all of the ink-twenty participants to the Starfox challenge - giving it a go is a huge achievement in itself so give yourselves a pat on the back for taking initiative!

Participants of the challenge have submitted the following:

Arwing in pursuit [Ink20 #01] by leonarstist06Falco Star Fox Zero - This Visor is not too shabby by JDragonStudios
Space Cowboy (ink twenty) by MiffixDo a barrel roll! Ink- Twenty by zeldalegends4525
ink-twenty - Gyrowing by HappyAggro

All of you guys have done a great job! But a winner has to be decided and I have made my decision.

:iconunscreenly: you have won yourself a sketch trade with me! :)

You have not only drawn one of the Starfox characters in action but the way you compose your piece was clear in mind on the concept. 

Well done! Do message me here or by note on what you'd like my to sketch in 20 minutes. Perhaps a cartoon character running away with a sandwich or something, please be very specific! It'd make life easier. :D

In return (as extra practice for you, how about drawing my character Ashworth in any of these poses?

Looking forward to your trade. ;)

:star: Beyond the Western Deep -A Dark Storm Draws Near

It's been a while since I made an official update of this project! Just got back from an amazing vacation to North America and I'm ready to get back into the game to finish this off once and for all! 

I aim to have this complete by June. Spread the word of this awesome web-comic series that is Beyond the Western Deep by Alex Kain (aka :icontdcpresents:) and Rachel Bennett (aka :iconkobb:).

Enjoy the stellar performances of:

FunFamilyGame as BEVAN
Darkspeeds as HARDIN
YamatoGuru as ASHTOR
TheTigerwolf55 as QUINLAN
Fairfieldfencer as KENOSH
Wolfblade93 as DAKKAN
Darkspeeds & Kovabomb as CANID SOLDIERS

Beyond-the-Western-Deep FULL-CAST OCT2015 by darkspeeds

:star: Two more days before I pick a winner!

So far so good! I've gained members and entries into the :iconink-twenty: initiative!

Star-fox-1 by darkspeeds

A week ago I kick-started the initiative with a Starfox Challenge where members need to draw the following with ink pens on a sketchbook/paper in just 20 minutes:


Here are the entries so far:

Arwing in pursuit [Ink20 #01] by leonarstist06
Do a barrel roll! Ink- Twenty by zeldalegends4525
Space Cowboy (ink twenty) by Miffix

They're lookin' great for starters! I admire the effort put into each of them. :) 
Regarding the third entry I've made an exception just this once, so please do follow the rules of drawing what was required of the challenge.

Good luck everyone!

Due date once again is the Sunday, 1st May 2016


I'll be picking the winner and ask them to have me sketch (digitally) any character of their choice, in return for a sketch of my character Ashworth from the Edenspell series. This is a great way to get a free sketch from me AND build up your illustration mileage!! 

I'll also be announcing the next challenge! It's something to do with making comics... Stay tuned!

:star: A Fox in Space - "Don't Call Me Star Fox"

Oh my god, this was so entertaining to watch!!! 
Watched it twice now!

It only just came out a couple of days ago - I discovered this by random chance on Youtube as I was looking for Starfox music to add to my playlist while I was inking stuff.

The production quality is bloody damn good. Reminds me of the eighties cartoon vibe! 

Fantastic voice acting, excellent script and directing, appealing animation and great sounds. This is a winner.

Also, Matthew Gafford, the guy who produced this animated feature is a beast of talent. I'll let him say it himself:

"I am self-taught in everything I do, and I do 99% of everything myself. I animate, I edit, I voice act, I compose, arrange, and perform the music for my creations."

Nuff said, go and watch it and support his efforts via Patreon!!

:star: Do a barrel roll!!

You knew this was coming. 

But yeah I did self-exercise which also serves as a mini tutorial on how to amp up on the impact of a quick illustration in ink.

Go from this:

Do a barrel roll! Ink- Twenty by zeldalegends4525

to this:

Do Barrel Roll (ink-twenty REVAMP) by darkspeeds

To check out my thought and application process go to the journal below that is featured in the 'ink-twenty' group!

ink-twenty REVAMP - 'Do a Barrel Roll':star: ink-twenty REVAMP - 'Do a Barrel Roll'
Here's a very recent contribution from :iconzeldalegends4525: on the Starfox Challenge.

