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I'm halfway through watching the playthrough to GONE HOME.

This is the moment where the we got a lead to a domestic mystery... This is pretty darn cryptic.

You just got back home after a trip to Europe, you called mom that you're coming back home and looking forward to meeting your family - only to find out there there was no one in the house... And this is BIG house we're talking about, one that contains an interesting history presumably about a psycho named Uncle Oscar.

It's stormy and raining outside, you slowly explore the first level of the house, still no one around. You search for clues, read more into your family's daily occurrences (keep in mind that you were away for a year on this trip). You got a little sister that you dearly love named Sam and throughout the house you are recounting her life events via personal journal.

Your little sister also happens to be one of those eccentric types and she didn't get along in school until she befriended Lonnie... Anyways Sam discovered a secret passage to the house and one that links to the psychotic uncle that the community knows about. Let's see what I'm going to uncover...

:star: Gott im Himmel!!

That my friends... Was a very satisfying ending.

And guess what? One video leads to another. There seems to be another hit Steam game just recently released based on a similar genre called: Gone Home.

I don't think it's going to be gory stuff but more on perhaps the supernatural and ghosts? Outlast had a supernatural element to it but alot of the build up and clues made it pretty darn believable. And as MissYuna says, poor Miles! = ( Go watch it! 

As for me, time to do some late night exercise, take a shower and watch this:

Let me know if somebody played this game! I love mysteries and thriller/horror stuff! 8-)


That sick mother-effer...

That sick, sick...

:star: I Don't Want My Head Ripped Off!

It's a beautiful Saturday, I'm chillin' out at my apartment and slowly uncovering the mystery behind the asylum in 'Outlast'.

I'm reaching Part 3 of 7, it's been pretty darn intense and very disturbing. I'm lovin' the suspense but the player knows what he's doing. I remember one time when I watched a sneak peak playthrough of the game last month that the protagonist died from getting a stabbed in the back while walkin' through the hallway pitch black... Those naked psychotic doubles... Luckily on this video he avoided danger and passed through them by climbing outside the window and shimmy his way to the next window to exit - while it's stormy and rainin' heavily outside... Lovin' the atmosphere...

What or who the hell is the Walrider??

Oh and watch out for Chris Walker...!

:star: I Think I Peed My Pants...

No not really but I don't think I would have the guts to do what the guys did here.

How would you react?


Who finished this game (aka Outlast)? :D

:star: The Evil Within

I want to play this genuinely just like the good old days of Resident Evil 4.

What hooked me in is the mystery behind the source of this evil and how to fight it.

Perhaps the protagonist is the source of evil, he is trapped in a mental state not knowing who or what he really is until he awakens.

What do you guys think? It's almost like a combination of RE+Silent Hill mixed together.
Guys, you have NO IDEA how great I feel right now. I'm at one of the peaks of this recording - one of those rare moments where I'm loving what I do. Here's a snippet of what I'm singing to. ;)


Chilled out Sonic by darkspeeds

:star: Pissing Off Knuckles

I'm having so much fun right now.

I'm about 45% complete with my next Sonic musical/sing-along. 


Keep in mind that this is WIP, you're listening to some skits that are in the song. I'm missing Tails and Rogue on the two scenes. Can't wait to get Tasha's recordings so that it'll all sound harmonious at the end! ;)

Pissing Knuckles by darkspeeds

:star: Darkspeeds is sad...

After participating to sing as Sonic being a complete jerk to Amy. lol

If there was an opportunity to go back and change something from my part, that would be the "We were just in a fight!" line - there was just too much amp on that part making it sound too clutter and in-concise.

Anyways Tasha as always does an remarkable job with her singing. I can't really belt a proper tune with Sonic's voice, that's just how it goes. XXD 

Enjoy and I have plans to do something with Tasha again in the near future -starting with this monster of a track:

And here are the lyrics to that sing-along/musical with Sonic and friends featuring Tasha:


Track (C) SEGA/Sonic Team
Lyrics: Elson 'Darkspeeds' Wong
Track/Official stock image (C) SEGA/Sonic Team
SFX (C) Sony Pictures, BBC Collection
Lyrics, audio production and concept artwork (C) Elson 'Darkspeeds' Wong

Sung by:

Darkspeeds as Sonic the Hedgehog
Donniegirl12 as Miles 'Tails' Prower
Darkspeeds as Knuckles the Echidna
Darkspeeds as Shadow the Hedgehog & E-123 Omega
Donniegirl12 as Rogue the Bat
Donniegirl12 as Amy Rose

: Alright guys, you ready?

EVERYONE: Yeah! (Tails, Amy & Knuckles)
Sonic: Cool, follow my lead! In three, two, one. Kay! Let's go.

[WINDY HILL ZONE - Act 1]      

Sonic: Da da da da daaaah da-ah! (x 3)
I'm strollin' down the Windy Hill
And I feel the wind just pass me by
Ooo I just know that I am feelin'
Fine for another day or two (or three would be better!)
But I know that I couldn't sit around for far too long cuz
I know that there is something right out there
That's making others feel uneasy
So, as I raise my head up high
I know that I gotta do what I gotta do
(It's that time again)
I clench my fists, ready my shoes, I smile and
follow my heart that's true! Cuz you know me!
I'm Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog!

So follow me and then you're gonna see!
What it means to be brave, blue and true!

And then you'll that I am not afraid
Of all the things that come in my way
So nothing's gonna stop me!
Follow me and then you're gonna see!
What it means to be brave, blue and true!

And then you'll that I am like the wind!
A force so strong, that you know that I am coming! Know that I'll be coming!
Faster than the speed of sound
Climbing any mountain that's impossible!
Breaking Eggman's robots
Taking down the bad and the corrupt!
Just watch me passing by,
I'm here to save day and...! 


Sonic: "Phew! Will you look at that Tails!"
Tails: "Yeah! It feels like home!"
Sonic: "Even when we're thousands of miles from it you can't help but think
we're in Green Hill Zone again!"
Tails: "Or Emerald Hill Zone. Splash Hill. Bridge Zone..."
Sonic: "Or Green Groove Zone, Seaside Hill...!"
Sonic & Tails:" Or...! GREEN CHECKERED HILL MOUNTAIN SPLASH SEASIDE ZONE!" *both laugh hysterically*


Sonic: "Yo Knuckles! Wait up!"
Knuckles: "Grrr... Do you have any idea what you got yourself into!!"
Sonic: "Err...! Yes, and no?"
Knuckles: "Bah! Forget it! Either follow or leave me be - don't be an annoying pest is all I ask of ya!"
Sonic: "M'kay!"
...... "Uhm... So are we there yet?"
Knuckles: "Sonic... What did I tell you earlier?"
Sonic: "Alright, alright, chill Knuckles, all I ask is that you guide us out of this zone and we'll be cool!"
Knuckles: "And do you remember who it was that got us into the mess in the first place?"
.... (pause)
Sonic: "Uhm... Yeah"
Knuckles: "Yeah!  That's right! YOU!"

Hey!! We're stuck here yet again!
We hit a desert storm, and that is when we
Walked round and round the Desert Ruin Zone!  
Hey! Let's do another dance!
Let's try to kill some time, I know for sure that
My buddy Knucklehead will find the way back! 

Knuckles: "HEY!!" *is furious*

[DESERT RUINS ZONE - Honeycomb Highway]

Shadow: "Team Dark. Hold up!"
Rogue: "What is it Shadow?"
E- 123 Omega: "This interruption had better not waste my potential to make the first move and destroy everything that is blocking the path of our mission!"
Shadow: "It's just that... According to the coordinates of our GPS, we don't seem to be in the right area"
Rogue: "What? Let me take a look at that."
Rogue: "Shadow... Just where the heck are we? Who punched in the coordinates?"
E-123 Omega:" I believe that we are in the place known as the Lost Hex, which encapsulates 7 worlds altogether."
Shadow: Yes and I believe that is we will find some answers heading West. We need to get to Dessert Ruins and find that artifact before it's too late.
Rogue: Don't you worry, you've got the best treasure hunter on your team. Now, follow my lead!


Sonic: "Huuurr..... Are we there yet...?"
Rogue: "Hey! Look who we found!"
Sonic: "Huh? Rogue?"
Knuckles: "Huh, the treasure hunter."
Sonic: "Shadow? Omega? What are you guys doing here?"
Shadow: "We were just about to ask you the same thing."
Rogue: "Well then you boys had better not be hiding anything from us. So spill it!"
Knuckles: "We don't owe you anything. But if it's a fight you want you're more than welcome in my town!"
Sonic: "Wait wait WAIT! Come on guys, we're lost, we're hungry, I just want to kick Eggman's butt and go home. Can't we just get along...?"
ALL (except for Sonic): "NO!!!"
Sonic: "Huuuuur... I guess not..."

*mobile phone calling*

Sonic: "Yello, fastest thing alive, only yours truly speaking?"
Amy:  "Sonic! "
Sonic: "Oh hey Amy! I'm on my way there so I'll see you guys real soon!"
Amy: "M'kay! Bye sweetie!"
Sonic: "Bye Amy."

Taking a stroll down this beautiful beach!
Sun in the sky, yeah I'm feelin' dah heat!
Gonna relax ~ Ahhhhhhh!   
Get me a seat, yeah! I put up mah feet!
Chill out! chill out! We do it all day!
Hand me the cocktail, let's drink up my friend!
Drink up! Drink up! We'll party till dawn!

Yo I want everybody to get down on the floor and move to the rhythm
Feel the harmony that is presented in the music and follow the flow.
Don't lose control and...

Listen to the beats, follow me and repeat!
Hey! Listen up we're gonna party all day!
Listen up we're gonna party all day!
Listen up we're gonna party! Sing and dance like we do every day and...!

[TROPICAL COAST  ZONE - Sea Bottom Segue]

"Hey Amy, I know this ain't the best time but I just want you to know
about the other night, things can get a little complicated sometimes but at
least there is one thing in my mind right now and I know for sure. I know for sure that..."
You mean the world.
You mean the world.
You mean the world to me, and there ain't no other.
You mean the world.
You mean the world.
You mean the world to me. Amy... I love you.


