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:star: Over 270 Layers! Video + Bloopers 60% complete! :star: 

I'm getting there! Woot!

I'm having a ton of fun after deciding to throw in a Bloopers bit at the end of the video - it'll show me stuffing up some of my favourite lines and also questioning how to do some of them!

Here's how it looks when you've individually cut out each layer from the Dreamkeepers graphic novel in preparation for the animation work in the video production.

Over 270 Layers! 01 by darkspeeds

Over 270 Layers! 02 by darkspeeds

Over 270 Layers! 03 by darkspeeds

I should have the video ready by sometime on the Friday! Catch you guys then! ;)

:star: YES! 25% of the way with Dreamkeepers Comic Drama! :star: 

Omgosh, omgosh! I'm getting there! ^___^ 

I'm using some new techniques to make the visual transitions flow a little more life-like as we look into the drama. It's amazing how a little bit more effort and creative thinking can create an impact on the visual entertainment value.

I got inspired after watching this soon-to-come Sonic Universe comic drama 'Chaotix Quest' by the wonderful StarPost Productions team

Kieran who was responsible for the moving visuals (including the awesome moving text) really adds an extra dimension to the standard comic dramas I've seen from the Sonic community. The moving text technique will not be as elaborate as theirs in the Dreamkeepers final cuz it takes 4 times the effort than what I'm already putting in - also you need Adobe Effects to create the effect, I'll have to find extra time to re-create the visuals as effectively as Kieran did.

Also regarding Sonic comic dramas the brilliant Tasha (aka Donniegirl12) had just released this the 'House of Cards', comic drama to Sonic the Hedgehog #178. Please go check it out, alot of work was put into this fan-production and I'm very pleased to say that it's been very entertaining to say the least. This comic drama is an example of quality work - my biggest approval was the music selection used to accentuate the drama, perfect in my opinion.

Anyways time to get back to the video editing process! 


DKChapter01 1m6 by darkspeeds

Oh and one last piece of awesome news, I know many of you have been waiting a long time for this (and have gotten the message), but to those who haven't - GHOSTS OF THE FUTURE IS BACK!

GOTF issue 12 Cover by EvanStanley

Issue twelve is out now. :iconevanstanley: will be posting one page every week for the next six months. Go there if you haven't already! 

:star: Bumped Into Boobies :star:

Ha ha! This scene was a lot of fun to do.

I'm almost done with the next Dreamkeepers comic drama. Four more pages of audio production and then I'm into the video editing stage. Expect this to come out by Friday at latest!

Bumped into Boobies by darkspeeds

:star: How does it sound to get VERY HORNY?? XXD :star:

Oh gawd...  This is gonna be fun... REALLY FUN...... Ha ha.... Haaah...!

I get to record a VERY HORNY Slob. In fact I get to rape Grunn!! XXXXXXD *starts recording*

A very HORNY Slob by darkspeeds


Also I just finished recording as the child abuser - Grunn! He's nasty to the kids at the orphanage.

Grunn - Child Abuser by darkspeeds

And... The sleazeball Randy...! Everybody loves Randy!! (That annoying, despicable jerk...!)

Sleezeball Randy by darkspeeds

Star! Mace's Clever Prank Star! 

:bulletred: :bulletred: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN :bulletred: :bulletred:

Ah! It's 4:30am in the morning! XXD I'm having too much fun. Anyways!

Here's a sneak preview to 3 pages out of the 28 that is present in the first full chapter of the hit self-published graphic novel series: Dreamkeepers by David and Liz. This comic drama project has been on hold for two years but I finally found it again and am ready to finish it this month.

Hope you like it guys and gals! I certainly had fun doing the voice acting and compiling the audio and bgm together! Huge props to Samantha who voiced as Paige - she, in my opinion - sounds perfect as Paige. More to be revealed in future! ;)

Here are the three pages that the preview is based off on. Follow the audio drama from there! 

V1page0016 by darkspeeds
V1page0017 by darkspeeds
V1page0018 by darkspeeds

V1page0019 by darkspeeds

Alright, time for bed! :D

Star! Dreamkeepers Project Revived! Star! 

Just when I thought I was going to take a break from comic dramas... I recently did a bit of diggin' around the archive of incomplete comic dramas and I found this particular one that focus on the opening to the Dreamkeepers series by Dave and Liz, go check it out if you haven't already :icondreamkeepers:.

Anyways before I reprise my role as Mace, Whip, Randy, and Grunn here are some photos to share.

Untitled by darkspeeds Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds Untitled by darkspeeds Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds

I want to give a BIG shout-out to Samantha (aka Lady Tenkage) :iconheir-of-tenkage: who contributed to the female voices for this project two years ago (has it been that fast already? Two years already? Goodness me time flies...). She did an AMAZING job as Paige (the best I've heard), and surprisingly she was able to switch to the highly intelligent, seducing, and scheming' villian Tinsel - blimey! She's naturally talented. 

Also I think I'm going to need your help :iconashie-kins: to play the role of Lilith. I remember I asked you to do her part in the past but now with your upgrades in tech. equipment and improving vocal performance there ain't a better time to give it another shot! = )

Anyways let's get recording!

Star! 52 Sonic Boom Strips Star! 

Why 52? Cuz there's roughly 52 weeks in a year that's why! Let's see if I'm able to achieve this goal within the next couple of years, I've already done 2, let's work on the next one! Next one's going to feature Sticks but what's going to be the message? Check out the minute thumbnail I did below - nothing fancy but I know who's involved and how the story will play out.

I'll give Stick's boomerang to the first person who could decode my awfully rushed handwriting!
Sticks: "HEY!"

SB-OP 03 - (preview)b 21-08-2014 by darkspeeds

Also on my previous two pages you can check out how they looked like in thumbnail form too - both done in a couple of minutes or so.

SB-OP 03 - (preview)a 21-08-2014 by darkspeeds

Man's Best Friend by darkspeeds                          Distraction by darkspeeds

After this I've got one more idea in mind, it'll involve two more secondary characters not yet featured in my stories of the Sonic Boom franchise. We shall find out who those are soon!

Star! STAR PICK THIS FRIDAY (Z-Doodler) Week 3, August 2014 Star! 

+FEM S0NIC B00M!+ by Z-Doodler +MS - Poke+ by Z-Doodler

Yow-za! Check out this high impact graphical style by :iconz-doodler:. What captivated me immediately was a combination of unique application and weight variation in her strokes (something I would call dynamic brush strokes), stocky-toon proportions and high contrast rendering - something that you may see in a lot of pop-comics/graphic novels such as Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim.

Because of this, I couldn't help but try to study her method and eventually I achieved this result: New Power Generation by darkspeeds 

It's great to learn new techniques and I'm starting to embrace my own unique style with more practice. Wish me luck!

Oh and also...