Not a bad attempt! But there are things that can be improved here.
I decided to give it a revamp for educational purposes. This is not an attempt to boost my ego, it is rather an opportunity to teach others techniques that may give them an edge on their next 'ink-twenty' exercise. It is also a chance for my to learn about my own work.
First things first I went to the shops for lunch, too lazy to cook. But on the way I dropped by my local grocery store and wanted to try out a new pen. 
Hey it's on special! Sweet!

Now that didn't cost me a fortune did it?
Let's head back to the studios and get to work!

Now just a disclaimer this revamp process did not take 20 minutes, I took my time with it because I wanted to lear

:star: 'ink-twenty' FAQ

Untitled by darkspeeds

Q) Can I use fountain pens? Brush and bottled ink?
A) Of course you can! Whatever feels comfortable, just stick to traditional mediums!

Q)Must I get a sketchbook for all exercises?
A) I encourage that you do! Not only will you look rad sketching with one but you'll end up with a record of your progress, which is really neat to have as an artist. Also, think about this for a moment, when you start to improve on your illustrations and commit to my daily exercises you'll end up with a book full of amazing drawings you didn't even imagine having before! So yes, try to get a sketchbook!

Q)I can't afford a sketchbook or those fancy looking pens...
A) To be perfectly honest some of the best artists out there who use the basic tools can still create some incredible pieces of art from it. It just depends on how well you use them. The only difference with the more expensive varieties is that they give you more options as well as convenience. There is no excuse not to visit your local stationery or department store and get yourself a couple of cheap pens and a basic sketchbook. It'll only cost you two or three Starbucks coffees for 2 x marker pens and a sketchbook.

Q)Okay, I'm ready to improve on my art! What do you suggest for a routine?
A) First off, give yourself a pat on the back, enthusiasm is one of the keys to improving in your artwork - what's the point in drawing when you don't enjoy it at all? Now to be able to improve and see genuine results you really gotta commit in putting the time to learn from your experiences. I suggest that you can complete at least one 20 minute drawing a week. We all have busy lives but really 20 minutes is nothing if you put it in a week's perspective.

If you want to take it up a notch, I highly recommend that you aim for two or more a week. Easier said than done! Now give it a go, starting with today!

Q)Cool! But do I have to follow what 'ink-twenty' has to offer each week/month?
A) By all means no, you are more than welcome to draw stuff outside of the group's suggested daily exercises or mission statement! Use this group as an initiative to get yourself motivated to drawing on a daily basis - that's the true purpose of 'ink-twenty' really.

Q)What inspire you to do this? Who are your inspirations when it comes to illustration?
I'm constantly inspired by the professionals and freelance artists out there who are contributing back to the community with their creativity, wisdom and their time. I was watching a video made by Bobby Chiu who talked about what great artists have in common. In there are some key points in that video that inspired me to make this group.

Also there is an endless list of people who inspire me when it comes to art but just to name a few off the top of my head right now: David Lillie, Tracy J Butler, Brian McDonald, James Gurney, Jason Brubarker, Jake Parker, Chris Oatley, Norman Rockwell, Inoue Takehiko, Feng Zhu, Kazu Kibuishi, Bobby Chiu and all of the awesome instructors, mentors and talented students I've the privilege of learning from at The Academy of Art University.

:star: Falco Lombardi process!

Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds

Ace Pilot Falco Lombardi (ink-twenty) by darkspeeds

:star: 'ink-twenty' invite fixed! You can join now!

First head over to the page via :iconink-twenty:, then go to 'JOIN GROUP' and follow the prompts.

Click-to-join by darkspeeds

I'll get a message from you and from there I'll add you in. Simple! 

As a member you are entitled to submit your own unique 'ink-twenty' illustrations to the gallery! I look forward to reviewing the works of those who are partaking in the Starfox challenge! Good luck and once again the deadline will be set for this Sunday, 1st May 2016!

Don't forget that the winner will get a sketch-trade with me, I'm excited about the prospect of sketching your request in exchange for mine! 

