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Reaching a New Level by darkspeeds Reaching a New Level by darkspeeds



--- Tails Away

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Hmmm I think I'll make a reply to some of you on the previous page. ;)

Anyway! ^_____^

This page is another that I really enjoyed doing, not just the action scene with Sonic's Super-Sonic Geyser Blast on the first panel, but the last panel in particular. ^_~

I loved how I portrayed each of the key character's expressions on the reaction towards Sonic's transformation without the Chaos Emeralds! Yes! That's right WITHOUT! XD ^____^

*chuckles* ^_^

You see what you got there on the last panel are a range of shocks! XD XD XD You can imagine what is going through their heads. ;) (Tails, Shadow, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge & Swift ^_^) The lettering on the page is a collective reaction. ;) I've made up some seperate lines to explain each of their personal stimuli! XD

Here listed are:

'Friend' shock - Tails and Knuckles in this case. ^_^ ("Sonic...!" )

'Rival' shock - Who better than Shadow? ;) *giggles* XD ("Urk..!" ) or ("He's gone up a level..." ) or ... Look just place your self as Vegeta from DBZ and think from there okay?! *SHOT* XD XD XD Remember I'm not talking about the whole personality factor, just one trait. ;) *looks at Kaoru-chan and several others who dislike the concept of Vegeta = Shadow relationship. ^_~ (Hey I don't like it too! XD) *thumbs up* ^_^

'Amazed' shock - Rouge ("It just can't be!!?" )

'First' shock - Poor Swift... ^_^;;; ("What in the world is going on...?" )


'Horny' shock!!?! LMFAO! XD XD XD *SHOT SHOT SHOT!!!* - Have a good guess? *SHOT AGAIN! XD* ("Oh Sonic..." --> Insert Amy's tone here! XD)

( Man I can't believe I've said that about Amy...! O_O;;; ) ^^;; XD

Feel free to insert you own when you post here and give me/your friends a good laugh! XD


With incredible force, strength and power Sonic was able to blow away Robotnik & Fang, those deadly, troublesome (and sometimes naive and annoying! XD) villains till all is left is a tiny spec dotted in the night sky... Just as Sonic had promised to Tails on his birthday...

But what does this conclude to? To reveal Tails that his best friend can be powerful enough to look after one's self? To express something spectacular that is true to today's (Sonic Universe ) era? To just show off and prove just how boastful he is?


Sonic's more than that... His kind heart will ultimately reveal Tails present in a couple pages more of - 'Tails Away'.

Still wondering what it is? That very thought itching the back of your brain? Come on, close your eyes for me and think...

Think Tails Away...
Think yourself as Tails...

What do you think he had wished for after all these years...?


(psssst! Clue on Page 8! *SHOT*)


psst psst! Second Clue! Check title of next page! X3 *SHOT SHOT SHOT*! XD XD XD)

*giggles* ^_^

Hope to see you soon guys. ;) *hugs them for their fantastic feedback and entertainment. ^_^*



:bulletred: Something different!!! (Pre-sketch! X3) XD XD XD




dantiscus --- ? (Bro..)

kati-kitani-st --- =) *huggles his little sis' to death... XX3* XD *sigh*.... ^_^ Man you're really getting me to think of you almost everyday now! XD XD XD *feels all fuzzy inside... ^_^*

*Elson snaps out for a sec*

Ack! O_o Why did I write that here??!? LMAO! XD XD XD

I played with my little nephew (second and youngest one!) XD Josh - (he's so cute.. =) X3) I was looking after him for a while and played with him in the bed (he just loves it there he loves it when I make him bounce on the cusion!!! X3 XD)

I cuddle him and stuff and he laughs so much ^_^... Man it kinda reminds me of something... *smiles* ^_^ *cuddles you... ^_^*