"NOOOOOO!!! *falls down into his knees* How could I *sniff* be beaten by... By..!! A CLONE!!! ARRRGGHH!" Shadow: "There there Sonic..." *pats him on the shoulder* It's okay. It's okay. *hugs him*

...... *Both hedgies look at each other... and.... Starring at one another for a brief moment... Eye's droopy... The suddenly...! PKOL!!!!*

*Silver then joins in* Silver: "YAOI THREESOME TIME!!! WOOT!!"

Darkspeeds sitting on a couch with a storybook in hand by the fireplace says, "And that my friends is how babies and rainbows are created. The end."

Wow, thanks to everyone who shared their input on my previous journal.  

[Writing Stories, it's FRUSTRATING.]

Really, I may have read up on a ton of advice in the past but what's the use if I don't put it to practice?  

In addition to that, I believe that you can learn a lot more from shared experiences, hence the reason for my previous post. At face value I am frustrated
and impatient - thinking that all the research and beating around the bush makes me go back to square one. It really makes me feel like I've wasted valuable free time.

But behind the mask I needed help and reassurance that all the effort I had put into crafting a story so far for 'Ashworth' was not a waste a time and because of your insight into your own experiences of creative writing and your own personal encouragement towards me it really helps.

I think what I will do is find something that can relate to me as fuel to creating the next story. If that doesn't work I want to write the stories that I'm interested in telling to the audience and, as some of you have noticed, my approach is more 'character driven' followed by context. 

The other thing that I must point out is that I know where my strength truly lies as an artist when it comes to sequential art - and that strength is being able to articulate the stories I'm interesting in telling based on already existing worlds or story works.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a prominent example. I don't have to worry about coming up with the world, characters and premise, I will instead focus all my energy on how to make the elements work together to create something refreshing for the fans, and I think it works best in both ways - sticking closely to the canon universe or deviating from it.

Why did SA2 Fan Comic work out? Why did Tails Away still continue to be complimented from fans of old and new from time to time? It's because I know I've create something interesting for fans that is timeless, it's by no means a blockbuster, but it's story that's fun, entertaining and can connect at an emotional level (my fans tell me this).

Why doesn't Grand Hunter get mentioned as often as my fan-comics? It's because it's a got a terribly weak story, confusing armature, and no conclusion to the story.

Having said that I have no regrets on working on Grand Hunter because it's been an experience that I can use to improve on for the next story.

In order to advance one must know their own strength and acknowledge their faults, and to really accept it.

This is why I feel that in the next five to twn years - the key to getting the best out of my story for this 'Ashworth' character is to practice more sequential art through collaboration, in other words using people's scripts that I'm interested in working on and utilise all that I've learnt so far from the Academy of Art university to bring the script to life and to the best of my ability. I'm not a good story maker but I believe that I have what it takes to illustrate that story in a compelling fashion.

So to kick start it I'm going to attempt two projects:

i) Silver the Hedgehog story exclusive to Sonic the Comic Online (written by Seumidh MacDonald) - 10 pages, to be released in August 2015.

ii) The Wayward Astronomer: Chapter 9 by :iconkafelnikov:  The Wayward Astronomer: Chapter 9
[Chapter 9]
Before setting off into the night, Hal took a few minutes to change into some fresh clothes that had fewer bullet holes in them. Though he was feeling quite weary after a difficult day, just the simple act of wearing something clean and fresh gave him a second wind of energy. He opted for an older but comfortable leather jacket that blended well with the background of the nighttime city streets, and made sure to clip a small knife to his belt that was covered by his clothing but easy to reach at a moment's notice. His large raptor feet and claws made it impossible to wear traditional shoes or boots, but he wrapped his lower legs with some heavy-duty cloth to protect his scales from the grime and debris of the city streets. His tail continued to look out the window attentively as he prepared himself.
He stood from the edge of his bed and retrieved his cane, steeling himself for the walk ahead of him with a few deep breaths. Jonny ran an illegal gambling racket from the back
 (ongoing project)

On top of that I'll be working on the Sonic Boom: Unwrapped comic series for practice and recreation.

I'll tell you now that I'm really lucky - the beautiful part about my life, from a recreation standpoint, is that I have the luxury of connecting with fans, even today, through the power of my artwork, community initiatives, and shared life experiences. This is how I made some of the coolest friends on the planet and some of them remaining my closest.

Anyways enough dabbling on I also want to make an effort to contribute towards :iconyuski:'s awesome XDRAGOON series by doing alternate covers for each issue. I'm working on Chapter 28 as we speak:

XDragoonAlpPhaGalaxyArc Alternate cover00 sketch(D by darkspeeds    XDragoonAlpPhaGalaxyArc Alternate cover01 sketch(D by darkspeeds

 XDragoonAlpPhaGalaxyArc Alternate cover03b sketch  by darkspeeds

Chapter 28 will be available this coming Friday and from what I've seen of his latest work it's improved a lot in terms of his sequential art, line art quality and rendering. Do check it out! This is his official cover for Chapter 28 where the Dragões and the Morphs fly back to their home planet and are expected to face new adventures and mysteries!

tumblr n9nl407Tic1s96mrqo1 1280 by darkspeeds

Oh and one last thing to mention.

On top of the Ashworth story (which I aim for it to be a bit more grim in tone), I want to create a story for the other character I really like which is Captain Jack Blue - his stories will be more adventure spirited, sci-fi mercenaries/soldiers of fortune ala Firefly/Guardians of the Galaxy vibe. Here's an exclusive drawing of him done by a friend of mine who drew it during Comic Con in 2011 - god damn doesn't he look awesome (and sexy XXD).

Captain Jack Blue by Riley 2011 - Copy by darkspeeds

So yeah I'm writing this down for the record. Let's hope I stick to the plan and achieve some comic makin' goals in the next 5-10 years of my life! 8-)
I can't believe that spent the whole night researching on themes, settings and ideas and came up with nothing concrete.

It's frustrating when that happens and I'm sure many of you who are writing stories will find yourself in the this situation from time to time.

I think I'm just overthinking about the story I want to write for Ashworth, hence it can lead me to endless possibilities and not sticking with just one idea.