:star: Take the Starfox challenge & win a sketch-trade!

Hi everyone! Exciting news! I've just opened up my group called ink-twenty where you become a member (it's free to join!) and level up your illustration skills with me!

Find out more about it here!

Star-fox-1 by darkspeeds

A winner will be determined by 1st May 2016!

Good luck and I look forward to reviewing your entries! 

P1190509 1 by darkspeeds

:star: Which expression to use? Bugs Bunny or Judy Hopps?

I almost used that kind of 'fourth wall' expression where the character is looking at you or the audience knowingly to acknowledge that he or she is in with how you think of the situation. In this case Wulfric - the teenage wolf has caused a fender bender in a busy street and is being interviewed by Judy. She finds out that the accident was at the expense of his own senseless  entertainment.

As I was interpreting Mr. Trine's script I wanted to portray Wulfric with that childish yet innocent mindset where he thinks that his actions weren't a serious crime - luckily nobody was seriously hurt. When it came to drawing Judy, at the time, I used the fourth wall expression where Judy's havin' a laugh in her mind knowing well that even though what Wulfric did had serious consequences, she knew in her heart of hearts that it was a young driver who made an innocent mistake, foolish, but innocent. She trust that he will move on and learn from his actions in future.

Then after completing that sketch I was thinking... Hang on... Maybe I'm not doing this right... I don't want to promote the message that it's alright to do something that you know well will harm others as well as yourself on the road! I thought back to story basics and remembered to be a slave to the script in order to make the scene or story translate into something meaningful. 

In other words, DON'T DRIVE LIKE A FOOL! Judy Hopps gets serious.

Zootopia---The-Stinky-Cheese-Caper pg02 extra2 by darkspeeds

What do you guys think? Did I use the right expression on this panel? Let me know your thoughts! :D

Anyways here's the sketch of the second page I did the other week in full view. Below it is a sketch and inked version of the handsome fox in his usual attire, accompanied by an official ZDP badge! Bad-ass. :D

Zootopia - The Stinky Cheese Caper pg02 extra0 by darkspeeds

Zootopia - The Stinky Cheese Caper pg02 extra1 by darkspeeds

:star: Zootopia Exercise (Part 02) ~ Progress on Page 2

Just another day at the studios! Practicing my free-drawing style when it comes to illustrating comics digitally.

2016-04-19-15.59.54 by darkspeeds
2016-04-19-16.00.22 by darkspeeds

Oh and when I was having lunch the other day at the shopping mall I couldn't help but hunt for Zootopia stuff - found this colouring book at Target for only $2! Cheap! :D

2016-04-18-13.56.53 by darkspeeds

:star: Crimson Death (Process)

Crimson-Death00 by darkspeeds
Crimson-Death01 by darkspeeds
Crimson-Death02 by darkspeeds
Crimson-Death03 by darkspeeds
Crimson-Death04 by darkspeeds
Crimson-Death05 by darkspeeds
20160421 202105 by darkspeeds
Crimson-Death06 by darkspeeds
Crimson-Death07 by darkspeeds
Crimson Death by darkspeeds

:star: DO A BARREL ROLL!! 

I always wanted to see what a high-end production of a Starfox cartoon animation would look like - look no further!

I haven't played a Star Fox game before but I do know of the series. This was alot of fun to watch - bloody terrific I say! Top notch voice acting too.

Who's your favourite character? :D

:star: Zootopia Exercise - Inked, color blocked and final render (Page 01)

Zootopia---The-Stinky-Cheese-Caper pg01b for-DA by darkspeeds 
Zootopia---The-Stinky-Cheese-Caper pg01c forDA by darkspeeds
Zootopia - The Stinky Cheese Caper - Page 01 by darkspeeds

:star: Computer freeze!

It does happen if you happen to be working on something for a long time and have multiple windows and applications open... 

2016-04-17-07.41.31 by darkspeeds

2016-04-17-07.41.43 by darkspeeds

Thankfully I had my work saved.

So a friendly reminder to you digital artists - SAVE YOUR WORK OFTEN!! 8-)

And if you happen to be one of those unfortunate people who have to start all over again, then fear not, listen to this and make your troubles go away!