Sleigh bells! And winter snow!
Yes it's that time of the year!
X-mas trees and mistletoe!
Spread the love this year!
Reindeers and candle lights!
Yes it's that time of the year!
X-mas cheer and family!
Spread the love this year!
You're never alone.   
SONIC: "Stay in touch with family and friends! Don't forget it!"

[WINDY HILL ZONE - Act 1 (Reprise)]

Follow me and then you're gonna see!
What it means to be brave, blue and true!

And then you'll that I am not afraid
Of all the things that come in my way
So nothing's gonna stop me!

AMY: Follow me and then you'll see! (SONIC: "That's right!")
What it means to be brave, blue and true!


TAILS: And then you'll that I am like the wind! (SONIC: "Uh huh!")
A force so strong, and you know that I am coming! Know that I'll be coming!
KNUCKLES: Faster than the speed of sound, climbing any mountain that's impossible,
Breaking all of Eggman's robots, and taking down the bad and the corrupt!

EVERYONE (Tails, Amy & Knuckles):
Faster than the speed of sound, climbing any mountain that's impossible,
Breaking Eggman's robots, taking down the bad and the corrupt!
Just watch us passing by!
We're here to save day!

I just finished watching all 26 episodes in two nights.

Two things I will say to you:

i) What a fantastic, beautiful and profound journey it was. What a really cool way to see Japan during it's Feudal era, where society was ruled by the Shogun and Samurais still wander throughout Japan in search for the meaning of life.

ii) Go watch it. Like NOW.

Also, I'd like you guys to check out :iconlord-kiyo:'s awesome rendition of my recent Perspective drawing assignment (inked). And hell yeah, got an A for it. Just gotta make sure I do the same for my rendering that'll be graded next week.

Darkspeeds port colord by Lord-Kiyo

:star: Samurai Champloo

It's the weekend and I'm pretty pleased with my work put into school this week. Time to chill and educate myself creatively. Get inspired.

I remember when :iconchemb0t: and his bro told me about this anime called Samurai Champloo. We watched an episode that featured the main characters in a baseball game - that was a lot of fun.

Anyways I took the time to watch the first 5 episodes - and I gotta say it's pretty damn tight.

Samurai.Champloo.full.138228 by darkspeeds

I'm watching the English dub by FUNimation. Great voice cast for an English dub of the original Japanese animation.

Have you watched Samurai Champloo via Adult Swim back in the day? Share with me your memories and tell me what you think of the show.

Also, sick intro track by Nujabes (feat. Shing02).

Oh and one more random thing, I wasn't really into Sonamy back in the day but just recently I'm really diggin' this pair. Wanna be my Amy? Like you know... We can spend some quality time back in my apartment, and perhaps, we could it get it on for some sweet lovin' and such? Rawwr! XP :giggle: *SHOT* :D
Tails Butt Rotor by darkspeeds

Credit goes to I randomly found this on Facebook and couldn't help but share it. :D

The animated version will make full sense of the joke but deviantART couldn't display animated GIF's of this nature on journals. Click here to see Tail's butt in action! lol

Anyways I've just finished penciling pages 3 & 4 to Sonic Boom: Unwrapped! I'm pretty chuffed with the results. = ) Right now I'll have to get my ass back into uni-work mode - got some assignments to finish off. Enjoy your week everyone!

:star: Burnbot Wants Revenge!

Untitled by darkspeeds

:star: I Got The Masterplan!!

It's been raining all day in San Francisco. I couldn't do much other than draw... And this is what I came up with!

Untitled by darkspeeds

Anyways, after watching 'The Wind Rises' with Svend Joscelyne (aka Dreadknux, creator of The Sonic Stadium and The Summer of Sonic) who came to visit San Francisco for business I was pleasantly surprise to see this trailer:

I'm going to make an effort to watch Ernest & Celestine tomorrow morning. The animation is gorgeous, the concept is heart-warming and the music is divine. It's already received plenty of praise and awards from some of the harshest critics out there, I'm sure I will benefit from watching this. 

In fact this children's/all ages feature film brings me back wonderful memories of my childhood watching cartoons after school - Barbar was one of them!

I'll let you know my thoughts on the film tomorrow! For now here's a lovely shot of the two main protagonists of the film:

Ernest Hires1 by darkspeeds

(Their watercolor art style is absolutely gorgeous!)

:star: I Ran Out Of Ideas... O.O

As I left for San Jose to visit my friends two weeks back I remembered thinking right after I finished my Perspective class: "Awesome! Two-point perspective, this should be a breeze! I'm sure I can come up with something while I'm visiting Evan and Devin for the weekend. :)

Fast forward to last night and I flabbergasted at how I couldn't come up with a concept that was brilliant and, at the same time, satisfying enough for me to enjoy the drawing process. I only had 18 hours till my assignment was due and I was kinda knocking myself on the head with disappointment and frustration at why I couldn't produce an idea that I was happy to work with.

When all else fails, just shoot for something that you really enjoy drawing - in my case - Sonic the Hedgehog. To be more precise, Sonic Boom.

With very little time in my hands I had to think of something real quick, one that would be captivating enough for me to focus all night and morning.

Then I remembered the this concept artwork from the Sonic Boom team:

12336335984 120706e11c O by darkspeeds

I still get such a sweet sensation tingling inside me whenever I see this artwork. It's so strong, so captivating that it makes me want to LIVE and BREATHE there. I want to go and explore such an amazing setting! It speaks to me of an exciting village hidden in an island just off the coast, delve deep into the mountainous jungle and there you'll find a lost paradise of ruins, hidden gardens, rustic bridges and waterways, clever civilization that recycles junk to create and refurbish architecture and landscapes and surprisingly temperate weather!

I got inspired by the idea to draw a different section of this work in progress setting for the Sonic Boom video game series. I had to use another reference to help me out. Then I remembered the island!

12336336034 2db0f391a4 O by darkspeeds

Yeah! How about I draw the port of this fantastic village hidden on the island? And so I began the drawing process: gathering more reference material, class notes on how to do two-point perspective and all the tools I need to get the job done.

Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds

At this point in time it was around 12AM, I had to call it quits after drawing for 6 hours (alot of the time for this segment was dedicated to gathering reference material to work with, planning on the composition, and working out the corrective perspective points and measurements). 

I work up at around 5AM this morning, ate my brekky, watched a bit of the news and got straight back to drawing (with speed)!

Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds

Just before I show you the final here's a quick look at what it looked like in thumbnail form:

Untitled by darkspeeds

Now then, 6 hours later... After touching up on the details to the buildings... And after checking up on all the corrective measures for the two point perspective applied to the artwork... Here's the finished drawing! Ooo! The sun's up! lol

Untitled by darkspeeds

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak on my drawing process for an assignment of this nature. Get inspired and get drawing. ;)

Oh and also! If you didn't know who those characters are other than Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles well here's my reference. 8-)

Sonic Boom characters from TV series by darkspeeds

I want to call those hippos Gin and Tonic. And as for the fisherman dude, I'll call him Bobby for now. XD ;)

Sonic did!

Check out an awesome game-play preview from Aaron Webber (the ever so humble Associate Brand Manager at SEGA of America).  

If you own a copy of Sonic Lost World, go and get your free DLC tomorrow! Sonic looks tight in Zelda's world! This is one mini cross-over not to be missed. ;) 
:bulletred: [Go to Darkspeeds' Livestream]  :bulletred: 

Untitled by darkspeeds

While we're waiting for Tom to show up at 11PM I'm going to be working on the Sonic Boom page that I've been working on since this morning. ^^

Feel free to mingle yourself in the chatroom and catch up with each other, I'm going to try and concentrate on the artwork and not get distracted by the chatroom! XXD

See you there! ;)

Untitled by darkspeeds

:star: See ya guys in three hours! And also...!

Listening to the theme of Mighty No.9 really brings me back wonderful memories of my childhood playing video games with my brother on the SEGA Saturn.

What I remember most is the music and alot of the SEGA Japanese games we played (especially of the adventure side-scroller/RPG types) carried this kind of melancholy yet 'hope is on the way' tune (listen to the wind chimes and that down-beat rock guitar track). I really love it and it can sometimes bring a smile and tear to my eye if the song is strong enough and this one's no exception.

To the Keiji Inafune and the Comcept team, here's to a successful project till the game hits the shores on April 2015. What a beautiful theme song to start us off with.

:star: Sonic OVA Night!

Good morning everyone! 

I'm looking forward to tonight since it's going to be one of my first time doing a commentary on a cartoon series (a movie to be specific with tonight's case) - the Sonic OVA!

Sonic The Movie Anime by NEWMANEVERYDAY by darkspeeds

:iconokida: & :iconevanstanley: will be hosting and reviewing in the commentary booth, while I'll be joining in as a guest. :D

If you're keen to hear their insights on SaTAM be sure to check out their videos! They're up to episode three so far but I'll link you guys to their first one! ;)

It's gonna roughly begin at 11PM tonight (Saturday, California time), I'm tempted to rig a livestream from my end to show my reaction - Tom and Evan's too! 

I think for shits and giggles I'm going to be giving my two cents throughout the OVA in this guy's voice:

OldManOVA by darkspeeds

Anyways back to drawing page two to SONIC BOOM: Unwrapped! 8-)

:star: I f**kin' love these songs!!

The South Park Movie soundtrack has officially clocked it's 10th run while I was painting and drawing.

All of them are fantastic but my most favourite ones are:


How could you not sing to those songs?? They're so catchy and well written in my opinion.

Oh you can't forget Uncle Fuckah and Kyle's Mom's a Bitch.

Oh and don't kick the baby! It's so wrong but it's adorable when Ike says it! X3 XD 

Excuse the profanity and let's get back to work! *continues doodling second page to SONIC BOOM: Unplugged!

:star: Taaaaails! Where are you...?