Here's an example: Just who is Ashworth and what is his goal?


i) He's a king of the Wombat Clan, he's done gruesome things to the innocent bringing tyranny to towns and villages around the nation. However one day he was betrayed by his own clan and was disposed of, presumed dead. He survives a presumed death, comes back with a refreshed perspective on life - perhaps looking for redemption for the bad things he's done. With a change of heart will he go back to his clan in a double act of revenge and put an end to their terrorism or will he attempt a more civil approach by forgiving them for their acts and convince them to stop their terrorism?

ii) He's a victim of circumstance where he was a war general who fought for his clan but was presumed to have died in the battlefield. He wakes up from a coma, only to find out that he was saved by the true victims of civil war - the innocent farmers, villagers and businessmen who are stuck in between the chaos. His experience with recovery from the village enlightened his views on war, maybe there is another solution other than killing each other for a new government/monarchy? This is where Ashworth sets out to find the answers to the civil conflict.

iii) He's a soldier of fortune hired by the Wombat clan, he is selfish and ruthless and doesn't give a crap for humanity, what he cares more is money and using that money for himself to get by life. It's pretty much an 'Every man for himself' scenario for Ashworth. However one day he was mortally wounded on his biggest mission yet. He wakes up only to find himself alive and being looked after by people who live in the mountains - they are safe from the civil war that's dominating the entire nation at the very moment. However as soon as Ashworth recovers the village suddenly gets attacked. Will he run away and save himself, or will he have a change of heart and return the favour?

Not bad for a start up but I still remember last night that I kept on insisting that story needs to be better - it needs more meat.

My problem is that I'm not easily satisfied with what I write sometimes, once again going back to the 'keeping it simple' concept I tend to add too many ingredients to the broth, spoiling the soup.

Perhaps I just need to sit down and take things one step at a time, and not overlook those ideas.


Actually now that I think about it, that's not my core problem.

It's the fact that when I stick with an idea I'll go through an arduous trial of:

i) Asking plenty of questions about the story, characters and the setting (design process).
ii) Whether the world I'm establishing makes sense to the readers.

And not being satisfied with the combination of elements into making sense out of the story while making it interesting enough for me to write and continue it.

It's really tough when you're in that phase, what's the point if you're not heavily invested into a project that you'll be working for hours to end?

Care to share me some of your experiences and advice writing stories? How do you approach it and what motivates you to stay in the game?

Ashworth concepts1b by darkspeeds

:star: Shadow and Metal Sonic revealed! :star:

14911371725 378aca00c3 O by darkspeeds

Check out the new Sonic Boom trailer guys and gals!

Love it when Tails says to Sonic: "Someone really needs a hug" - that cracked me up and whipped me a smile. :D

Also take note of 0:38, what do you see on those gates? Sonic and Tails engraving? Kind of reminds us of the ancient murals in Sonic 3 and Knuckles and Sonic Adventure. It could reveal more of Sonic Boom's mysterious history - makes you wonder doesn't it?

Anyways here are more never before seen images of official Sonic Boom concept artwork and in-game shots! Sweet!

14724698560 Edd22f7346 O by darkspeeds
14724755559 1057f08e64 O by darkspeeds
14911398175 82cf199b9b O by darkspeeds
14724722639 8f9b8454d6 O by darkspeeds

Last but not least - OMG! CLIFF! I love the guy!! XX3 (His voice I'll have to get used to - since I expected a more senior Texan/Wyoming accent!)
I want to get advice from the guy right now! It feels like I'm playing the game already! X3

Cliff 1 by darkspeeds
Cliff 2 by darkspeeds

That's it for today folks! Sonic Boom keeps getting more exciting by the month. 8-)

:star: Boy Boom Hedgehogs (COLOR ME FOR PRACTICE!) :star:

You know you want to!

Give yourself a couple of hours or so to do some speed painting (digitally or traditionally) with this exclusive line-art version of the Sonic Boom illustration. It's extra thick for the beginners but the advanced artists will know how to make the lineart thinner with a few simple filter adjustments!

Have fun and send me a link and I'll featured your coloured drawing on my next journal entry!

DOWNLOAD via Darkspeeds'

Boy Boom Hedgehogs 13-08-2014 by darkspeeds

Don't forget to add in your signature at the end of the drawing! Have fun and keep improving your technique!

:star: Art Tradin' with Myly14! (Boy Boom Hedgehogs) :star:

I'm in the Sonic Boom mood atm. I'm taking a break from Sherlock and do something quick, easy and fun.

So I messaged :iconmyly14: for an art trade and here's where I am at the moment:

Boy Boom Hedgehogs (DA) 13-08-2014 by darkspeeds

I'm getting more confident and faster drawing the Sonic Boom characters. Though it is not yet determined whether Shadow or Silver will in the Sonic Boom Unwrapped comic series. 

I'm starting to take a liking to adding a little bit more chubbiness to parts of the anatomy of the Sonic Boom character designs - the extra volume makes it 'toony'.

Anyways that's how Silver really looks in the future, it was drawn by a Darkspeeds who tapped into his 5 year old self and a pen.

:star: Sherlock, You're Next! :star:

I've always wanted to draw Sherlock and Moriaty together (both great actors too aka aka Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott). I'm aiming for the scene right after their 'casual' conversation, over a cup of tea about 'the big plan'...

Here's the thumbnail I'll be working on.

Moriarty and the Final Plan 01 (thumbnail) 13-08-2 by darkspeeds

If you know the series, which one is your favourite episode? 

And please, no spoilers! I have yet to watch Season 3! :D

:star: My New Glasses! :star:

My eyesight is actually fine - blessed with a fresh set of eyes. However I do know that if I work too long on screen, starring at the same spot anywhere between 2-8 hours I get eye strain and it'll mean it's game over for the day if I'm working on an illustration.

I decided to get a pair of glasses exclusively for my digital illustration sessions, here are some photos to share. 

P1160227b by darkspeeds
P1160228b by darkspeeds
P1160203b by darkspeeds Untitled by darkspeeds

I look book-smart don't I? *SHOT*

Star! REAL HANDY: Two Screens, Mirror, Anatomy Know-how Star! 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy everyone. For those who are about to watch it - you're in for a treat, regardless.

Now, to share with you some tips.

  • Two extra Screens - Super handy when you can display reference photos from your personal archives for your projects. As you can see here I'm focusing solely on Star-Lord (aka Peter Quill) for the moment, he is after all the focal point. It's totally okay to use a lot of references for your finished illustration - the more visual info you have to make a convincing illustration the better. Thanks to :iconchemb0t: for inspiring me to get those extra screens where otherwise I would have never have done so on my own. Also :iconyuski: here is another example of how I do my stuff using the two screens to it's full advantage.

  • Big-ass Mirror - Be sure to have one right by your side. If you already have a flippable make-up mirror then you're already half way there. The bigger the better - why? You can capture more essential information on poses only unique to you! I couldn't find something that matched what I wanted for Star-Lord's 'okay-chill-I'm-not-going-to-hurt-you-so-here's-your-prize-take-it-be-my-guest' expression (both facial and full body). See the photo below for my take on his body expression, ignore my expressionless face though I've already found some photos that I could use on my hard-drive.