:star: Nick Wilde - like a boss.

Almost there. I decided to throw in the retro shades since we got a shot of him with his eyes on the last panel. ;)

Like A Boss by darkspeeds

:star: Zootopia Comic page 01 (work-in-progress)

The first panel is complete! Just gotta clean up the roughs on panels 02+03+04! Can't wait to colour!!!

Zootopia---The-Stinky-Cheese-Caper pg01 by darkspeeds

Oh and btw, WATCH The Peanuts Movie if you haven't done so! Charming, cute, fun and heart-warming. LOVE the soundtrack - so I bought it to get me through these pages! This is one of my favourites in the album used in an early scene to the film!

:star: Zootopia Exercise

This is one of the exercises I'm working on to practice my sequential artwork. I purchased a copy of Zootopia: The Stinky Cheese Caper - an officially written story post-film timeline written by Greg Trine and published by Disney Press, read the story and really enjoyed it. 
Gonna draw two pages into the story as my target. Before I jump in I needed to do some sketches to familiarise with the Disney style of animal characters.

2016-04-12-16.14.30 by darkspeeds
2016-04-12-17.20.44 by darkspeeds
2016-04-12-20.07.04 by darkspeeds

After my warm-up I did thumbnails to the first two pages and written out the dialogue to compliment each panel.

2016-04-12-22.34.15 by darkspeeds
2016-04-12-22.34.56 by darkspeeds

Let's see how I go! Zootopia's full of life and colour!

:star: The Wayward Astronomer - A Dreamkeepers Story!

Only four days to go before the campaign ends!!

Shard of Fate by Dreamkeepers

If you'd like to support the production of a great novel that is being published by a friend of mine (Geoffrey Licciardello ~ :iconkafelnikov:) please fund it here on Kickstarter!

Less than $2,000 before we hit the next stretch goal ~ $25,000 that will unlock an Extra Print illustrated by the talented David Lillie (~ :icondreamkeepers:)!

Any bit of support would be awesome!

:star: Win a Free Book ~ Operation Final Sprint!

(This just in from Geoff!)

12888605 10100785326092408 1739365633867081124 O by darkspeeds

"Want to win a FREE BOOK!? Post a link to the kickstarter page for The Wayward Astronomer and use hashtag ‪#‎operationfinalsprint‬ for a chance to win! Winner to be announced after the Kickstarter campaign ends on April 6th.

Also, invite your friends to this facebook group "Wayward Astronomer Launch Party" to knock out those stretch goals! We can finish strong everyone!" 

:star: Flying Off! Back in April

"Good things in life don't last, make the most out of every experience and opportunity"

Heading out this Monday! I'll be documenting my trip on Facebook using the newly bought birthday present (from my awesome sibblings) - The Samsung Galaxy 4.
It'll be about a day's trip (+18 hours) from Perth>Sydney>San Francisco. Interesting thing to note: I leave and arrive in the same morning and time (it happens when you fly East of the Continent, the reverse happens when you fly West, you literally lose one whole day).

Perth take off - Qantas by darkspeeds

I'm looking forward to repaying a visit to the following cities in the following order:

Week 1 - San Francisco

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge by darkspeeds

Catching up with good friend Jason (aka :iconchemb0t:). Gonna check out his new workplace at one of the buildings at 'The Pier' (he works for Autodesk - genius!). I'll be re-tracing my steps in San Francisco, from way back when I studied there from 2013-2014. Chinatown, Embarcadero, Colt Tower, Pier 39, Golden Gate Park, (all the AWESOME fine art galleries and muesuems, some of the best in the world) John Pence Gallery, de young Museum and the Legion of Honor, Market Street, Japan Town and all the lovely restaurants! Oh and how could I forget, the Academy of Art university - got some instructors and art seniors there to catch up with.

Week 1 - Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas! by darkspeeds

Jason's taggin' along with me for the next four nights! We'll be catchin' up with Jake (aka :iconequalsn:) and Riley - watching shows, chillin' out at cafes and restaurants. Gonna check out the Bellagio and perhaps play a round of golf with Jason, and if I'm lucky get a million bucks from spending $100 at the gaming slots (don't even ask about the card games, I haven't a clue! lol).