Photo by darkspeeds
Heya! Welcome to the Darkspeeds Comics page for the Sonic Adventure 2 Fancomic!

Welcome to Darkspeeds' Sonic fan comic and manga archives, hosted on DeviantART
Making these pages took years of hard work, motivation and support from a wonderfully blessed community. ^_~

A convenient list of projects are listed below. Please select the series you wish to observe. :) (Smile)

Also, a HUGE thanks goes to :iconhappyaggro: for volunteering in tidying up and reformatting this archive. It looks beautiful, more organised, and all links have been up to date as of today, 27th February 2014. Thanks again HappyAggro, this means alot! Hug



SONIC BOOM - Unwrappd! logo by Darkspeeds(smal by darkspeeds

:star: [TITLE] 
  • SONIC BOOM: Unwrapped!
:star: [DETAILS] 
  • Ongoing
  • Started in 4th March 2014
  • Format: Western Graphic Novel (full page)
  • Navigation: Read from Left to Right
  • Art Style: Mixed Media (Penciled on 11'x17' Comic Art Board, scanned and digitally retouched, Darkspeeds/Sonic Boom style.
  • Copyrights: Sonic Boom (C) SEGA/SONIC TEAM, Big Red Button Entertainment & OuiDo! Entertainment SONIC BOOM: Unwrapped! fan-comic (C) ELSON ‘DARKSPEEDS’ WONG (MAR 2014)

:star: [EPISODES]

Episode 01: CLOSURE (03-03-2014)

Bullet; Yellow Written and drawn by Darkspeeds
Bullet; Yellow Revision by HappyAggro

Sonic finds out that Tails is safe after a terrifying plane crash ('Burnbot' destroyed one of its wings that sent the plane spiraling out of control  as seen on the premier TV trailer).

Burnbot returns to finish off Sonic and Tails while Dr. Eggman watches with eager anticipation of their demise.
Burnbot charges for Sonic, who easily dodges to the side making Burnbot fly off the cliff edge. Just as Sonic mocks Burnbot for its foolish move, the robot shoots its extendable arm to grab one of the rocks nearby to swing back to smash Sonic (a move the robot copied off from the move that Sonic and Tails used in the trailer).

Before Burnbot can successfully land a hit, Sonic has already outsmarted the robot by taking a risk and jumping off the cliff, taking off at full speed, doing a full frontal impact kick to the face while in mid-air. 
Burnbot disappears to the abyss. Sonic gets rescued by Tails (Sonic 3 style) and flies him to safety.
Dr. Eggman, though furious, admits his defeat and promises to come back for Sonic and his friends next time round to destroy them. Sonic mocks him while he retreats.

SONIC BOOM: Unwrapped! (Episode 01, Page 01) by darkspeeds SONIC BOOM: Unwrapped! (Episode 01, Page 02) by darkspeeds


Ep01 Page 01 by darkspeeds Ep01 Closure Pg02a by darkspeeds


SB Unplugged - Ep 01 thunbnails 1 02-03-2014 by darkspeeds  SB Unplugged - Ep 01 thunbnails 2 02-03-2014 by darkspeeds 


SONIC BOOM Unwrapped - Studies (Sonic @the Desert) by darkspeeds SONIC BOOM Unwrapped - Studies (Tails in Trouble) by darkspeedsSBU! - Episode One (Script and Thumbnails) by darkspeeds
 SONIC BOOM Generation by darkspeeds You Are What You Eat! by darkspeeds
Port Salvamento by darkspeeds


You've reached the end! Rest easy, heroes!
Off to a good start! I mashed up two awesome animals of our kingdom to create a unique sound for the hideous monster featured in Sonic the Hedgehog #252! Go and find out what 'it' sounds like, and it's nowhere near the sound of Cream's cuddly Tails Doll. :giggle: 8-) 

:star: Sneak Peak...!! (StH#252 At All Costs!)

Sneak Peak by darkspeeds


Yup, I'm already working on the next one! ;) Let's begin the campaign to complete the 'COUNTDOWN TO CHAOS' 'feature film length-ed' comic drama (I'll be giving myself 3-4 years to work on it).

:star: Sonic Archie AUDIO BOOK (The Soldier - StH#254)

[DOWNLOAD THE MP3 via Darkspeeds' Soundcloud]

This is probably my best audio production of the Sonic Archie series yet.

I'm super pleased with my voice acting and I'm proud of my audio production. It's been a real blast recording, constructing, and editing this.

I want to thank once again to my team of voice actors for helping me out playing the roles of their respective characters on this audio book of StH #254.

I have a lot of favourite moments on this audio book but the one that will get me every time is when Sonic gets a taste of that nasty 'mystery gas' almost rendering him near-close to becoming a Werehog. I really like how I showcased a moment of genuine suspense - almost a hint of horror to the aesthetics of the scene.

Here's my feedback to the voice actors:

i) Mmicheal154 (I loved his 'YOSH' when he jumps on the plane, and his awesome "And now you know why I AM the BEST!" line after causing havoc at sea). Mike is no doubt one of the hardest working of my team. Even when it didn't sound right at the start he took some time off and did retakes of Dr. Eggman till it sounded perfect. On one of the retakes where he did the laugh at the end he even got to a point where he laughed out in pain - genuinely (and not intentionally) hurting his lungs! Yeowch! I don't want him to do that ever again!

ii) Tasha (aka Donniegirl12) maintained a consistent Tails throughout the audio drama - I'll consider her always to be my official Tails in any comic/audio drama that I work on based off the Archie comic series, she's that good. In fact she's amazing as Blaze the Cat and as Roll from the Megaman series (check out her Cold Crush comic drama and you'll see why)!

iii) Mobi played as Muttski and it's really good to hear a fresh voice for once - young, vibrant and innocent. Mobi did the goods and brought Mobi to life, making him sound more adorable than ever. The bloopers he sent to me was a treat cuz it's especially great to know that the person is really enjoying themselves while they're doing their recordings!

iv) Ashie-kins, oh god, I spelt her name wrong in the credits - 'doh!!' Anyways I was in the search for a decent sounding Nicole many months back when the project was on it's early stages and lemme tell you, it ain't easy to find one! Pleasant sounding Nicoles are quite a rarity along with a competent sounding Rotor the Walrus. But when Ashley approached me for the role she really delivered. I more than happy to have her back as Nicole anytime!

v) Evan Stanley played as Bunnie "Rabbot" D' Coolette, just like she did a couple years back on Sonic The Hedgehog #217-218 Comic Drama - [A Rabbot Reunion]. Once again she did a lovely job as the Southern Belle' on this particular issue, it isn't easy trying to role play her when she's on espionage mode cuz there's a lot less freedom to express openly like she is in her casual state via dialogue. It was amusing the listen to Evan's bloopers, she makes an effort to get her lines right and I'm glad that, in the end, they made it to the final production.

Nevertheless it's been great having you guys on board this project.

And to the fans who love the comic and follow this niche community of Sonic comic drama/voice acting/audio drama/dubbing of the Archie Publications series thanks for tuning in! hope you enjoyed the process and perhaps in the near future I'll be making a 'COUNTDOWN TO CHAOS' movie edition that spans for almost 2 hours.

Stay way past cool everyone! Till next time! 8-) *thumbs up*

:star: Jesus! It's 20 minutes long!!!

And now I'm currently doing a sound quality check before I upload it on both the Youtube and Soundcloud accounts (at Soundcloud you can download it for free)!

Keep in mind that this is PURE AUDIO - treat it like an AUDIOBOOK. ;)

In future I'm thinking of doing a comic drama out of it but... I have much bigger plans than just that when I go back to Australia... >= D

:star: Get ready for some 'Countdown to Chaos' action!!

Okay! 90% complete with MOBIAN THEATRE: The Soldier (full audio book). Gonna go get me some dinner first, then come back to finish the rest! It's sounding pretty darn awesome so far! :D

DOR01 StH#254 11-11-2013 by darkspeeds

Voice actors who got involved include: Mmichael154 (as Dr. Eggman)Tasha (as Miles 'Tails' Prower and Blaze the Cat), :iconashie-kins: (as Nicole), :iconfritzybeat: (as Ben 'Mutt' Muttski), and :iconevanstanley: (as Bunnie D' Coolette).

And as for Sonic the Hedgehog, Orbot, Cubot, Uncle Chuck and Antoine D' Coolette, Mr. :icondarkspeeds: took the initiative to voice those characters, just cuz he can! :giggle: 8-)

Hope to get it complete late in the evening - if not, by next morning the latest! :D
...Than to leave your DA account signed in on my computer!


Ya fool Evan you left it still signed in for me :B



To my dear friends: :iconevanstanley: & :iconcirotin:

In classic Scooby-Doo villain's voice: "DAMN YOU MEDDLING KIDS!!!"

Darn it they got me good! (And they did it last time too when I was in Santa Cruz! Bugger!)

Anyways the train and bus ride back to San Francisco was a breeze, I managed to do some doodles on the way - gotta practice drawing those heads!!

But yeah I had an awesome time with these two for the weekend! Good food, good company, and also, I learnt alot about SOUTH PARK!! "TIMMEEEH!!"

We watched Devin play the epic (and recently released video game) - 'The Stick of Truth'! Go check out the reviews if you don't believe it. The video game was very entertaining and it was very well for the series. I didn't laugh and get grossed out in a long time - well, South Park pretty much took it to the extreme. 

And and Devin got us to watch the South Park movie... 

I think the songs in that movie are permanently stuck in my head for good.

And yes, do read Ghosts of the Future. Do it. DO EEEEEET!!!
  • Listening to: GHOSTS OF THE FUTURE
  • Reading: GHOSTS OF THE FUTUREghosts
  • Eating: ghoSTS OF THE FUTURES
Yo! Hope everyone's having an incredible week!