  • Anatomy Know-how - Oh god, this is SO IMPORTANT. Take the following example. It is crucial to get Peter's face right (one of the main focal points, remember?) As you can see in the initial two shots his head was waaaaaay too big in comparison to his entire body. If I didn't take my studies at the Academy of Art (bless my instructors, thanks to Carla, Valarie and Thomas) I would have been stuck in the mud for years trying to figure out why Peter doesn't look... Quite... Right? So keep in mind of the PROPORTIONS, as you can see on the photo I shrunk his head to match his body size. I also kept in mind the rule of thirds on his face (chin to nose to eyebrow to top of the head). 

Darkspeeds's Studio (Three Screens) by darkspeeds

I'm the Star-Lord Man!01 11-08-2014 by darkspeeds

I'm the Star-Lord Man!01b 11-08-2014 by darkspeeds

I'm the Star-Lord Man!01c 11-08-2014 by darkspeeds

So there you have it hope these tips help!

Oh and kudos to those who are looking forward to my new projects! I especially want to get my butt on working on a new story for Ashworth, one that is self-contained, short and sweet. First though I'm going to practice with painting backgrounds digitally.
I have :iconjonasdero: to thank because not only are his works incredible but his 'Sci-Fi Environment Design Techniques' initiative really gave me that boost of encourage to just give it a go.  

Seriously if you're really into your illustration work and want to improve on your backgrounds - AND - you use your Photoshop + Tablet alot I HIGHLY recommend you sacrifice two cups of Starbucks coffee or four cans of your favourite soda to install Janos' Custom Brush panel for Photoshop and a 2h11min video of Jonas explaining a bunch of techniques he uses for Sci-Fi speed-matte painting. Unbelievable value. 

I mean look at the photo again, I'm already practicing what Jonas has taught us on the video. And you can already see the newly installed brush panel on my Photoshop and let me tell you - I used only ONE particular brush of his to sketch this GOTG fanart - it's much more different from the usual soft/hard brush that I use because Jonas has taken the time and care to create a brush so versatile and unique that I'm starting to fall in love with it. Also that thumbnail placed on top as a visual and value study, that's his idea too and it'll help me along the way when I paint this later on.

So yeah, please do check out his work and do consider a small investment into his tools and techniques (I mean 6 bucks ($US)? Come on, that's ridiculous value!!)

Go get it. NOW. 

And watch Guardians of the Galaxy. NOW.

Star! Guardians of the Galaxy... WATCH IT. NOW. Star! 

I'm the Star-Lord Man! thumbnail by darkspeeds

Marvel Studios is really dishing out amazing films these past years. Just when I thought they couldn't top Captain America: The Winter Soldier (yes I prefer this over Avengers actually, just by a few points off!), they came up with GOTG. God damn, if you haven't seen it yet, you're truly missing out.

Go do yourself a favour and watch it this weekend, treat yourself.

Star! Happy 14th Birthday deviantART! Star! 

Recently there's been an influx of messages and mentions on my inbox thanking me for being an inspiration and for being someone to look up. These people in particular have written about others and included me in their list of influence on art and life (via 'My deviantART Story' initiative) - and I thank them.

:iconchaotixfangirl11: :iconblazeshadow: :iconashe-the-hedgehog: :iconchibiirose: :iconpoulterghiest: :iconfastmon: :iconsmilesfps: :iconsupersonic210: :iconeliselowing:

Furthermore thanks to everyone who have continued to support and appreciate the work I put out for the community. It brings me a lot of joy to put out artwork on deviantART, as well as other activities related to my interests (like voice acting, Skype catch up with international friends etc.)

I want to give a big shout out and thank you to 
:iconspyed: and his awesome team who continue to make deviantART the art community, application and initiative it is now. It just keeps getting better as new ideas, technology, and talent arise each new year. Thanks guys, keep being awesome.

Last but not least thank you guys once again for the support and feedback, as well as the AMAZING artwork that you produce. I'm going to make an effort to showcase people's stuff every once a week to give them the exposure they deserve. Keep on inspiring everyone!

Oh and last but not least, many of you people know of my story but it's time I revealed some top secret drawings that have been stashed and hidden in my cupboard for more than a decade! I hope that by showing these two drawings it will show you that you can go a long way with your illustration technique - you just gotta be patient and have this attitude to never stop learning and never stop lovin' what you do (in my case, I still love drawing stuff, but for a hobby and not a profession)!

I was 16 when I drew these! Right about the time when I was working on the SA2 Fan-comic! That's 13 years ago!!


Sonic and Tails - 'Did you need help buddy?'

Elson's Sonic drawing 01 (DA) APR 2001 by darkspeeds

Shadow the Hedgehog: 'SEGA's New Rival Hedgehog!'
Elson's Sonic drawing 02 (DA) APR 2001 by darkspeeds

Star! Darkspeeds' Plans Star! 

While I'm looking for a full time job I'll be keeping myself busy with the following projects:

  • Sonic Boom: Unwrapped comic strips
  • Ashworth: Tales of the Wombat King (Children of the Winter)

  • Commission work (pending)

I hope to make an effort to do some illustrations involving figure/humans for a change. I'm really tempted to do some Marvel stuff based off the movies - they've been really doing a kick-ass job with the films.

Star! STAR PICK THIS FRIDAY (Sariels-Hope) Week 2, August 2014 Star! 

Sonic Boom : It Slipped by Sariels-Hope BOOM Sidekicks by Sariels-Hope

I'm really diggin' :iconsariels-hope:'s Sonic Boom comic strips as of late. What I admire about her Sonic art is being able to strike a nice balance between toon and anatomically structures figures of the Sonic characters (can't help but say that they look sexy!) She makes sure that every pose is anatomically accurate which makes it feel realistic with every action performed from the cast (e.g. the way that sonic's laying himself on his back on the office chair, or how Amy's swinging that hammer). There may be some instances where it may not look anatomically correct but that's the beauty of it because it gives it that loose style that you can get away with in cartoons - the dynamic element gives it a more animated feel). The other thing I want to point out is her attention to backgrounds - there's enough detail there to make out each setting and the way it's drawn complements the style used on her figure drawings. Great job!

Last but not least I'm digging the story she's illustrating with the Sonic Boom cast and more important their interactions with one another which leads to character development. Keep it up Cooper!

Oh and more SonicxAmy please!! :D 

WiP Distracted by darkspeeds

:star: Oh Knuckles...

SB-OP 02 - Distraction(preview) 03-08-2014 by darkspeeds

Still drawing like a kid I am.

:star: STAR PICK THIS FRIDAY (Myly14) Week 1, August 2014 :star: 

No tengo idea by Myly14

I'm going to try and make it a habit of picking out my favourite Sonic fan art of the week to give artists some extra exposure in the community. There may be more than one pick per week but I'll try not to go nuts with it! lol For my usual favourites of non-Sonic art, go check out my Favourites folder.
This week I'd like to pass on the exposure to :iconmyly14: for her drawing of Sonic and Shadow (zombie inspired atmosphere). Can you see who else is in the picture? 
It's nice to be back home in Australia.