Week 2 - Vancouver

Vancouver city by darkspeeds

Catching up with family over here for the weekend. I can recount the time I saw them during my visits in Winter 2007, and Summer 2011. This time I'm it'll be my turn to treat them out. Also! This will be my first ever experience driving on the RIGHT-HAND SIDE OF THE ROAD! Wish me luck!
Oh and did I mention that Canadians are some of the friendliest people on the planet?

Week 2 - Whistler/Blackcomb Mountain

Skiing in Whistler by darkspeeds

I'll be catching up with a friend by the name of Jason Bonkowski (another Jason!) whom I caught up with on three occasions - the first time in a Summer of Sonic convention in the United Kingdom, my revisit in 2011 exploring the Canadian Rockies, and in Anaheim for a Sonic Boom convention. Awesome bloke to hang out with (Benji, you are with us in spirit!). On this trip we'll be skiing! Just like in the picture above, only not so high... Amateur level... Heh! I've snowboarded once and this time I'm going to give skiing a go! This will be fun!

Week 2 - Texas Road-trip, Dallas

Houston-City by darkspeeds

This will be an awesome experience. I get to do two brilliant things here: I finally get to meet my friend Geoff Liccaridello (aka :iconkafelnikov:), and I will finally see what the fuss is all about with Texas (after numerous American friends and colleagues I've spoken to during my studies back in 2013 who tell me that this is the place to be right now if you live in America!). 

I've been following Geoff ever since David Lillie (aka :icondreamkeepers:) made mention of his work entitled: 'The Wayward Astronomer'Out of curiosity I decided to look into his fan-fiction based off the critically acclaimed web-comic/graphic novel series and universe - Dreamkeepers. Keep in mind I don't read a lot of books in real life (and I should really do more to better educate myself), but I decided to give it a go and ever since then I haven't stopped being a fan. I loved the story and was enchanted by his ability to engage the audience with his writing. I suggest you read it, and if you like his work, then exciting times ahoy as a Kickstarter campaign of 'The Wayward Astronomer' will be officially open this Monday! Go check it out now!! 

Having said all this, I enjoy Geoff's company during our talks online and on Skype, and this is a fantastic opportunity to travel together and have a great time in Texas! 

We'll be starting off in Houston and will be making our way too...

Week 3 - Texas Road-trip, San Antonio

San-Antonio-Riverwalk by darkspeeds

I was here 8 years ago, I wonder how much has changed? I don't want it to change, why? Because it was one of the most charming cities I've visited even if it was a brief while. I LOVED the canal and those boats that passed through an array of colourful shading umbrellas checkered by the cafes and restaurants.

Also San Antonio has some deep history to explore, it's time to revisit the past and get inspired. Next up it's... 

Week 3 - Texas Road-trip, Austin

Austin by darkspeeds

Besides San Antonio, Austin's another city that is full of heart and soul according to locals and tourists who reside and visit Texas. I'm looking forward to a change of scenery as this city is famously quoted as: 'The music capital of the world'.

Also, the South by Southwest convention (SXSW) is happenin' over the long weekend. To the Sonic fans who watch me on deviantART, this will interest you. I just happen to see a tweet made by TSSZ the other day, an announcement that lead to this: Sonic the Hedgehog: 25 Year Anniversary  I've caught up with Aaron Weber and Mike Pollock in the flesh before but I haven't personally spoken to these two: 

  • Takashi Iizuka HEAD OF SONIC TEAM

Damn, those guys were responsible for inspiring me to draw because of their creation, so yeah personally I'd like just say 'thank you' in person and shake their hands (and perhaps do a bow) out of respect. We'll see how things go, keep in mind, Austin during that long weekend will be PACKED.

Week 3 - Texas 
Road-trip, Dallas

Dallas-City by darkspeeds

Last but not least, Dallas!

By the time Geoff and I reach here, it'll be the end of our journey where we'll unwind and take it easy. If I'm lucky, I will catch up with a friend (also a fan-fiction writer, based on the Sonic Archie series) by the name of Rob (aka :iconchicago-pd-stars:). His series is called 'Fallen from Grace' and it's pretty damn good - brutal and not for the faint-hearted war story. I enjoyed the drama, especially the intimate romance involved between characters. 