I just gotten back from some doing some kung fu workout in Chinatown Square (man those tourists were taking pics of me! lol), had me hot shower, and I'm already packing my bags to visit my buddies :iconevanstanley:, :iconcirotin: and their schoolmates at San Jose tomorrow evening. I'll be spending my weekend to terrorise them with my energy - I'll be forcing them to put their pencils down and rock it out all night long...! ..... Kiddin'. :D

But yeah I've been meaning to catch up with them on campus and there won't be another opportunity like this next time round after I go back to Australia, so I'll be making the most of it and will chill out with the crew for awesome food and homework crunch time - I'll doing my own set of homework too from the Academy of Art university at their dorms. Fun times. 8-)

Anyways by the time I come back I'll get my butt straight into gear with some Sonic Boom: Unplugged content - could be new concept art, new script for Episode 2, progress on the comic page to Episode 1: Closure, contest winner requests or a combination of any - either way I'll make an effort to post something up to see during my Spring Break the week after. ;)

And GOD DAAYNM... Guess what popped up at The Sonic Stadium??

Sonic-Boom-Concept-Artwork (1) by darkspeeds


Emerl-Boom by darkspeeds


Marine-Boom by darkspeeds

O . O

Sonic-Boom-Concept-Artwork-Adjusted by darkspeeds

*deep breath.........*


*dies from an overdose of awesomeness*


MARINE!!! MY AUSSIE MOBIAN/SONIKKU/RACCONUS, whatever ya wunna call lit! SHE'S BACK!!! :D

Look at the old Toi~tle! That bad ass beaver chef! Canine nurse, that ranger lookin' dude, hippopotamus twin sailors, the fisherman, the aliens and robots, mum and papa farmers, construction worker... You have no idea amazing it is to see behind the scenes stuff like this! I can't comprehend the awesomeness of witnessing potential (and brand new) characters from the Sonic Boom franchise! It's full of life, it's..It's!! I can't stop smiling!! 

*dies again*


*wakes up*

To the creators of Sonic Boom - SEGA, Sonic Team, Big Red Button Entertainment and OuiDo! Entertainment, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

Oh, and thanks Mr/Miss mysterious photographer, thank you so much for capturing these photos, concept art like these, especially from the series I love, shall NEVER be taken for granted!! Time to get sketchin'!!
A frontcover PIRATE PLUNDER PANIC 19thJAN2014 by darkspeeds

Hey guys and gals! I just want to post this out while I'm taking my time backtracking on getting the rest of the contacts - ie. of those who have contributed to the book. I'm also going to post all of the special contributors, fan artists, and all the fans who got their questions and shout-outs featured in the book on this page as a tribute to the success of the project and, of course, to :iconyardley: for being so nice and awesome.

Here's what he had to share with me this evening:


I got the book and it looks fantastic. You did a marvelous job on it. I could go on about it, but suffice it to say that this is the nicest, most thoughtful gift I've ever received. 

I do really want to give a personal thanks to all the people who helped. If you could give me links to their DA accounts or emails, I would greatly appreciate it so I could drop them each a quick line. 

Also, will you be at the return address on the envelope for a while yet. Even though I know you don't expect anything in return, I INSIST on sending you something as a way of saying thanks. 

I really will treasure the book always. Thanks again!

Your friend,

So once again, to each and everyone one of you who had taken the time to make this book very special for Tracy, thank you. 8-)

Contributing artists :iconliyuconberma: and :iconzazakun011:.
Special PIN-UP artwork :icondawnbest: and :iconth3antiguardian: 
Proof reader/revisor :iconhappyaggro: 
Archie staffers: :iconianpotto: :iconevanstanley: :icondawnbest: :iconjongraywb: & Steven Butler (via Facebook)


:iconblueblur62391: :iconcandiphoenixes: :iconsky-the-echidna: :icondragonblitzstudios: :iconshadowkaiba: :iconeliselowing: :iconburritodude1: :iconsailormoonandsonicx: :icon7marichan7: :iconsuperrider14: :iconroyalthebat: :iconxxzankxx: :iconarmpit-warrior: :iconthefatpanda: :iconcic-studios: :iconellythegee: :iconshadowknux516: :iconjayfoxfire: :iconknuxradred192: :icontiara-c: :icontrana-girl426: :iconmorayk: :iconguardian-of-legends: :iconkikiflamer: :iconvaporotem: :iconagentskull: :iconarilorenhedgehog: :iconcrimda: :iconchaotixfangirl11: :iconsailormoonandsonicx: :iconhgcaw26: :iconsoulalchemist002: :iconsayamiyazaki:


Kenneth McCoy-Torr​ance
:iconmegaphantaze: (aka Eero Sivula)
:iconezioauditore97: (aka Ezioauditore97)
:iconguardian-of-legends: (aka Joshua Reinstein)
:iconaros2: (aka Kyle Lundquist)
:iconhgcaw26: (aka Hgcaw26)
(aka Zank) &
TheDynaDuck (via Twitter


Elly (via
 (aka Eero Sivula)
:iconsurrealbrain: (aka Surealbrain)
:iconxxzankxx: (aka Zank)
:iconautobot-revimus: (aka Garrick)
:iconguardian-of-legends: (aka Joshua Reinstein)
:iconezioauditore97: (aka Ezioauditore97)
:iconskyminhazboz: (aka Skyminhazboz) &
:iconblueblur62391: (aka BlueBlur62391)

If I have missed out on anyone please make your post here and state what you contributed specifically. Cheers and have an excellent week - I certainly am having mine! :)
After checking out the number of signatures this evening I was a little disappointed with the results.

I'd expect it to reach past the 1,000th mark (they'll need at least 10,000 signatures for the project), but then again, what the hell am I talking about that's important?

Well let's focus on these two creative individuals: :iconevanstanley: (artist) and :iconokida: (writer)

Their project is a tie-in comic series for the upcoming game Nosgoth, the next installment in the Legacy of Kain franchise. They've already taken the initiative to get Psyonix Games and Square Enix's attention with a positive impression, but there's a catch. 

I mentioned earlier about the signature count require, they'll still need 9,770 signatures as of today.

Now then, I've got 7,000 watchers under my belt, so if I could get even half of you fellas to sign in (which only takes a minute) it'll be a GREAT HELP.

I've always admired Evan's work for years on end and she is still continuing to improve on her technique as she is studying at one of California's well renowned animation/illustration schools at San Jose State University. She's already working for Archie comics and is still going strong with her Sonic fan comic: Ghosts of the Future. Tom's a very good friend of hers and has been helpin' her with co-writing GotF for several years now. 

GOTF issue 11 page 15 by EvanStanley GOTF issue 11 page 6 by EvanStanley GOTF issue 11 page 5 by EvanStanley (samples of Evan's GotF)
Legacy of Kain: Nosgoth comic demo page 1 by EvanStanley Legacy of Kain: Nosgoth comic demo page 2 by EvanStanley Legacy of Kain: Nosgoth comic demo page 3 by EvanStanley (samples of Evan's illustrated pages of the new Nosgoth comic)
S.T.C Issue 0 Cover by Okida S.T.C Issue 0 Page 26 by Okida S.T.C Issue 1 Page 2 by Okida (samples of Tom's STC inspired comic)

The difference between those guys and myself is, I have options in life (and very fortunate to have them). I already stated that I'll be retiring back to the good life in Australia (and keep my artwork as a serious hobby) but as for these two, art (whether it be illustration or creative writing) is their prominent option right now, and their future will depend it. And the thing is, I want to see these guys grow in their craft and move on to bigger things, this could very well be one of those events that will help push them through to the next level.

So yeah if you can help these two by going to this link: SIGN HERE! WOOT! you will help me out too.

And it's not really a big ask, especially when you're already getting kick-ass free artwork and comics from us to read and keep. ;)

For more information about their project, please view the video below or go here. Thanks everyone!

What a pleasant surprise when I got back home from class. My landlord notified me of a parcel and I was like:
"Ah, so finally, the StH #257 arrived... About bloody time (since this was the third occasion it came late, I'm gonna unsubscribe if they missed my issue for the fourth time)!", instead I got this!

Untitled by darkspeeds  Untitled by darkspeeds

Untitled by darkspeeds Untitled by darkspeeds

Untitled by darkspeeds Untitled by darkspeeds

To know that I can make something this good in three weeks, I gotta say I'm proud. This is what graphic designers do or a production artist if you were to work at Archie comics, hell I even played the role of an editor for pete's sake. lol

I want to thank all the people who contributed to this special project once again, and they include:

:bulletyellow: Contributing artists: :iconliyuconberma: and :iconzazakun011:
:bulletyellow: Special PIN-UP artwork: :icondawnbest: and :iconth3antiguardian:
:bulletyellow: All of the participants who have contributed their FANART, QUESTIONS (to Tracy) and SHOUT-OUTS
:bulletyellow: All of the Archie staff who have passed on their messages on the 'Thank you Tracy' page.
:bulletyellow: Last, and by no means the least, :iconhappyaggro: for her awesome revision skills.

Also for the people who wanted to know the news of my situation with Archie Publications - they came back to me a month later telling me that their internships were filled, the typical: 'We're sorry, we appreciate your application, we'll have you on file and contact you should we need you'

Many people will get discouraged by that, especially those who applied for other jobs over a hundred times (and it's a very real thing in America, I've heard of the terrible stories, bless them for trying so hard). In my case I'm lucky to keep a cool head and very fortunate that I still have options before I moved to the United States and do my studies at the Academy of Art university. Sure I was naturally disappointed at the time, but you know I think it turned out for the better in my opinion.

How so? Well for several reasons:

i) I made up my mind to go back to Australia, live with family, make new friends, start my own family, and be happy with my profession in the hospitality industry. 'Home is where the heart is' as they say and I don't want to lose all that I nurtured with the family back in Australia (Malaysia and Singapore) for over 20 years.

Also the Australian economy is still young and continuing to grow head strong. We have amazing weather, awesome infrastructure, chilled out lifestyle, multicultural background, great tourism, a competitive currency (akak the Aussie dollar) and interest rate, lovely people who are also embracing new things and cultures, awesome food and finally a strong unemployment rate. Australia's consider one of the happiest places to live and it is certainely one of the most expensive in the world. Check out this recent study from the EIU.