I'm blessed to have an amazing family to come back to and it's been a really wonderful week just being able to drive to and stroll through my favourite shopping centres, suburbs, parks, food places and city at my leisure. I made some new discoveries along the way - seems like Indian and Mexican cuisine are the new flavours in town, and flavoured frozen yogurt and fancy bubble tea is becoming a hit with the youngsters. Also Perth's Art Gallery (and I feel ashamed for not visiting the place till now) at the heart of the city is amazing.

After sorting out a new mobile phone, internet and other errands I'm happy to say that I'm back in and settled well and true.

The only thing that is missing is having a job. 

So here's the thing, I'm going to be taking a break, and when I say break I won't be around on deviantART posting stuff as often as I did in the past for quite a while. I'll be sure to visit people's work and make a comment or two but I'm going to reserve posting anything till I get me a full-time job (my no.1 priority atm).

I aim to get a job within the next couple of months, and I'm probably being too overconfident saying that, but hey one must persist and hope for the best!

So yeah till then everyone, keep up the excellent stuff and keep on inspiring others!

Kind regards,

Elson 'Darkspeeds' Wong

P.S. To my close friends, I shall be keeping in touch as per usual!

P.P.S. To my commissioners I shall be in touch.

P.P.P.S. Sonic Boom - OMG. I'm freakin' excited about it all. I'm keeping a real close eye on it. Cliff is my favourite, I've really grown on him as well as all the other secondary cast that were recently revealed by SEGA.

Cliff by darkspeeds
If you have a Facebook account you can view our amazing journey here!

Sonic and Tails having fun in the snow... Or is there more meaning to it...? Credit to Evan for the sketch trade during the trip!

EVAN's Sonic and Tails by darkspeeds

Oh and yes, I'm back home. Still in California at the Cuenco's but I will be dropped of at the San Francisco airport on Tuesday where I'll be flying back home to Australia by Thursday.

I won't have access to the net for quite a while but I'll be sure to make a come back when I'm settled in.

It's been an amazing year in San Francisco but it's time to move out...!!

My god it's frickin' warzone in here!! lol And I managed to sell two appliances - woot! Better than nothing. That money will be used for dinner tonight with Jason.

Untitled by darkspeeds Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds

Those photos of my close friends (and my immediate family that are behind the pile) were on my fridge the entire time...! I'll have to get Devin's in when I find my next apartment to stay - I'll try to get a nice shot in us in our Oregon trip!

:star: Tails Singing in the Snow...!

All I can say is, right at this moment while I'm editing my new song from the Sonic Lost World musical series...

"OMGOSH! TASHA! You're FRICKIN' AMAZING AS TAILS! You talk AND sing as him so well!!"

20131211223152!Tails in Sonic Lost World by darkspeeds

Hope to post this song out before I head for the Oregon trip with my friends. 
:star: Double Down and Get Lucky!! ("Come on Mr. Sonic!")

Yeah that part's definitely my favourite bit... "Come on Mr. Sonic!" ~ I just had to throw that one in there. X3

Alright back to work on getting my resume, cover letters and job applications done! 

:star: I need a break from updating my CV...

So what do I do? Record a new song for:


I was in the mood to sing and I remember when I was taking the train down to San Jose to get picked up by Devin and Evan for the Sonic Revolution field-trip, I was writing lyrics already to this song!! 

It's just one of those days where you get inspired, and especially when I've worked in a casino for close to 4 years! Time to do some scat! :D

I should have the song up by this evening. 8-)

:star: Moving Out! Stuff to Sell! Job Hunting.

Hi guys and gals!

It's been a really slow week after a fantastic weekend with my friends in LA for the Sonic Revolution (I still have a write-up to prepare!).

Anyways I've just created an ad on Craigslist. If you happen to be a student or know some friends in San Fran downtown who would need the following items please pass this link on to them. ;)

Moving out! by darkspeeds

These past few days I've been job seeking in advance before I head back home in mid-July. It's not long to go so I'm going to really make full use of my time in California and spend quality time with friends like :iconchemb0t:, :iconevanstanley: & :iconcirotin:. In fact I'll be on an awesome roadtrip to Oregon in about a week's time so from there there won't be much activity on my deviantART.

In fact not much will be happening during my transition back home - I'll have to set up an internet connection back home, unpack all the stuff I got from America and keep in touch with family and friends.

Of those whom I owe commission work I'll be hold till I get back home and have my studios set up ready for work ~ expect things to get rollin' in late July/early August.

Finally, I'll do what I can to come watch you all from time to time - keep up the awesome stuff and keep on inspiring! *thumbs up*  
Finally... It is over!
WATCH and DOWNLOAD (promo) 13-06-2014 by darkspeeds

:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: WATCH AND SING-ALONG TO THE SONG HERE! :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow:

:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: DOWNLOAD THE HIGH QUALITY AUDIO HERE! :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow:

It's almost 2AM... But I made extra sure that everything sounded right, the lyrics showed up on the video in SYNC with the song, and last but not least one final quality assurance check-up to make sure that it's well presented. I am done for the day...

And I MUST SLEEP! For you see, I shall be taking a train down to San Jose to get picked up by :iconevanstanley: & :iconcirotin: (with a friend of theirs too), head back to Evan's place, stay overnight (and possibly playing Sonic Lost World for the first time!!) AND.... WE'LL BE HEADING DOWN TO ANEHEIM, L.A. TO SEE YOU GUYS AT:


I know I'll be seeing some old friends from a previous Sonic convention in the UK (many years ago) - in fact it's a Canadian friend and his mate from the UK who will be visiting us on the Sunday! Can't wait to catch up - and I can't wait to see you guys over there too! Hell let's SING SONIC SONGS together and we can also do SONIC VOICE IMPRESSIONS TOO! Let's record them. XXP XXD

Take care and have an EXCELLENT WEEKEND! WOO! I'm still excited by all of this! I can't wait to let you guys hear this! XXX3 

Bye now! *finishes packing for the trip and heads to bed*


And if you're wondering why I drew those images - well listen to the song and you'll understand. Well there's only one exception though - I randomly threw in Silver and Blaze for kicks for the X-mas scene.

Also... My FAVOURITE moments - Tropical Coast Zone, the Sonic and Tails one-on-one moment, Knuckles getting annoyed at Sonic, Sonic saying: "I love you to Amy", random X-mas moment, and that very last part where I got Tasha and myself to sing all four characters to end the song. WOO! ^_____^ Okay really now Elson, GO TO BED!

:star: I'M... ALMOST... THERE!!!

....... Adding lyrics in sync with the song is taking MUCH LONGER than I thought!! X___X;;; lol! Almost there! One more push!

:star: Team Chaotix joins in at the last minute!