I hope by now I didn't gain twice my weight... There's ALOT to eat in Texas, and with guilt indeed... BBQ Pork Ribs and 'double-fried' Fries anyone?

Week 3 - San Francisco

10 San Fran 2 by darkspeeds
San Fran 3 by darkspeeds

As I bid farewell to Geoff, I head back to San Francisco to revisit my long time buddy Jason (and his loving family). From there we're just gonna chill and spend quality time together for one last hoo-ha before I head back to Perth, Western Australia. I'll get Jason to take me to the gym every night so that I can lose all of that weight I've gained from my trip...! Ha ha.

Alright, time to pack up and fly off! See you all in April with news on personal projects and my journey to paint beautiful illustrations, as good as my inspirations are.

Oh and one last thing to mention...


:star: Sonic and Amy - our next musical together!

Can you guess which track from Sonic Runners we'll be using? :D 

Anyways I've just finished mixing and mastered the track for a good couple of days and I'm really pleased with the results. I got Donniegirl12 to re-record some parts and extras to enhance the vocals on her part as Amy Rose. 

I'm going to start recording my skit for Sonic right now and add it into the song. Can't wait to release it within the week on my Youtube channel!

Sonic and Amy musical - page 01 by Darkspeeds by darkspeeds 

Sonic and Amy musical - page 02 by Darkspeeds by darkspeeds

Btw the doodles I did on the printed lyrics were ideas for what final image I'll be using in the video. I really like the one of Amy stretching her arms out and touching the snowfall but I think the one of Sonic holding Amy's shoulders will be the one to use!

Also I found this image that belongs to :iconnibroc-rock:. He does some pretty awesome 3D renders of Sonic the Hedgehog, do check them out!

Sonic And Amy By Mateus2014-d8hyi52 by darkspeeds

:star: Thanks Nerdword Entertaiment for giving me that Sonic Spark!

Been out of the loop with Sonic the Hedgehog as of late, there's no doubt about it.

Just recently I randomly hit this video. And listened to this man's lyrics.

Loved it. Then I watched his other videos. Splendid. I think I got a bit of the spark back.
I listened to the rest of the SONIC RUNNERS OST. Fantastic. Sonic music rarely disappoints.

So I went to work the next morning and wrote some lyrics. 


Track: ????
Title: ????

[1st Flashback ~ two friends make their way to town]
Amy: *cheerful laughter as she dances in the snow*
Sonic: "Amy! Hey wait up!"
Amy: "Come on Sonic! There's so much to see and do in this town!"

[2nd Flashback ~ Sonic and Amy strolling in the park]
Sonic: "Hey Amy..."
Amy: "Yes?"
Sonic: "Listen, I have to get going..."
Amy: ".... Awww...." 
Sonic: "And I just wanted to let you know that I had... I had a good time."
Amy: "Really?"
Sonic: "Yeah maybe we should do it again next time...!"

Cold whispers in the air and trees covered with a blanket of crystal white.
They remind me of a time...
Birds singing in the square and shops dotted throughout town
We walked around together and held hands
That very moment I can't believe that it just happened
Then all a sudden my wish came true. You laid your eyes on me!

Listen to the beat of my heart!
Listen to the sound of my voice!
How I wish we could be together again!

I really like that smile on your face
That lingers in my mind everyday
Do you know just how much I missed you dear?

Warm summer days were gone as we moved into Winter time. The scarves .The snow.
They remind me of a time....
Sleighs sliding down the hill and people skating by the park
We walked around together and held hands
That very moment I can't believe that it just happened
Then all a sudden I realised, she laid her eyes on me!

Listen to the beat of my heart!
Listen to the sound of my voice!
I want to let you know that I had a good time!

I adore the way that you smile
It makes me feel all fuzzy inside
Do you know just how much I missed you dear?

[Amy] (Sonic)
[Strolling by your side] (Hands holding)
[There's no one but us] (Just the two of us)
[(Feel so warm deep inside - no need to tell)]
[(We both just smiled and knew)]

[Sonic & Amy together]
Listen to the beat of my heart!
Listen to the sound of my voice!
What I want to say is that I'm in love

Your smile reminds me why I exist
Your love and joy is why I should live
Do you know just how much I missed you dear?

