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Spending a Day with Sonic by darkspeeds Spending a Day with Sonic by darkspeeds
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Yay! It's Sonic and Tails! ^___^ Notice Sonic has a slightly new look... ^_^;;;

Well Tails being 18 now means that Sonic's ages is around 25! ^_^ (basing on official info from Sonic Team's Sonic X ages).

I had to come up with a concept shot of Sonic & Tails doing something that they would usually do together on an everyday basis and so running came into my mind... ^_^ (let's not forget adventuring.. XD XD *shot*)

I loved how it turned out to be when I used the blur effects! O___O It was my first time using blur for a filter effect... I should of tried it before! XD XD XD Looks cool cuz it gives it sense of speed. ^_~ As for the more clearer pic of Sonic & Tails running that was to display a little more detail to that shot. ^_~

The way I'm going to format 'Tails Away' manga
goes like this: ^_~

- Each chapter will have an intro/abstract page like this one to kick start the relevant chapter. ^_~

- Each chapter will end with a fallout page (maybe a short strip of comic relief for that particular chapter or some serious artwork - eg. A new character introduced in that chapter posing). ^_~

- Each chapter will try to run at around 15-16 pages including intro and an ending page. ;) Maximum I'll allow myself is 20 pages as rule of thumb. ^_~

- Intro and fallout pages will mostly be in colour. ^_~

Well that's just about it... ^_^ I'm going to finish page 2 right now. ;) It'll take me at least another hour or two. ^_^ Thanks for reading and thank you once again for your wonderful feedback and enthusiasm! ^________^ *hugs tight* ^__^

I just hope that I won't stuff up the quality of my next works... ^^;;; You guys are adding more pressure to me! XD XD XD I hope it'll be just as promising as I had proposed to you all... =)

Catch you soon! ^____^

REPLIES on 'Forever True Skies' deviation. ^_^

taiora --- Yayness! XD *hugs*

kslrmine --- You really think so? ^_^ Cheers. kslrmine. ^_~

boltstryke --- Thats it... *Darky goes to Boltstryke studios and prepares to post constructive and praising feeback* XD XD XD Thanks buddy, I extremely appreciate it. ^_^ I'll take note of your advice too. ^_~

candlegirl --- Hai! ^____^ Thank you candlegirl, and I'm glad to be checking out your fantastically awesome artworks too. ;)

ShadyKitten --- Aww thank you ShadyKitten. ^_^ *hugs tight* ^___^ I'll take heart of your words and do my very best!! ^________^ *bows*

adamis --- Bro... I can't wait etiher... XD But what I must do is to comment on some of your magnificent artworks first. ;) Merci bro, merci. ^_^ *nods head*

krusher --- LOL! XD No need to apologise buddy. XD THank you so much for your support krusher, I'll keep watch of your stuff too in future. ^____^ Keep it up ne? ;)

seru-gal --- Really? *Darky stares at deviation and smiles* ^_^ Ari~gato seru-gal. ^_^

kaoru-chan --- Ari~gato little sis! ^____^ *hugs back* Yes I did use a mix of tools/filters -Airbrush, Blur, Maximum, Lens Flare (for the sun beem), Shapes and Texturizer (sandstone). ^_~
Of course I didn't do all of the background!! XD I got help from this website. ^_^


You can use some of these resources too if you plan to use it in future pics. ;) Just extending a small part of your huge library of references for nature BG's! XD Well the cover page for the prologue's here and I hope you like it. XD ^____^

hedgie-girl --- Thanks hedgie-girl. ^_^ *hugs back*^_~

jappodawg --- Wow! O.O Such an excellent compliment is deeply appreciated.. =) Thank you jappodawg, I'm ever so grateful to please you with my artwork. ^_^ You keep up the awesome works too ne? ;)

chemb0t --- I sure will little bro.. *hugs back and cheers with him* ^___^ Yay! Yippee! XD XD XD I'll be checking out your account in future ne? :) I'm sure it's filled with yet more remarkable artworks. ^___^ Again thanks for the support little bro Chemb0t. ^_~

taeshilh --- Wai!!! XD ^_____^ X3 It's taeshilh-chan! ^_____^ *hugs* Thank you so much and hell yes you spelled that correctly! ^__~ Too awesome of a speller and artist! XD ^____^ I'll be checking out more of your awesome stuff soon m'kay? ;) Remember, my mission is to get you up to 8,000 hits!!! XD XD ^___^