Yup, I decided to throw these guys in at the very last minute... Just for kicks. X3

Sonicheroes 120303 Teamchaotix 01 Inline by darkspeeds

I'm also trying to promote this at the end of the video - it's almost been a year since we heard from SONIC PARADOX on their next big Sonic Heroes musical hit!

If you haven't watched them yet then I suggest you do - like RIGHT NOW! XXD

My favorite is still Metropolis Mayhem! Which one's yours? :)
Just woken up, it's a CLOUDY DAY in San Francisco downtown and I'm feeling great!

I'm already halfway coloring my illustration for the Sonic Lost World musical and will have it done by this late afternoon/early evening.

I can't wait! ^__^

But for now, I NEED FOOD! *makes his way to his favorite Vietnamese cafe down at Stockton Street*

Oh and before I go...


"Yeah I'm looking at you...! You better stay tuned for me and the gang singin' the next great number!" :giggle:

:star: Almost There...! (And Knuckles New Side-kick!)

I LOVE THAT SHOT of Knuckles and Sonic at HQ, it's like Knuckles is Sonic's psychiatrist or something... XXD

So what else do we have that's crazy and epic?

Dr. Eggman having a race using an airboard to prove that he's better, faster or the fact that he CAN air-board?

Amy juggling balls? More cute Tails. Awesome plane chases (and crashing again!) BEAUTIFUL settings. Evil ham (want eggs with that too?)

I think this is the first time I will officially go out of my way to BUY the DVD/collectors set when it comes out. I've never purchased a Sonic cartoon before in my life. I had the notion where you can either: download it or watch it online. But I think I'm going to support this series by getting the real thing. Heck, I can learn so much from it based on the 3D renders of real-time lighting and shading of the characters (in various situations).

Anyways those are my thoughts.

There are other videos I'd like to share with ya that you should check out - the animation quality and cinematic detail/narration in video games keeps getting better and better:


Last but not least, I'm almost done! Once I've completed the illustration (which I'll be using for the video) I can finally upload the latest Sonic Lost World musical in the works! I plan to do it by tomorrow afternoon/evening! ;)

P1140984 - Copy by darkspeeds

P1140985 - Copy by darkspeeds

:star: Have a Listen to this sample! (feat. Donniegirl)


To promote this musical project, I'm going to have to work on a quick illustration to go along with the video. 8-)

P1140982(da) by darkspeeds
:star: OMG! This Just In - SONIC BOOM STATUES!!!! X____X

10403450 658067537620584 4409797056930117098 N by darkspeeds

[Photo courtesy of Naota-san at E3]


*imitates Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and does a sing-a-long*

"I want it now.... Sonic and Tails and Amy and Knuckles... I want them NOW!!!"

lmao! XXXD

Seriously is anybody here (besides my awesome friend :ironhedgehog:) know how much a Sonic statue like this cost on Ebay? You guys remember the 20th Anniversary one? Did it sell for like 2,000 GBP (ie $3,350 US)? Anyways do let me know cuz I'm thinking of investing one in the near future and have it in my room back home in Australia... lol

:star: OMG YES! And it is not about the Movie or Trailers

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! ^________^

And don't get me wrong, I'm super excited about the new Sonic Boom trailers recently released on E3 as of recent:

I'm also excited about the prospects of a new Sonic Movie coming in 2015-16.

Oh no...

Today, I'm excited for this personal project of mine that has been in captivity for months. I was waiting for Tasha to record her lines for the song but she was super busy with college work (and it's cool to know that she's doing really well after making those sacrifices - studying and working hard). Now she's finally free and have just finished recording all the lines I needed for the project. 

Remember this little number based off Sonic Lost World that I did with Tasha last time:

(Daymn! It's almost reach 10,000 views! Thanks to everyone for checking out the musical!)

Anyways... Get ready for....!

Sonic the Musical 2 Darkspeeds by darkspeeds

It's ALMOST 8 minutes long.

Can you guys guess which track it is? :giggle:

Anyways I plan to release this on the Friday, 10th JUNE 2014 - just before I head over to :iconevanstanley:'s and follow her, :iconcirotin: and friends to SONIC REVOLUTION down in Anaheim for the weekend. Can't wait to fine tune this number and share it on Friday. 8-)
:star: FINAL ACT! - Full Render and Finishing Touches

This four day project has been an insightful session of learning new techniques and finding efficient ways to speed up the rendering process without compromising quality. 

Like I mentioned on the deviation page this experiment was both a success and a not a success. 

My aim was to see if I could simply pencil rough an illustration, scan it and create a painting from it. I was aiming for something that you'd find in War Hammer - my favourite being the image below:

16398 Warhammer 40k Chaos by darkspeeds

A masterpiece don't you agree? Notice the atmospheric perspective on this - the level of depth and detail on both the foreground, middleground (aka focal point) and background.

Look at the limited color scheme of cool blues and warm yellows - it blends naturally into the blizzard and snowy mountains. Notice how clever the artist has implemented an accent in contrast by adding hints of red (part of the primary set of red, blue and yellow - when placed next to each other there is a contrasting effect, but not as strong as you'd get from a legit color contrast with primary x complementary colors ie RED x GREEN, BLUE x ORANGE).

Also take note that the artist created a TRIAD composition with the reds to make our eyes look back and forth at different sections of interest in a circular motion (the team leader's glowing stare, the wizard's aura of his magic attack, and the decapitated head of the opposing faction.

Finally going back to atmospheric perspective and design of this illustration the artist added a strong contrast of SHARPNESS + LIGHT & DARK to emphasize the team leader (his HELMET aka FACE, CHEST and SHOULDER ARMOUR). 

This is art at it's excellence and I was stubborn to think that I could achieve something close in these four days.

Well at least I tried and I will say that it's been four days of useful studies in art appreciation and application.

So going back to what I've done see what happens when I got to the secondary stages of rendering.

08 Lyric Means Business 03bSHADED 09-06-2014 by darkspeeds

At this point in time I wasn't too keen with the color palette. There are too many conflicting colors, the atmospheric perspective is weak and the glow from the foreground is too jarring for the eyes. What I like about what I did here was the fact that I was able to render the robot up front (the one in yellow/gold) close to a robot that's been aged - you can see the wear and tear from the many battles it had with intruders (perhaps it made an encounter with the Sonic Boom gang and had to retreat to report news of their intrusion to his boss aka LYRIC).

Anyways I whipped up and decided to go with the color scheme below - an accented analogic with yellow as my primary.

Color Scheme by darkspeeds

After a few adjustments this is what I got.

08 Lyric Means Business 03cSHADED 09-06-2014 by darkspeeds

Another 3 hours later I decided to stop and go no further - sometimes an artist must know when to quit before going overboard and adding too much/making too many adjustments that it may ruin the final illustration (another way of looking at this analogy is - "too many ingredients in the soup will spoil the broth"). Granted that this rule is not always true, because alot of the masterpieces takes weeks, even months to complete. For me, personally, I'd rather utilise the spare time to work on new illustrations, which gives me more opportunities to try out new things and PRACTICE & APPLY techniques that already work and do justice for your final artwork. 