I'll go back to Perth, Western Australia after my second semester finishes, AND, after I spend one last ride with my special friends in California aka :iconchemb0t:, :iconevanstanley: & :iconcirotin: (it'll be around June/July 2014 period). I won't be seeing them for quite a while (gonna miss them =' () after I'm back home and working full-time (and perhaps I'll find me a girlfriend in the process! XD), in fact, I'm gonna promise to all me mates back in the UK, that you will be next up for a revisit! ;)

ii) Pay in the arts/video games/entertainment industry is peanuts (majority of it, and not including show-business/TV/acting in Hollywood/commercial and corporate graphic design/web-based multimedia ~ designing aps and games for mobile devices).

Do your research next time and think seriously about your current position if you're already attending art school, and you're not doing too well in your classes, AND you're already accumulating a huge debt.

Sure there are positions out there that will offer a decent salary of 40K for entry level but that's only if you're working for the best out there (e.g. Dreamworks, Pixar, Blizzard, Massive Black, EA, ILM, Blue Skies Studios etc...) And if you want in with the best you better start developing a really kick-ass portfolio, accumulated a multitude of networks and have interpersonal skills that you're highly confident of. If you have all three you are probably looking at getting 5-7% of the good part of the pie, realistically.

After hearing that the average for entry level for the kind of job that I'm studying for is 20K, I was appalled. My previous job at the casino/entertainment complex was giving me 3 times that salary (and it wasn't even a management position). Not only that you will be digging your grave to long hours of tedious and uninspiring work (but for me it's more about the money because I need it to support myself and my family should I have one soon). So if you're prepared to work at almost minimum wage and destroy your enthusiasm for the arts, think again. Which leads to my next point...

iii) I lack the drive to work in this business. Sure Darkspeeds seems like he's up for the challenge, he's always posting cool stuff and writing journals that are full of positive things to read about, true, but now that I've taken the initiative to test the waters in art school, did some local research of my own at job sites, spoke to instructors and industry professionals, and did the math I found out that the risks are not worth it.

Also the climate for this business is shrinking too. Look what happened after Disney's acquisition last year? The reality is that at the end of the day you realistically have to treat your job like it's a job, it's a business, the bottom line, and if you don't make that deadline, who's going to save your ass then? And don't get me wrong, the job can be fun, but it only lasts for a little while and the next thing you have to worry about is paying those bills, unless you're a part of the 5-7% of the pie as I mentioned earlier.

Even after doing the graphic novel project for the three weeks, I can't imagine myself doing this over and over again for the rest of my life if I were to pursue a career there (unless I get paid a decent wage). And I have to repeat myself on this, sure it can be fun for a while but how long can I last? This is the reason why I don't want to risk the burnout and kill my love for the creativity that got my started drawing in the first place.

So despite the fact that I have POTENTIAL and TECHNIQUE (hell I've averaged high B's last semester which is considered very good in the industry - if you're averaging with an A level in art school, you shouldn't even be there... lol) I lack the motivation to keep me going long term.

iv) VISA situation. I don't even want to go there. If reading and doing 50 pages worth of paperwork from Homeland Security isn't enough. Cold hard fact is - The United States deliberately makes it near impossible for aliens (aka their term for immigrants) to live and work long tern or even gain citizenship (tighter controls more-so ever since 9/11). My original idea was to go through the Academy for three years, graduate, get sponsored for another two years by a studios and then apply for citizenship that way (you'll need a total of 5 consecutive years of physically living in the State before you can apply). But the again there is no guarantee that I can survive those next 5 years financially. On top of that there is no guarantee that someone will sponsor me no matter how good my portfolio is or how hard I pull strings through networking. It is difficult to migrate to the United States, I've heard the stories, they are real, and I'm potentially in one of them myself. Hell if you don't believe me you may wonder why Ian Flynn moved over to Canada after trying to get his Canadian fiancee (aka Aleah Baker) to legally live with him in the US after marriage - the paperwork, poor admin and ultra long response times from Homeland Security were unacceptable. Why would you want to go through all that bullshit for nothing? Waste your time, waste your money, waste your patience. I'd do the same and move to Canada like Ian did (and fortunately in my case it would be a smooth transition since I'm Australian and under the British Commonwealth, and Canadians have the same privileges too).

iv) F**king expensive exercise - cost/benefit analysis

There's not doubt that I planned this for a long time, 10 years to save up 100K (AUD) to survive at the Academy of Arts for 2-3 years, and currently because of a stronger US dollar the power of my savings has been robbed 20K, making it worth 80K USD net after conversion.

So if I'm left with a +100K uni debt after graduation and I'm offered a 20K entry level job (let's be generous and say that I earn 40K after 2 years), where's the benefit? It'll take a lifetime to pay off that debt in those circumstances. On top of that if the company doesn't want me they can kick me out anytime and I'll be sent straight back home. Why don't I call it quits early and save myself 50K? That's the current plan.

Let me do the math on COST for you before I end this last point and get on to a lighter note:

  • 3 years at the Academy of Art (Illustration major): based on current tuition fees, $785 x 66 units + [roughly $3,000 in admin/visa/course/materials/miscallaneous] = $54,810 (US)
  • Rent in San Francisco (literally just 1 bed room and nothing else, besides shared toilet and bathroom) based on current market price, $880 x 12  x 3 = $31,680 (US)
  • Food/Internet/Entertainment/Gifts/Holiday/Visits back home for special occasions ~ [$7,300 + $5,000] x $36,900 (US)
Let's add that all up:

54,810 + 31,680 + 36,900 = $123,390 (US)!!

And that's not all, what about POTENTIAL COST?

Previous salary in Australia after tax, let's say about 55K (AUS). 55K x 3 x 0.892 (to exchange to US dollars) = $147,180

[ACTUAL COST] + [POTENTIAL COST] = $270,570 (US) (+ 3 years of my life)

Will I be happy with that? The fact that I could have used that money to buy me a brand new car, take lots of holidays, share the wealth with family and friends and mortgage a house with a rather generous deposit? 

Let's not forget that the entry level job on average in the industry that I was planning to have a career in is 20K. How long will it take for me to pay off such a huge debt??

Think about this if you're in my situation, and you don't even need to be an international student. Which route would you rather be? The smart, sensible, and practical route or the high risk with no guarantee route? I think I'd choose the former which is why I'm going back home this year.

Anyways out of all the negative talk (but reality talk too - keep in mind!) the good news is that coming here to the United States, to live and study, was one of the best things I could have done for myself in my whole lifetime.

I desperately needed time out from my family to discover who I am and what I want to do in life. Also while at it I had plenty of opportunities to spend quality time with my friends in Califronia, who also helped me out alot throughout my journey here.

So yeah, I found my answers, I've learnt ALOT from art school, I know where I stand in terms of technical skill (seriously, you guys already know how competitive this industry is but man... It's super cool to see how far artists can push themselves with their craft, I've witnessed the A level stuff and I'm like, wow), and I want to use the skills I've learnt from school and apply it to the thing that enjoy doing most for a hobby - illustration (fan comics and original stuff), multimedia (making comic dramas, voice acting, singing to covers) and graphic design (book publication)! Oh I shall add a fourth to that repertoire - oil painting! I just can't wait to go back to Australia and start building an archive of still life and landscape paintings of my beautiful city!! In fact I'll still take classes when I'm back home, I want to further develop my love for oil painting thanks to Michelle Goodwin and Sheldon Greenfield (my Color and Design and Still Life Painting instructors!)

Phew! That was a mouth-load! Well that deserved attention since many of you guys and gals want to know the story behind what happened after I got an offer from Archie Publications for an internship while I was studying at the Academy of Art university. ;)

Anyways now that is all clear I've one last thing to share with you, a video! Check out how the book looks inside! It feels AMAZING to have it in your hands... And I'm excited to know that the book is going to be Tracy Yardley's possession real soon! And I know you fans will be curious to know what he thinks after he's done a read through, I'm just as curious myself. 8-)

So yeah till next time, watch out for Darkspeeds, for he is making his way back to Sonic fan comics this awesome year that is 2014, starting with a brand new Sonic Boom fan comic titled - SONIC BOOM: Unwrapped! You can check thumbnails and script to Episode one: Closure! ;)

Untitled by darkspeeds
Time to get back into the game, it's been too long.

SONIC BOOM - Unwrappd! logo by Darkspeeds(smal by darkspeeds

How this is gonna work is each episode will contain stories that span from 5-10 pages. It will be based off from a combination of the TV show, video game and self initiatives (i.e. my own ideas). :iconhappyaggro: has just finished revising my original script to episode one and I was really impressed with her editing. Just 10 minutes and I got suggestions that already improved some of the dialogue I've used on each page - brilliant.

I would like to keep this as an ongoing series and until we find out more about the TV show and video game I can get a better idea of what's legit and can be used in the comic to stay true to the series, whilst at the same time, try to come up with new content too.

I also have ideas of Sonic and co. having bigger and proper adventures that could potentially span to a three episodic structure. Better not jump the gun and stick with the debut episode. :D

Hope to develop this further when I go back to Australia and get my two feet back to a brand new job and regular schedule. It's been a long time since I've done a Sonic fan comic, it's like I've been destined to do so. lol XD

Oh and also! 

I will ALWAYS post the thumbnails AND revised scripts for preview, I'm gonna try to make this a rule for future episodes. You guys are more than welcome to avoid it at all costs or spoil yourselves. Either way you can't lose out, cuz the comic's free! :D Comic format will be Western graphic novel (from left to right), full colour. ;)

Remember when Darkspeeds would, at times, write a journal that seems a little cray-cray? Well here's another one of those comin' right at ya! XXD 

What makes it cray-cray, I realise, is how open I am sometimes on the net, risks are involved when you post stuff that may potentially be twisted by others and such, but hey I'm only human and I can't help be a fool and express my honesty. :D

I was browsing through deviantART as per usual after I finished my day of classes and I stumbled upon this artist's gallery :iconmyly14:. I found this image below.