[Amy] (Sonic)
I just wish that this feeling that we were having could last forevermore
So why can't I say it? Tell me that it's true, that I love you.

[Sonic & Amy together]
Listen to the beat of our hearts!
Listen to this song that we sing!
There's no doubt about it, we're both in love!

Our smiles remind us why we exist
Our love and joy is why we should live
There's no doubt about it, we're both in love!

[3rd Flashback]

Sonic: "So uhm Amy...?" 
Amy: "Yes Sonic...?"
Sonic: "Well I wanted to tell you also that..."
Amy: "Sonic, what is it that you wanted... To tell me?"
Sonic: "Amy, I want you to know that you mean the world to me and that I'll always love you."
Amy: "Sonic...!" (emotionally tearful, joyful and couldn't believe what she heard and accepted it - she hugged) I love you too... (jump and hugs him, they both collapse in the snow and laugh it out together)


It's been ages since I did a Sonic musical track. Naturally I got Donniegirl12 to record her Amy lines for this one
and they blew my mind. If you missed the one that we did as Sonic and Tails check out the videos below.

We also did one as the whole gang while I was in San Francisco!

Anyways, just gotta record Sonic's and we're good to go! See you all in a week's time for a belated Happy Valentine's tribute.

:star: Dreamkeepers - Brotherly Love

What a joy this was to work on.

I'm very pleased with everyone's performances, especially Wolfblade93 (who voiced Bobby) and Mippa (who voiced Vi) - that was exactly how I have envisioned their voices in the book.

I also had fun playing as Whip! I haven't voiced him in years! I totally understand what he's saying most of the time - honest!

Anyway this was a nice warm up before I get to work on the movie-length version that will be based off David and Liz's most recent addition to the Graphic Novel Saga - Dreamkeepers Book 4: Descent To The Archives.

If you're interested in getting involved shoot me an e-mail via and send me a recorded sample of the character(s) you wish to play for the project. MP3 files and zipped please! A little description about yourself and where you come from would be nice too!

FYI here is how the 'title' project came into play

Casting took one week.
Getting everyone's lines took two weeks.
And the entire audition production and video composite took two days.

So it took less than a month to complete 6 minutes of quality audio for this selection of DK: Prelude comics. The original BTVA page can be reviewed here:…

Once again thanks to David and Liz for their continued inspiration from the series - they put in a ton of work to keep it ongoing, keep things fresh and appealing for every story that grace the web and printed publications.

Furthermore it's such an exciting year for these guys (and the DK fandom) - so much has happened these past few weeks!

Including the launch of their new Dreakeepers: Patreon page

Patreon Launch Announcement by Dreamkeepers

A brand new DK community event called FACTION CONTEST that encourages creativity and the engagement of like-minded readers/artists who love the series as much as I do.

#Dreamkeepers Faction: Nightmares by Dreamkeepers#Dreamkeepers Faction:  Troika by Dreamkeepers
#Dreamkeepers Faction: CCA by Dreamkeepers#Dreamkeepers Faction: Neon Knives by Dreamkeepers 

And finally (definitely, this has become a highlight for the year of 2016) the released of a Dreamkeepers Official Soundtrack (beautifully written and composed by Nikolas Albrecht). (I even used one of his songs for this project). You can purchase the entire album of 32 epic tracks that cover all first four volumes to the Dreamkeepers: Graphic Novel Saga. Seriously this guy blew my mind and I'm a sucker for great music, especially when it can help me with my audio projects!

Album by darkspeeds

So yeah here's to more exciting things to come for David, Liz, and the DK fandom! They also have a deviantART page right here :icondreamkeepers: - watch them if you haven't already! I can't wait to immerse myself into the Dreamkeepers: The Movie project, which is not going to happen till at least mid-year!

For now enjoy this and be sure to join me, the VA cast and BtWD fans for the official premier of Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie - to be available sometime in late FEB (fingers crossed the creators will have the Chapter 2 HIGH RES comic files ready by then!).