08 Lyric Means Business 04FINAL(DA) 10-06-2014 by darkspeeds

My main goal in the final is to have my viewers look at LYRIC as the focal point (aka his FACE, followed by his TORSO). 

Anyways in the final above you can see that I've de-saturated further the BG and ancient wheel-like stonewall of a throne. I emphasized the violet and dark blues on the hence-men robots and Lyric to create HARMONY in the middle ground and background. And finally the robot in the forefront bowing to his master/boss has been given a BOOST in TEXTURE, BRIGHTNESS, AND SATURATION to make him pop out in front. 

The greatest down side to this final illustration is that there are too many distracting points of contrast (the orb eyes on the hence-bots, the golden robot's cyan glows on nearly every inch of his body, Lyric's mechanized claw-tail with the glowing orb, the highlight in the BG in between the pillar and curved structure, and the list goes on...) What does this mean? Well that means my eyes are too distracted from looking solely at the focal point at first glance - i.e. LYRIC. You can see these distractions much better by checking out the images below that present themselves at pure value and no color.

A by darkspeeds

Last but not least, I will close by showing you guys what I did to implement a technique called 'SPOKE-WHEELING' (from Dave Gurney's 'Imaginative Realism ~ section on COMPOSITION). Check out all the elements that I've designed to get your eyes moving across the canvas and into the focal point.

B by darkspeeds

A2 by darkspeeds

Hope you've learnt something from this weekend project of mine. Oh and one more time - LYRIC is bad-ass, don't go dissin' him you haters! lol

:star: ACT 3 - Shading and Basic Values

08 Lyric Means Business 03SHADED(DA) 09-06-201 by darkspeeds

:star: ACT 2 - Color Blocking

08 Lyric Means Business 02COLOR(DA) 08-06-2014 by darkspeeds

It's almost 12AM and I ain't sleepin' till I get this done by sunrise!!

Time to listen to some Tee Lopes - bringing back the good music in oldschool Sonic!

:star: ACT 1 - Penciling!

Lyric's Throne by darkspeeds

:star: ACT 0 - Concepts Sketching & Thumbnails

Lyric Concepts(DA) by darkspeeds
I love it when people naturally utilize their own unique drawing style and re-create/reinterpret a new way at looking at our beloved Hedgehog and his friends!

Credit goes to :iconcigar-blues: for the image below! They look adorable (and beautifully stylized)!

Sonic the Hedgehog doodles by cigar-blues

And here's another one by :iconrollingrabbit:. Inspiring!

Sonic the Hedgehog by rollingrabbit by EHH123

:star: My God, Mechs are a Pain in the Butt to Draw!

I'm going to say that Lyric and his henchmen are some of the toughest to draw out of all the Sonic villains. They're mostly inorganic and are made of several detailed parts based on mech technology - aka robot parts and designs.

But if you can pull it off the details can really shine through!

Lyric and Hencemen (DA) by darkspeeds

Anyways it's time to head off to the John Pence Gallery and do some watercolor studies. I think this little field trip to the fine arts still life gallery will help me understand better about how I can balance the elements of composition and color to create a striking image.

My aim for this project is to create a HIGH CONTRAST + LOW KEY presentation. Let's see how I go!

:star: Ah Screw It. Let's Reveal My Weekend Project!

Lyric threatened me to do an artistic impression of him at his throne.

I grabbed my sketchbook and micron-pen and came up with these impressions when I was at his hi-tech inspired HQ.

Lyric Concepts(DA) by darkspeeds

Let's hope he'll be happy, otherwise I'll end up in the molten lava pit at his refinery for my incompetence.

:star: Lyric, On the Wall, Who's the Baddass of Them All? 

People naturally take the mickey out of SEGA Sonic villains:

But it's also a welcoming sign, based on first impressions, to see some fans embracing this new villain.  

That will be the inspiration for my project this weekend.

But here's a question to all of yas watching me, and I challenge:

"How does one make a snake-like character sit and looking badass?"

Lyric by darkspeeds

Think about it.

I'm not going to give too much away on what I have planned to finish up by Sunday evening/Monday morning but it's time to try out something new to my current rendering style and also solve the problem of how to make Lyric looking cool while 'resting'/sitting down... 
:star: Bring Me The Rolling Thunder!!

P1140924b by darkspeeds

Compare to all of the other commissions this lineart rough took about an hour or so - much quicker since it's within my comfort zone.

Now, why the thunder? Well... You know that eerie feeling you get from a stormy night and you're inside a spooky mansion of sorts (you're most likely either dreaming or watching a scary movie), then suddenly... CRACKABOOOOOM!!! You turn around and see a few flashes of light coming from the window and whatever you see that is surrounding you is reflecting obscure silhouettes for only a few seconds.

THAT is the kind of atmosphere I'm going to try to recreate here in this one shot. I really hope I can render this just right. Probably give me another few more hours to get the job done. 

And thanks to everyone who commented and shared their thoughts on which composition to go for - I went with what my gut told me as well as what you guys had suggested (including my client). 

Let's start rendering!


Actually... I just remembered something...

THIS would be the perfect reference point.

Who remembers this film about the Werehog? Cuz I do, and I love it.

:star: I Can't Decide!! Which One??

Onto the next commission! This one's for :iconjokerxmint: where his request involves the stabbing of Sonic's brother, Zalost, in a tragic scene from his fan fiction. 

This is how he looks like based on one of JokerXMint's drawings:

Zalost Bio by JokerXMint

Looking at his other character references I noticed that he was wearing a half mask to conceal his identity. 

Based on what he is wearing and that mask of his I was instantly reminded of the Phantom of the Opera musical (even though I haven't watched it, I know of the character).

I took inspiration from the protagonist of the PhtO and sketched my design below. Along with the design are some thumbnails to give me some ideas on how I can approach JokerxMint's commission.

Blessing In Disguise concept sketches for Joke by darkspeeds

Now the question for you guys (and I'm just curious) IS:

Which of the TICKED thumbnails do you like? PORTRAIT #7 or HORIZONTAL ALIGNMENT SHOT?

I like them both but I think the Horizontal one would be a nice challenge and a good change of pace (since my previous two commissions were done in portrait style).'

Ha ha I should be asking JokerXMint this question but I'm sure he'll see this. In fact I think I'm going to give myself a challenge this time... 8-)


Sticks the Badger12 by darkspeeds

To celebrate her debut this week I'm going to race you on drawing Sticks fan-art until this SUNDAY, 1st June 2014.