Omg    By Myly14-d6iuhed by darkspeeds

And my gawd... I asked myself - man can somebody find me a girl right now? I'm in the mood for... *SHOT* XXXXXD

Anyways. I found this drawing to be one of those perfect intimate moments that I'd like to share with my gal (when I find her of course... XD). The thing about this moment is the gal seems to dominating the guy by making the first move ~ hot damn! 

So yeah I just wanted to express myself here. Sexy as I may find the above image, I want to share many intimate moments with my gal, treat her with love and respect, and the right amount of 'pleasure'... Hell make it 'plenty of it'! :giggle:

Have you been treating your partner with somethin' special or romantic last week? Share it here. And remember, it doesn't have to be complicated, sometimes the simplest of things are the real treasures in life. Now go make your partner happy tonight, show and tell how special they are! ;)
Heya! Welcome to the Darkspeeds Comics page for the Sonic Adventure 2 Fancomic!

Welcome to Darkspeeds' Sonic fan comic and manga archives, hosted on DeviantART.
Making these pages took years of hard work, motivation and support from a wonderfully blessed community. ^_~

A convenient list of projects are listed below. Please select the series you wish to observe. :) (Smile)

Also, a HUGE thanks goes to :iconhappyaggro: for volunteering in tidying up and reformatting this archive. It looks beautiful, more organised, and all links have been up to date as of today, 27th February 2014. Thanks again HappyAggro, this means alot! Hug



Sonic Adventure 2 Fan-Comic series!

  • Sonic Adventure 2 Fan-Comic
  • Completed series!
  • Started in 15th September 2001
  • Format: Japanese Manga
  • Navigation: Read from Right to Left
  • Art Style: Combination of Traditional Media and Digital, Black & White Pencil shading, Digital effects, Darkspeeds/Sonic Team style.
  • Copyrights: Sonic Adventure 2 (C) SonicTeam/SEGA, Fan-Comic (C) Darkspeeds

Pages 1-124 can be read at Shadow of a Hedgehog! You can also read the comic up to Page 183 on there!

Pages 125-182
Hedgehogs Counter Attack by darkspeedsDilemma On The Island by darkspeedsGetting Worried by darkspeedsRelief by darkspeedsThe Great Escape by darkspeedsJust In Time by darkspeedsWild Blast Wild Canyon by darkspeedsSpirits Leadeth Me by darkspeedsDeep Meditation by darkspeedsRiddleth Me Not by darkspeedsEmeraldz Playz Da Fool by darkspeedsThe Fang is Back by darkspeedsPayback Time by darkspeedsSpiritual Lost Contact by darkspeedsLuminous Dark by darkspeedsShadows Fate by darkspeedsShe has the Answer by darkspeedsRude Awakening by darkspeedsComplicated Affair by darkspeedsShadow Decides Fate by darkspeedsDr Eggmans World Entrance by darkspeedsEverybody Knows the Eggman by darkspeedsMoment of Truth by darkspeedsThe ARK Revealed by darkspeedsThe Blast of the EclipseCannon by darkspeedsSuccess by darkspeedsA Half Moon by darkspeedsThe Fight's Just Begun by darkspeedsYellow Chaos Emerald by darkspeedsTails Explains by darkspeedsSurrounded by darkspeedsSonic's Strategy by darkspeedsBurning Ranger to the Rescue by darkspeedsAmy's Rage by darkspeedsDeep Down and Unconscious by darkspeedsRevived Spirit by darkspeedsFulfilling Duties Within M.E. by darkspeedsThrough The Glass by darkspeedsMarias New Friend by darkspeedsCry Of Pain by darkspeedsThriller by darkspeedsShadows Strategy by darkspeedsUnsuspected Aid by darkspeedsShould We Trust Her by darkspeedsWhere Is The Eggman? by darkspeedsHedgehogs Have An Appetite Too by darkspeedsThe Ice-Cream Inspiration by darkspeedsA Striking Coincidence by darkspeedsOut of OUR WAY by darkspeedsThis Doesn't Look Good by darkspeedsTHIS IS BAD by darkspeedsEnemy Underestimated by darkspeedsTails' Sacrifice by darkspeedsTrue Friendship by darkspeedsIt's Knuckles by darkspeedsFriends Reunited Once More by darkspeedsTaggin' Along by darkspeedsSonic's Plan by darkspeedsAdvertise: SA2 Hero vs Dark by darkspeedsAdvertise: Play The Game by darkspeeds

~Final Chapter~ Pages 263-302

It's Not Over Yet by darkspeedsNo Regrets by darkspeedsShadow's Critical Strike by darkspeedsA Rewarding Applause by darkspeedsA New Friendship by darkspeedsTell Us It's Not True? by darkspeedsEggman's Confession by darkspeedsShadow's Long Forgotten Smile by darkspeedsA Change Of Plans by darkspeedsMy Respectful Thanks by darkspeedsMy Respectful Thanks by darkspeedsNo Turning Back by darkspeedsMy Sacrifice To Save The World by darkspeedsJust You And Me by darkspeedsGotta Stop You by darkspeedsA Sinister Laugh by darkspeedsThe Spirit of Gerald Speaks by darkspeedsAmbiguous Truths by darkspeedsGeralds Sick and Twisted Plan by darkspeedsShocking Recall by darkspeedsShadow Finally Understands by darkspeedsA Displeased Spirit by darkspeedsFor The Sake of Humanity by darkspeedsMake This Our Future by darkspeedsOur Future Is Now by darkspeedsThe Unsung Hero by darkspeedsThe Earth Is Saved by darkspeedsSonic Wakes Up To Realise by darkspeedsHis First Regret by darkspeedsEveryone Made It by darkspeedsExcept For The True Hero by darkspeedsTails And Dr. Eggman by darkspeedsKnuckles And Rouge by darkspeedsSonic And Amy by darkspeedsThank God We Made It by darkspeedsTo Another Tomorrow by darkspeedsTill We Meet Again by darkspeedsFarewell Shadow by darkspeedsNever Forgotten by darkspeeds


Pages 1-17: 'Two Hedgehogs on The Loose!'
Sonic the Hedgehog goes to City West for a holiday only to be captured by the police. He tries to escape and find out what's really going on in town. Shadow the Hedgehog is released from encapsulation by the infamous Dr. Eggman. Shadow sleeps no more and wakes up to the a new revolution that human beings, who have caused so much of his suffering in the past, will suffer the very same fate of his - pure revenge and death to all mankind.

Pages 18-24: 'Shattered Treasure'
Knuckles and Rouge, who were arguing and defending 'right of keeps' on the Master Emerald, were rudely interrupted by Dr. Eggman who also had a deal on swiping a piece of the treasure. However, all three couldn't negotiate their conflicts and the unthinkable happened when Knuckles the Echidna shattered the M.E. into a thousand pieces...

Pages 25-59: 'Shadow's Awakening'
The past of Shadow the Hedgehog becomes a memory, and when that memory sheds blood, it becomes a nightmare to be remembered forever. Even after 50 years living frozen in a capsule, his memories are still fresh of the ARK incident where he had lost his beloved friend Maria, as well as his father-figure and mentor Dr. Gerald Robotnik. When the humans attacked Shadow at the bridge, the sound of guns that murdered his best friend lit fire into his memories, which only made things much more worse. His hidden powers have awakened from that flame and his blood boils with great anger and vengeance... and he's not afraid to use them!

Shadow unleashing his Chaos powers thrilled Sonic, which only lead to his capture by the humans. Sonic was imprisoned and Shadow got the Chaos Emerald! With this situation at hand, Tails & Amy could not sit down for even a second. They planned to rescue Sonic and investigate all the commotion that caused his imprisonment. Meanwhile, Knuckles continues to locate his precious treasure and return it to solid ground.

Pages 60-72: 'Knuckles' Mission' - With the Master Emerald shattered into many pieces, Knuckles, guardian of Angel Island and the M.E., set out on a mission to retrieve what was once a whole. He found himself tracking the first pile of shards at a spooky and mountainous terrain known as Pumpkin Hill. What challenges lie ahead of our spirited and brave echidna?

Pages 73-87: 'Project Shadow'
Deep into the Robotnik Legacy is a secret so great that disclosure of its truth will only bring chaos to the whole world and the inhabitants that live there. Why was such a secret kept away for so many decades? It was because of the timing of fate, according to the theory of a brilliant mind gone mad. In the journal of all-time genius Gerald Robotnik, he mentioned a warning. During his last remaining days in prison he wrote of a terrible fate that will reign upon all humanity 'when you release him and awaken him.' Before he was executed by firing squad at Prison Island as punishment for carrying out illegal experimentation on bioscience and weapons technology forbidden under Section #34 of the Earth Federation (according to the government report), Gerald was given a chance to speak of his last words. All that he said was in the final chapter of his journal. Surprisingly, every word he said, that was also recorded by authorities during extermination of the offender, came out exactly like in the journal - word to word - as if he had memorized it.

Now is the time for Gerald's theory to become a reality as you will see how his ultimate weapon uses his intelligence, emotions and incredible power to tremble Earth and mankind. His weapon teams up with his grandson Dr. Eggman (aka Dr. Robotnik) who also managed to receive additional aid from a mysterious ally in the scheme to destroy the world.

Pages 88-130: 'Operation: Perfect Storm'
An alliance is formed from the Dark side consisting of Shadow the Hedgehog, Dr. Eggman, and Rouge the Bat. Their mission today is to retrieve the three Chaos Emeralds that are deposited deep in G.U.N.'s military headquarters. Prison Island is right near the military base, meaning that our hero of justice, Sonic the Hedgehog, is not far from having a little fun. His friends Tails and Amy are already on their way to save him but eventually they collide with the forces of the Dark side.

