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November 16, 2005
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[EDIT -17th November 2005]

This animation was submitted roughly a week ago and today Iíve received a note from DA staff about a violation policy. I wrote back to them stating my respect and acknowledgement on their actions to take the original animation (with song) away. I also thank them for giving me the warning so that in future I wonít be able to do this again. ^_^

Iíve submitted the animation again but this time without the song extracted from the hit anime series Inu Yusha. Over the week after the submission of the original animation Iíve received and overwhelming response from the Sonic/Klonoa/DA community (and favs *chuckle* ^^) on this and I canít thank you guys enough for your positive and helpful feedback and support on it. = ) :hug:

The purpose of this re-submission is for reference only. You need not to comment on it however if you still wish to please donít hesitate. ^_~ :giggle:

I want to treat this as a lesson so that in future I wonít break this specific rule on Ďcopyright use of audio for animationsí again on DA! ^^

Cheers DA team and Sonic/Klonoa/DA community! ^_~ =)

Elson 'Darkspeeds' Wong ~ ^^

[Original message - 08th November 2005]

OMGosh...! For the past two days... Garrgh! This took me like... 2 freakin' full days to do! X_____X;; (short breaks in-between, making dinner, talking to my love on the phone, helping mum with painting, and sleep included... XXXD)

I'm really happy with the results! ^_____^ There is much, much more room for improvement but I needed all the practice I can get! ^__~

This time there are no voices - just pure animation. ;) (However there is a song that many of you may be familiar if you watch a lot of anime. ^_~)

What is the project this time? Well it's Klonoa based and it was made especially for the Klonoa fans at Klonoa Fan Club Message (and some of them are on DA too. ^^). I'll be posting this up shortly on their message board but I would like to share this with you too to show how much I've improved (or more likely deproved... [no such word ne?] *SHOT* XXXXD) from my previous animation.

Thank you all for your feedback on the Sonic and Tails animation. = )

I've received a lot of useful information that can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of making and downloading the animation. I'm still in the works of trying to reduce the file size but it's impossible because the quality will be lost! X__X;; I will learn more of file compression with Flash MX after the exams. I think the next animation I'll make will be either one about Shadow and Maria (Shadow & Maria fans = yay! XXXD) or an anime intro of Tails Away! ^____^

Anyway please forgive me for (yet again u_u;;..) reproducing an incredibly large file but I post some tips to make sure you'll be able to see it and see the animation run smoothly.


i) Sometimes your computer may not be able to run the animation because you may not have enough RAM or virtual memory to run the graphics. Please don't panic! XD ^^ Try Control Panel in your windows Start bar and select Performance and Maintenance. Adjust your graphic capabilities and performance there before viewing the animation. ^_~

ii) Please make sure you have any programs, that may affect the performance or the running of the animation, closed. The less programs you have running during the screening the more likely the Flash animation will perform at it's peak. ^_~

iii) If none of that works and the current animation is still not loading on this page try the following links:

iv) To affect the speed of the animation right-click on the stage and go to Quality settings. Set from Low to Medium to High to adjust according to your computer speed. ^_~

Alrighty I hope that helps! ^__^ I've managed to perfectly time the music with the running of the animation! It took me extra time to do that! XXXD If the animation slows down then most likely the synchronisation of the song with the animation will be lost. X_X;; So please have an programs closed while viewing! ^__^ Once again please forgive me for the incredibly huge file size but I promise to improve on that in future. ^_~ :hug:

Okay then... Now I MUST begin my studies for my exams! It's only a week away! X_____X;;; LMAO! XXD ^_~
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:D So Good
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What program did u use to make this
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Hey, could you give me advice on this fanwork I'm working on for Klonoa?

What I'm working on is an false animated advertisment for Klonoa Door to Phantomile, on the Playstation. It will be short, about a minute and a half. I just want to start with something small before I get on to something bigger for the franchise. The characters will be drawn in a more westernized, cartoonish style and will be speaking in english. Of course I'll do everything humanly possible to keep Klonoa from sounding like he did in the Wii-make. Finally, I need your advice on something very important: getting permission to post this project. I'm wondering if you got permission to do your work. If so, could you tell me how you got it? I just want reassurance that I won't be sued for copyright infringement. So if you can, please replay very soon, and tell me if you think an fan advertisement would be a good or bad idea (for legal and buisness issues).

Thank you for your time,
xXRaeRodXx Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yaknow? they should put Klonoa in anime for America and Japan. 2 bad they dont do it...:(
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This will probably make a good TV series as long as they don't make it like SonicX.Though the klonoa games aren't popular as most of the sonic the hedgehog series, I personally think klonoa is to good of a game to Suck bad as a anime. If it does become a show it better be good.
xXRaeRodXx Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:lol: yeah
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I hope you make more.
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Your stuff is one of the better things I have seen in this website.
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