Kinichan --- *hugs back* Ari~gato little sis' Kinichan. ^_~ I'll bring it up A.S.A.P. =D XD

miacc --- Cheers miacc. ^_^

zaceryspud02 --- As always I really appreciate your feedback. ^_^ It was good to see you JAFWA last night. ;) Hope Ben's back and safe otherwise you can take off those glasses and fly him home... LMAO XD XD XD Hmmm the Fina thing... thanks for that... Compliments and feedback like that helps me improve my works and I'm very grateful of your honesty Zac. =) *hugs* ^_^ Keep up the fantastic stuff too! ^___^

sonicolas --- Ack! Don't say that sonicolas! XD XD XD It's going to add even more pressure when I draw! XD XD XD Okay.. I'll do my best bud. Thanks for the kind words. ^_~
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MilesTailsPrower-007 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh're very good ^^ *decides to go through Elson's whole gallery*
zaceryspud02 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2003
*flies in*XDXDXD Bwahaha LMAO I'm a hero of a different sorts.

Don't worry I don't think its possible for your piccies to be "stuffed up" an anywayz if ya do, all Im gonna do is point out every single flaw so relax ^_^ Everyone makes mistakes mate and were all here to help. What I'm saying is we're your friends so dont feel pressured K.

I've used the blur before and the wind filter to create speed but this often distorts the strength of the picture so this is good. I mainly use filters to make waky bgs and to more define my lines after a crappy scan job. I only do that when I actually colour my pics... I aint done that in awhile tho.

Thanx for the compliment man *hug*
I'll try to come more often to Jafaw... I'll bring tha other glasses till I get ma own.

Well I gotta jet. No rest for the wicked ne *flies off* lol XD :bye::superman:;)
Kinichan Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2003
^_^ Very well done on the effects big bro~ *hugs* Tails-chan looks so adorable, even at an older age, and Sonikku rocks~ ^_~ I dunno how you do it big bro, but you have some great talent to draw!!!! *huuuuuuuuuuuugs tighter* Yay~ Can't wait to start reading the comic!! *cheers* ^_^;; Don't rush yourself into your art m'kay big bro? Please take care, with love, your lil sis over here. Ja~ne big bro~
sarinpanda Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw, its so kawaii!! ^.^ Great Job! X3!!
hedgie-girl Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2003
Aww they both look so cute^^
Great job on the colouring :hug:
ShadyKitten Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2003
DS this looks ooh too good!! ^O^- Sonic with bangs!! XD *Points* CUTIE!! *Cling* Tails looks wicked too. Nice blur effects on teh bottom one~! o.o The speeed...

Thankiez for putting me up there in your comment!! :hug: And you know every word was true!! Can't wait for the Comikku!! XD LOL. I just made that word up!! *MAULED*
luleiya Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
..........>_>............*punches Zephyr on the head*.........I'm so hyper, I just HAD TO do that!!!!! XDXDXD *shot* Gomeeeen......*hugs Zeph-chan* =3

*back to Darky* HIIIIII!!!!!!!!! ^____^ *huggles her kawaii big bro* X3
Yayness! I'm glad to see you're moving fast with your manga project! :woot: ^_~
Luvly pic yet again! Tails-chan looking cuuuuuute *huggles* and Sonikku-san looking cooooool :heart:!!!! XD Love the effects too! ^_~
Oh, thanks for the tips! I'll try and use them later.....and I downloaded ALL the pics from that site! I never knew nature can be THIS beautiful.....*melts from the prettyness* Oh, and I think I know which pics you used as reference! ;) ^_^ But I'm still amazed by the result......
Yayness, can't wait for the next pages! Take your time, ne? Luv ya! ^_~ *hugs bye* :aww:
krusher Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2003
You surely started this manga in the best way possible!
This page is really cool! I specially enjoy Sonic's new look and the blur effect. I started to mess around with that in my pics too! :D
Wait a sec... you'll be watching my stuff???? O_____O Are you sure you replied to the right person?? LOL! XD
It would be a great honour for me to have a visitor in my gallery such as you.
You bet I'll keep it up! You do that too, OK? ;)
sonicolas Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gomen, gomen!
I'll remove those words ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;
Just like you said to me, don't rush and take your time! ^^
taiora Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2003
*giggles at her brothers and smiles* YOu guys are great!!!