Soon enough, Sonic and Shadow get to meet again to settle the scores from their earlier encounter. Sonic discovers that bombs are implanted around the base that will soon destroy the entire island base so he must hurry and save his friends. Shadow, on the other hand, also has to save Rouge from her imprisonment deep in G.U.N's security bank where the emeralds were kept.

Will either of them escape from the deadly explosion?

Pages 130-138: 'Fang's Payback'
As our radically red echidna sets off into a place called the 'Wild Canyon', he seeks help from the spirits of his ancestors to retrieve the second pile of shattered emerald pieces as quickly as possible.

With his mighty strength and cunning in the dessert, where he once trained in Sandopolis for survival purposes, Knuckles was able to locate the second-to-last remaining shard of the M.E. However, just as he was reaching for a guaranteed claim on the ancient treasure, an unexpected payback was in place. Fang the Sniper is back and he's got a contract that will make sure his rival stays six feet under him.

Did Knuckles the Echidna survive his deadly trap?

Pages 139-151: 'Judgment Day'
It was the day when Shadow had shared an important question with his special friend Maria. In his flashback, he can remember how sweet she was... and how sensitive she was when Shadow was concerned about something. She always listened.

He asked her the question of why he was made, why he exists to live today, what purpose does he have in life. Maria knew from her heart that it was the most mature question he had ever asked, yet she felt that it was not the right time to tell him the truth for his existence. In a clever and indirect response, she hinted Shadow with the answer simply by cheering him up.

Shadow exists to make life a better place to be. To make people happy and see that there is hope when there is no light.

Shadow was made to be a close friend and protector of Maria but in reality, Gerald also made him to be the one who will make a distinction between life and death for humanity. He was a weapon of love. He was an intelligent being who had control of the situation between good and evil, chaos and peace.

Maria knew it would be too overwhelming for Shadow to know the truth at such a young age, so she felt confident that he will understand when she tells him everything in the futre.

Alas, the future has come. The future has changed, but for the better or for worse?

Pages 152-158: 'Escape from Town!'
After the incredible energy blast from the Eclipse Cannon, the moon was almost destroyed, as if it shed painful tears from the night sky... Sonic, Tails and Amy watched in brief silence and knew that it was Eggman's doing. Everyone on Earth was threatened with a serious worldwide crisis, everyone was panicking and they felt all hope was lost.

Sonic, on the other hand, knew there was still a chance to make things right. He never gives up on anything and when there is a problem, he'll always fix it for the better. The moment after he tapped his foot three times on the ground to get dirt off from his shoe, he was ready for action, and so were his buddies. Sonic sheds his trademark smile and speaks out loud in confidence: 'It's time we find that Eggman and kick some serious butt!'

Pages 159-161: 'Revival'
Not only were the heroes in the city feeling the great spirit of adventure in saving the world, our echidna too was feeling just as much excitement as they were when he wakes up from his unconsciousness.

He felt that he had underestimated the weasel... But with renewed strength and confidence, he grinned and clenched his fists tight. He knew he was ready to get back on his two feet and retrieve his ancestor's treasures!

Pages 162-168: 'Maria's Birthday Present'
Gerald Robotnik in his journal once wrote of this: "I was once filled with pride but then suffered guilt because my pleasure took away too much time that could be spent with my granddaughter. In an effort to make a change, I've decided to use my science to create a biological being whose characteristics bear similarities to human beings, but at an even greater yet fragile scale. His physical strength will surpass the human athlete but his mentality will not be easily tamed. He is the key to choosing what's right and wrong... It only depends on the circumstances of events that may possibly take place during his life to affect his decision. May his decision be in the light of hope and peace... I have confidence in my granddaughter to show him that with great compassion."

[Cover Pages/Presentation Pictures]

Oldschool Cover Page

The Adventure Never Ends

The Adventure Never Ends by darkspeeds


SA2 Fan-Comic Announcement by darkspeedsShadow's Rage of Despair by darkspeedsPractice Makes Perfect by darkspeedsShadow on Fire by darkspeedsDedication by darkspeedsWallpaper Delight by darkspeedsSA2 10th Anniversary by darkspeedsSonic Fan-Comic 2004 by darkspeeds

Darkspeeds: Just For Fun Series: Pieces 1 and 10

Darkspeeds: JFFS: Piece 1 by darkspeedsDarkspeeds: JFFS: Piece 10 by darkspeeds

You've reached the end! Rest easy, heroes!
Heya! Welcome to the Darkspeeds Comics page for Tails Away!

Welcome to Darkspeeds' Sonic fan comic and manga archives, hosted on DeviantART.
Making these pages took years of hard work, motivation and support from a wonderfully blessed community. ^_~

A convenient list of projects are listed below. Please select the series you wish to observe. :) (Smile)

Also, a HUGE thanks goes to :iconhappyaggro: for volunteering in tidying up and reformatting this archive. It looks beautiful, more organised, and all links have been up to date as of today, 27th February 2014. Thanks again HappyAggro, this means alot! Hug



Tails Away series!

  • Tails Away
  • On hiatus
  • Started in 5th September 2003
  • Format: Japanese Manga
  • Navigation: Read from Right to Left
  • Art Style: Traditional Media, Black & White Pencil shading, Darkspeeds/Sonic Team style.
  • Copyrights: Tails, Amy & all other Sonic-related characters (C) SonicTeam/SEGA, Manga (C) Darkspeeds

The Tails Away series's adventure continues with talented Sonic comic artist: EvanStanley! :iconevanstanley: She picks up where the original run left off. While the series is on hiatus for the foreseeable future, there's a chance you might see some more Tails Away, possibly with some familiar "ghosts". ;)


:bulletyellow:[Prologue Chapter - Story]

Forever True Skies by darkspeedsSpending a Day with Sonic by darkspeedsBeautiful Day by darkspeedsChillin' at the Beach by darkspeedsBreaking a Peaceful Rest by darkspeedsChallenge of the Century by darkspeedsStanding Up for Something by darkspeedsThe Genius Fox by darkspeedsPromises Bring Me Hope by darkspeedsBlood by darkspeedsKNUCKLE STRIKE by darkspeedsSwifts Weakness by darkspeedsFather and Son by darkspeedsKnuckles Welcome by darkspeedsBe Careful by darkspeedsTo be a Guardian by darkspeedsLong Forgotten by darkspeedsEmpty Beach by darkspeedsSurprise Party by darkspeedsSpeechless by darkspeedsDon't Be Sorry by darkspeedsSonic's Present by darkspeedsUnwanted Guest by darkspeedsSupersonic Transformation by darkspeedsFamily Photo by darkspeedsReaching a New Level by darkspeedsUltimate Permission by darkspeedsTails Away by darkspeedsTails Away Off Panel One by darkspeeds

[Prologue Chapter - Extra]

Tails Away Prologue

Tails Away Prologue by darkspeeds

:bulletyellow:[Chapter 1 - Story]

The Decision by darkspeedsMy Bid Farewell Home by darkspeedsGood Luck Tails by darkspeedsDon't Leave by darkspeedsClose Farewell by darkspeedsWeird Noise by darkspeedsSomething Unusual by darkspeedsIT'S AMY by darkspeedsHeading Back by darkspeedsWhy Im Here by darkspeedsI Love Him by darkspeedsLosing My Chances by darkspeedsAn Unexpected Storm by darkspeedsDisaster by darkspeeds

[Chapter 1 - Extras]

Darkspeeds: Just For Fun Series: Pieces 11, 12, and 19

Darkspeeds: JFFS: Piece 11 by darkspeedsDarkspeeds: JFFS: Piece 12 by darkspeedsDarkspeeds: JFFS: Piece 19 by darkspeeds

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Sky Blue by darkspeedsA Legend Explained by darkspeedsSky Saviour by darkspeedsA Timeworn Tale by darkspeedsMessage From The Crew Member by darkspeedsStepping Into Possibilities by darkspeedsAwakened By Discomfort by darkspeedsFlashback Of A Violent Moment by darkspeedsRescued by darkspeedsThe Captain Explains by darkspeedsSworn Mission by darkspeedsA Rude Shock by darkspeedsTrouble Ahead by darkspeedsBased On Instinct by darkspeedsAcknowledgement From Sirus by darkspeedsTake Thy Sword by darkspeedsTails Away Off-Panel Two by darkspeeds

:bulletyellow:[Chapter 3 - Story]

Pirates by darkspeedsDead Road by darkspeedsThe Captain Stands by darkspeedsDuke - Master of the Sword by darkspeedsAn Old Sky Dog by darkspeedsDeadly Sword Fight by darkspeedsDirty Play by darkspeedsTails Away Manga 'Pages 08-09' by darkspeedsTails Away Manga 'Pages 10-11' by darkspeedsTails Away Manga 'Pgs 12-Chp4' by darkspeeds

[Chapter 3 - Extras]

Darkspeeds: Just For Fun Series: Piece 22

Darkspeeds: JFFS: Piece 22 by darkspeeds

:bulletyellow:[Chapter 4 - Story]

Tails Away Manga 'Ch4Pgs02-03' by darkspeedsTails Away Manga 'Ch4Pgs04-05' by darkspeeds

[Chapter 4 - Extras]

Tails Away Theme and Tails Away Theme Song

Tails Away Theme by darkspeedsTails Away Theme Song by darkspeeds

:bulletyellow:[Chapter 4 - Story Continued // Evan Stanley]

Tais Away cont. 01 by EvanStanleyTais Away cont. 02 by EvanStanleyTais Away cont. 03 by EvanStanleyTais Away cont. 04 by EvanStanleyTais Away cont. 05 by EvanStanleyTais Away cont. 06 by EvanStanleyTails Away cont. 07 by EvanStanleyTais Away cont. 08 by EvanStanleyTails Away cont. 09 by EvanStanleyTais Away cont. 10 by EvanStanleyTails Away cont. 11 by EvanStanleyTails Away cont. 12 by EvanStanley

:bulletyellow:[Chapter 5 - Story Continued // Evan Stanley]

TA Issue 5 Cover by EvanStanleyTA Issue 5 Page 1 by EvanStanleyTA Issue 5 Page 2 by EvanStanley 