Here's your a great opportunity to get your artwork displayed on my journal as soon as you're done with it! Journal will be updated every morning till Sunday.

Remember you MUST have Sticks on your artwork, otherwise I won't be postin' it here. 

So come and join in the fun! Get exposed ,show us your kick-ass art skills, and celebrate with me on this festive occasion! GO NUTS!!! 8-)


Sticks Sonic boom by zeldalegends4525 Sticks and her Violin plants by GameKitty
new BFF by chibiirose Wild girl by PokeSonFanGirl
Sticks and Stones WON'T Break My Bones by Nif-T Sticks the Badger! by AimyNeko
Pile of Wood. by A-R-Q 

Sticks the Badger by Sweetcorn-chan Team Screw You Guys I'm Going Home by HappyAggro
AWE! by Sonicguru Sticks the Badger! by DanielasDoodles
Sticks the Badger by PokeSonFanGirl Sonic boom animation (ft. Sticks) by Silvori
Sonic boom Sticks by Ugh-first-aid Here comes Sticks by CrazyCrumbCake
Throwing Some Sticks Into the BOOM by SailorMoonAndSonicX

Darkspeeds' comments:
What a great start once again - :iconzeldalegends4525:'s active portrait shines through with a never before seen dynamic pose. The rhythm and flow could be improved, as well as the overall design of her gesture - her left hand should show in my opinion. Think of it as a silhouette, will we fully understand what's going on? Nevertheless good job dude!
Sticks and her VIOLIN PLANTS....? Dude... Genius!! I love how she played up her oddball personality into this. Strewth :icongamekitty:!
:iconchibiirose: has done it again and wins the award for a DOUBLE ACT - meaning she did TWO fan art entries within the few days we had of the marathon. Splendid work and I can't help but adore that illustration of Amy and Sticks of hers - we can see a powerful relationship and bright future for the two!
This just in! :iconpokesonfangirl: has managed to produce this stunner on time! I love the color combinations of dark-green and red-orange, it really meshes together and her charming expression simply melts my heart.
icon:Nif-T: decided to join in the bandwagon and produce her interpretation of Sticks - she looks rather shy, I wonder what she's thinking!
:iconashie-kins: was very kind to suggest to me :iconaimyneko:'s awesome fanart of Sticks - just look at her fly! Wait... Skid? Uhm calling on the boomerphone? Oh whatever it still looks awesome.
PHEW-WEE! Will you look at that!! :icona-r-q: blew me away with this rendition of Sticks in her own little world. The dynamic pose (just look at how he did her pose, she definitely has a good understanding of anatomy - probably the best pose I've seen out of all the collection we had so far). The colors work beautifully - I can feel the atmospheric perspective as he distanced the active foreground (Stick's blurring boomerang in mid-air), from the focal point (ie. Sticks swinging away her boomerang), and the background. Excellent rhythm and flow and last but not least, he did a KICK-ASS typography of the characters name. Well done a-r-q, I'm gonna dedicated a space of it's own for your artwork. *faved*.
:iconsweetcorn-chan:'s Sticks is simply adorable.
Now this is an interesting one... :iconhappyaggro: did toon-spoof inspired illustration which is a nice change of pace. Check out the full story by clicking on her image - pretty hilarious stuff!
:iconskyminhazboz: kindly showcase a whole bunch of Sticks fanart in one go! Do check those out! In fact, :iconsonicguru: did pop by and post his link here and that self-initiative deserves a comment. His rendition of Sticks and Marine is adorable, I'd say there is some anime/manga influence on those expressions - very fitting for capturing the moment of those two gushing together - "kawaii"
Oh god.... LMAO!!!! HA HA HA HA!! Dude! DUDE!! I love this!! I can't help but smile and watch this over and over again!! Sonic being cocky didn't get him any favors! Great job on the animated piece :iconsilvori: *favs*
:iconugh-first-aid:'s Sticks fan art is rather... Uhm... Seductive? lol What were you think girl? "Raarwwggh!" *SHOT* Kiddin', I'm kiddin'. :D I will stand by what I said though if you had Stick's eyelids half closed. Anyways I like the soft features on this piece - it really adds in a feminine quality to it - and regarding her pose, it can definitely be improved, however keep in mind that THAT is a very difficult pose to draw. Great job overall and the rendering is fantastic too!
:iconcrazycrumbcake:'s extreme TOON version of Sticks is absolutely spot on. I feel the energy on this, so much so that the smile on Sticks is matching mine right now. Great job dude. Sticks waving hand is also putting me in a trance, I can't help but smile with glee and say 'HIIIII!!' back to her!
Last but not least, (and what an awesome way to end this marathon with a bang) we have :iconsailormoonandsonicx: epic group shot of the prominent Sonic boom characters - all in one! And I can tell that Kyla has put in the time on this, she planned out the way this was going to structured and also paid attention to how they will relate to one another after rendition. The colors work well, their expressions are full of life and I can't help but smile and be proud. The only thing that I will honestly say, bugs me a little, is watermarked illustrations. I can understand the intent but it kinda destroy's the impact of the piece with a distracting piece of semi-visible text stuck in the middle of the drawing. Nevertheless I love this drawing and it's going to my favs! *faved*

P.S. Woah! This just in! The moment submitted this, two more entries came in! Talk about just-in-time!

:Whas this?: Sticks by Blader3000

I'm a fan of this rendition of Sticks fanart by :iconblader3000:. Why you may ask? Storytelling.
Even the composition is done pretty darn well - it invites the viewer a sense of intrigue and mystery. I love how he made Sticks inspect what's possibly an abandoned/crash landed aircraft. Also I'm giving extra props for watercolor usage. Excellent job mate. *faved*

SONIC BOOM : Let's welcome new friends by Tiara-C

Last by not least (really this time) is :icontiara-c:'s absolutely adorable group shot of the entire gang (the good guys that is) of the Sonic Boom series!! What a way to end this once again - and hell this looks hot for the fact that she used such sophisticated traditional wet & dry media to produce this - ala Sephia ink, Copic, White pencil, & Deleter White 1. I'm so happy this came in just in the nick of time, I can also tell that she spent a lot of time on this. The group dynamics and overall structure works, there's a diverse range of expressions and what's extra special is the meaningful interactions with certain characters. Amazing. Faving this one also! *favs*

:bulletyellow:  FRIDAY'S BUNDLE OF STICKS!  :bulletyellow:  SATURDAY'S BUNDLE OF STICKS!  :bulletyellow: 

And that's it everyone! THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all of you who have participated in this marathon and have been good sports throughout.

Hope to do another one of these next time, it's nice to get the community involved, getting together as a collective and make something creative for the long weekend! Great job everyone, see you next time!

Oh and also... Some photos to share!!

Untitled by darkspeeds Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds
Untitled by darkspeeds

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone!! Stay safe and stay active!