Darkie!! *snuggle* I like this!! I think its a nice change for sonic to have bangs. They look cute on him!! ^^

^^ nii-san does such a good job in his pictures!!! *sigh* makes me wish i could draw something... *ARTIST BLOCKED* ;___;

I miss ya on MSN... maybe if i ever catch ya on we can chat! ^^ you are always so chipper... makes me more chipper!!! XDXD

atomic-hedgehog Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2003   Digital Artist
i like it a lot :D

but i do have one small complaint...

here goes: you probably should have just blurred Sonic and Tails, instead of the whole picture :)

that's my only complaint. so feel free to ask me for a lil "tutorial" on doing it if you wish.
zephyr-kun Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2003
*Watches Darky leaving...*

"....Hehe....big bro......"

*Spreads out his wings like in Black Feathered Angel picture and flie s away, looking at Darkspeeds. *

"I"m proud of you.......=) "
darkspeeds Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist

*closes eye and smiling*

*is being like Knuckles - in Episode 5 of Sonic X - walking off smiling in thoughts and leaving a cool goodbye to his little bro without saying it... ;)*

*waves and turns around walking to his room ready to begin the next page of Tails Away* ^_~
chemb0t Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2003  Professional General Artist
Looking good!! I like how you arranged everything. The detail and motion pics work very well together!

0_0 first time using a filter?! Your kidding right? XD Makes Sense I guess. Great artists dont need to use filters to make their work shine. It simply enhances its greatness!! :aww:

It's really lookng pro! Both the work and organization are right on par! This is going to turn out great!
Er but please take your time. You can't rush a masterpiece like this ne? ^^;

Oh and thanks for the little comment. I'm just starting to get back to posting since school kicked in. So yeah, expect some new work soon. ^^

See ya bro! :hugs: :w00t:
zephyr-kun Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2003
It is ok, big bro! ^_^ Well, if you feel like going to check out MSN, I'll be there, m'kay? ^_^ I appreciate your words, Elson, thank you very much! ^_^ And I'll really try to do better posts!! XD Even one word is enough for you, you MUST teach me how to post a HUGE comment ^__^ Hehehe I know Lunar has something with Tails Away, I was suspecting that XD ^__^

*hugs big bro tight*
Take care, ne? See you around!

(Wait....1.....2....3....4....YAY! MORE THAN FOUR LINES! XD *SHOT SHOT * )
darkspeeds Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
LMMAO! XD XD XD *hugs* Awwwww.... ^_____^

Dude! O_O Don't you dare write a minimum of four lines! O_O Write whatever YOU want. ;) Even if it's one word! XD XD XD I still appreciate it very much... =) *hugs* tight* ^_____^

Awww that's cool! You're dwaing a pic for Pam-san too! ^___^ Yay! XD You're too cool little bro. ;)

What try as fast as I can? O__O Bro.... I can wait for those whenever and forever.. =) Promise me you take you time? =( ^_^ You go and have a good time drawing those cuz remember you're not just doing it for the sake of others but also to give yourself a break from reality and do yourself some good. =) Enjoy it okay? That's very important when it comes to drawing gift art. ;) *hugs tight* I don't think I can go on MSN now little bro (as I've mentioned previously on Forever True Skies, cuz I had better finish the next page in the next 2 hours or so! XD XD XD

Thank you for posting such a wonderful post once again... I really enjoy reading it... (man you even faved my works again! O_O X_X O_O) ^___^ LOL! XD " First to post.." Eh..heh..heh.. XD XD XD Take care Marcelo.. ;) Ja~ ! ^_^

*Darky goes and draws Tails Away and dreaming bout' Lunar series because they're kinda connected to Tails Away in some ways... =)*
zephyr-kun Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2003
YAY I'M THE FIRST ONE TO COMMENT! MUAHAHAH!! *shot by everyone in Darky's comment above*

This is wonderful, big bro!! Ack, sorry that I took so long to do so short comment in true skies! X__X I promise Ill do comments with at least FOUR LINES from now on XD XD !
This pic is awesome, loved the way you drew Tails and Sonic ^_^the colors, the blur effect went out pretty good! I am sure Tails Away is going to be a wonderful comic! We cannot expect less from such an art god like you, Elson!
*bows to you* ^_^ *hugs you tight*
*still hugging* ^___^
I read your comment in my journal! O__O Dude, I couldn't forget about your pic!! I was thinking in something you would like, than that came into my mind: LUNAR! XD XD ^__^ And Dont worry, I've prepared something to Sonic no Miko too ! ^_^ I know its going to take a while for me to do all those pics, including the Sonic Team rock band But I will try as fast as I can, ne? ^_^

*hugs big bro Darky before going to the bed and have another dream with Lunar Silver Star Story *XD XD I had one yesterday! O_O XD

Take care, ne bro? ^__^ Ja-ne!!
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