[Evan Stanley Extras]
Tails Away: concept drawing by EvanStanleyTails Away cover 1 by EvanStanleyTails Away: Amy by EvanStanley


Darkspeeds: Just For Fun Series: Pieces 07, 08, 09, 13, and 17

Darkspeeds: JFFS: Piece 7 by darkspeedsDarkspeeds: JFFS: Piece 8 by darkspeedsDarkspeeds: JFFS: Piece 9 by darkspeedsDarkspeeds: JFFS: Piece 13 by darkspeedsDarkspeeds: JFFS: Piece 17 by darkspeeds

Tails Away: ThinkingOfYouCard

Tails Away: ThinkingOfYouCard by darkspeeds

Tails Altogether, History Revived, and Nostalgia Sonic and Tails

Tails Altogether by darkspeedsHistory Revived by darkspeedsNostalgia Sonic and Tails by darkspeeds

Concept Art

Mature Tails Sketch by darkspeedsRoad to Master by darkspeedsGovenors Hall by darkspeedsLet It Go by darkspeedsFinal Words by darkspeedsCrowded Street by darkspeedsLand Ahoy by darkspeedsWeeping Sorrow by darkspeedsFixing The Generator by darkspeedsTails Away RPG Scene by darkspeedsThe Damned by darkspeedsTickling Tails by darkspeedsNight Song by darkspeedsBrave Warriors by darkspeeds

You've reached the end! True Skies lives on!
Seriously need I say more? I'm CREAMING MY PANTS for this even more so.

Why wouldn't any Sonic fan be pumped up for this? They planned this out masterfully, and it's time they took the risk and explored new ideas that sound practical for gamers and people who love the art of it all (whether it be the story, concept artwork, music or animated show).

Also... FOCKIN' HELL DO I WANT TO WATCH AND PLAY SONIC BOOM RIGHT NOW. XXXXD (I've screen copied the following images for reference)

Behind the Scenes 00d by darkspeeds

Damn you look sexy Sonic!! (Stay that way and don't change man!)

Behind the Scenes 00e by darkspeeds

I'm going to get all emotional again, I LOVE concept art of the Sonic series and this facial expression character sheet in particular hits home for me (a reminder that the Tails expression sheet from Sonic Jam on the SEGA SATURN was the thing that got me into drawing for the first time!)

Behind the Scenes 00a by darkspeeds

The guy in charge of the video game. Bad-ass!

Behind the Scenes 00b by darkspeeds

The guy in charge of the TV series. Kick-ass!

Behind the Scenes 00c by darkspeeds

And this guy... Hey! I had lunch with him a few weeks ago when I caught up with Aaron Webber from SEGA! Top bloke along with the rest of the crew working closely in Brand/Marketing/PR department. Btw, SEGA of America is only a 20 minute bus ride from where I live! lol XD

Behind the Scenes 01 by darkspeeds


Behind the Scenes 02 by darkspeeds

... SHIT! I mean LOOK at them!! I want to jump right in there RIGHT NOW!!! GARRGH!

Behind the Scenes 03 by darkspeeds


Behind the Scenes 06 by darkspeeds

Hey no wait, now I want to play as TAILS AND KNUCKLES!!!

Behind the Scenes 07 by darkspeeds

No no no! SONIC AND KNUCKLES!!! ARRRGGH MY HEAD'S GONNA BLOW!!! (For some weird reason this reminds me of World of Illusion - that forest level during the day time... Seriously click here to see that image below the description, it's almost the same! I remember playing the game with my brother when we were kids! XXD)

Behind the Scenes 04 by darkspeeds

This just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER!!! (And you realise that Knuckles is wearing a unique attire here?)

Behind the Scenes 05 by darkspeeds

Can I say 'oh my god' again...? (There's just SO MUCH storytelling based on these standalone images/concept artwork!! I love it! Just look at the details. LOOK! X3)

Behind the Scenes 09 by darkspeeds

Okay just give me the game now... Please!

Behind the Scenes 10 by darkspeeds

Like pretty please...?

Behind the Scenes 11 by darkspeeds

Ah well at least we get a sneak peak! :D

Behind the Scenes 08 by darkspeeds

Dr. Eggman, as intimidating as ever!

Behind the Scenes 13b by darkspeeds

Behind the Scenes 14b by darkspeeds

And finally we get to see the voice acting crew for SONIC BOOM having an awesome time doing live recordings together in the same booth. Super!

Share your thoughts everyone! I've always looked forward to changes to the Sonic series and this is one to look out for, I'll take the front seat please! 8-)

:star: Sonic Boom Trailer Analysis (Must watch!)

Seriously for those out of the loop you're missing out on some seriously insightful stuff just based off this one trailer.

God daaaymmn, those environments! I'm dying to explore the world after seeing those free roam tests on the Sonic Boom universe via Cry Engine trailer. I'm really DIGGING the info by the folks at GameXplain (they do a remarkable analysis of other game titles too)!

22c73a0b-a382-4bba-88f5-12d873102760-620x372 by darkspeeds

73eac585-8e70-4274-b3a6-f7437d27773b-620x372 by darkspeeds

Also if you don't know what the format of the SONIC BOOM tv series is going to be like check it out here! Mr. Baily's awesome to listen to, I like his focus, professionalism and enthusiasm for the project.

And finally if you guys and gals missed out on the news on the Sonic Boom toyline, The Sonic Stadium's covered it!

Sonic Boom: First look at the Toy Line! 

Sonic Boom: Even More Sonic Toys Revealed

Sonic Boom Toys! by darkspeeds

:star: Sonic, Antoinne and Uncle Chuck (StH#254 Extras)

I'm currently more than half way through with this audio book of Sonic the Hedgehog #254!

Just posting my vocal extras for Sonic, Antoinne D' Coolette, and Uncle Chuck. Fifty rings to the first person who finds out what Shadow shouts out in between recordings (he makes a cameo). :D

And OMG, SilverRattler has just reminded me of a very old voice acting video I did back in 2009! I had too much time in my hands back then and I'm still chuffed at how pretty darn close I was to Sonic, Tails, the Old Man & Dr. Robotnik's voice to the OVA at the very end of the clip! XXD

:star: Crimson Flag Comic Fandub - Part 3

My friend Nate posted this only a few hours ago. I DEMAND you watch it! He's done it again with another top quality 'comic drama' interpretation of the Crimson Flag webcomic series.

I play as the powerful and crafty antagonist: Lord Julian Urocyon - who is the father of the main protagonist in the story, Lord Lucian Urocyon who is a Level 3 Mage and a Gray fox (the story is the intimate war between the two races - Reds and Grays). The person who played as Lucian was also the director of this comic drama, so he is responsible for the entire audio production and casting!

Julian by darkspeeds 

Anyways he's my feedback to his comic drama:

Elson 'Darkspeeds' Wong says:

Yes, YES!!!

I can FEEL the MOMENTUM in this!!!

It's been a long wait but hell who cares, as long as it came out excellent. 

Thanks Nate, once again for showcasing another remarkable example of a comic drama set at high standards.

The pacing was right, the music and SFX's were well implemented but I think the biggest strength of it all was in the performances of everyone as a whole (I can really feel the emotions from everyone in the more intense scenes). I'm kinda regretting a little how I enhanced the audio on my part by boosting the compressor and bassboost levels - which kinda gave an undesired effect at the end of certain syllables/words/dialogue pronounced as Lord Julian. I was like, damnit! I sound terrible! XXXD

Nevertheless I want to quickly give my feedback on the other characters:

i) Subsonicfire - WOW! Damn man, damn. Ferocious, intense and full of intent to save the queen, I could feel it in your performance. It also made me think - 'Bastard! How dare you attack Nate with that sword, he's one of the good guys! XXXD'. But yeah great job dude, especially that cutthroat attitude all the way through for this particular scene.

Bryce by darkspeeds

ii) InweTellemnar - *whistles* Wow, again another fantastic performer on this scene. This is where we first hear Sierra from the comic and you did justice as her. Determined, sweet and insecure at times, I felt it throughout your performance. I enjoyed your interactions with your teacher, Lucian. Great job!

Sierra by darkspeeds

iii) TheTigerwolf55 - I LOVE characters like you who provide that contrast especially in such an intense situation (comic relief for the win). That accent, I love it!! So gay (as in happy gay), and foreign, it totally fits for that merchant persona (especially when there's a whole lot more to him as we find out later). Loved it (I said that three times now!!)

Voltar by darkspeeds

iv) Copperwhitelatte - You ARE the queen in that story. You sound and act the way she would, I can also feel it in her inflections. She's brave, strong-willed and intelligent. Even when she's faced with such terrible danger she stays head strong and not lose her cool. Fantastic job Copper!

Avelina by darkspeeds

v) THEONLYnatedagreat & FinInfiniteAudtions - even though you guys did minor roles you played an important part to it all. Great job on the performances!

And last but not least...!

vi) Nate - I have the highest respect for those who could not only do one kick-ass job as a voice actor (I already told you how I love your 'Nickel' in NORDGUARD) but also be able to produce a full episode, let alone a whole set, of a comic drama. It takes ALOT of work, patience and drive to get it to this level. You are no exception mate and I consider you equal, if not better, to my standards in making comic dramas (and voice acting).

Lucian by darkspeeds

Your take on Lucian feels right, I can feel how you can portray his personality right down to the finest details and I really enjoyed that the most. And to know that it was also the person who directed this comic drama makes it a bonus because I can watch it at the level of another fellow VA and CD director. I give you my nod of thanks and approval! 

Will we see more in the near future? Who knows mate. But whatever CD project/voice acting role you may have be sure to know that I'll be sure to look forward to reviewing it! *thumbs up*

And also... Just a reminder, don't forget to watch out for these two! They're just as awesome in their own right! ;)

The MajinV's (aka Andrew) SONIC UNIVERSE #50 comic drama

Donniegil12's (aka Tasha) MEGAMAN #22 comic drama