Hope you're in good spirits little sis' after what's happened... *hugs her tight* Take care ne? ^_~ Big bro and your special sibblings want you to stay in top shape. ^_~ (that means you in 110% happiness! *SHOT SHOT SHOT*! XXXD) Doesn't matte about hte perccentages... As long as you're fine... Mmm? ;) *huggles some more* X3 ^_^ Gotta go Kati . See ya soon with the others. ^_~ *thumbs up*

persona0918 --- indeed persona0918. ;) LOL! XD Not letting go till I'm done! I've still got there more pages to go and a holiday to take! *SHOT* XD *chuckles* ^_^ I'll see how things go m'kay? ^_~

taeshilh --- Yay! Congratulations on the FIRST POST! *pulls out a trumpet, plays it and throws confetti on her. XD* *chuckles* ^_^

Aww sorry if I had used DBZ reference... Oh crud... Maybe you shouldn't read the extra page on EXTRAS section... ^^;;;

Nah don't be sorry. ^_^ Take your time and clear your head, when you're ready just post away with confidence. XD ^_^ *giggles* ^^

LOL! XD Fantastic suggestions you came up with Teashilh-chan ;) YOur very last one comes very close too. ;) *thumbs up* Scroll above and check away on clues to what Tails present from Sonic is! XD ^_~

So desu ne! *nods head* I'll keep going don't worry. ^_~

chemb0t --- Heya bro! :D ^_^ How's your holidays with you cousins and family? ;)

Thanks for the wonderful compliments and yes that is a propeller on Dr. Eggman's head! *SHOT* XD XD XD (I don't even know what it is! ^^;;; )

Well I'm giving up some time to make replies and later on help my older brother with something. ^^;; XD Thanks for the concern tensai Chebm0t, hope to catch up with ya next time! ^___^ *hugs* ^_^

shadykitten --- LMFAO! XD Every time I draw something that looks 'cool' to the eyes of fan's opinions and compliments, (in particular - yours! XD), you react this way. O_O XD XD XD *giggles* XD

You know what? I'll drool too the fact that Sonic and Shadow looks so cool on this and previous pages of Tails Away!! XD *Darky drools with her... O.O*

*sigh* ^_^ Man you give me the giggles when you mention how they're yummy and stuff... (yumalicious yumness!!!) XD XD XD

Thanks for the awesome compliments and open-comments on your most fav. Sonic characters!!! XXX3 (Looks at Shadow.. ((Oh and if I can remember ^_^)) Looks at Knuckles too... XD ((You guys had better watch out for her! XD XD XD)). Take care and I'll see you next time ShadyKitten! ^_~

turbocharge --- Awesome. ^_^ Hey buddy I wish you the best too! You do me a favour and keep up the sensational artwork too huh? ;) The more you practice and apply the more you're going to reach that dream of yours. ;) *thumbs up* ^_^

milestailsprower-007 --- *giggles* ^_^ Ah don't worry about it bro. ;) Cheers on the compliment as always. ^_^ *hugs* ^_~

kaoru-chan --- Wai! ^_^ *huggles little sis' Kaoru-chan* Hey! How are you? =) Thank you always for your meaningful comments and feedback, it means much to me. ;)

Nah! I don't really related 100% of Vegeta's personality with Shadow's! NO WAY! O_O XD
You and I know that Shadow has a very unique personality that we can share and love ne? ;) *pats on her shoulder* ^_^ Like all fans do. ;) *thumbs up* ^_^

Nani? Little sis... Don't you dare, don't you DARE!!! *SHOT SHOT SHOT*! XD *giggles* ^_^ Of course I'm not in the likes of Archie's version of Sonic comics! X___X Fang was originally produced by Sonic Team not Archie!!! X_____X

Go here for one reference.


Fang The Weasel (or Nack The Weasel in the west ^_^) first appeared in the Japanese developed (by Sonic Team of course ^_^) Sonic game called - Sonic and Tails 2. ^_~ (Again it's Sonic's Triple Trouble in the US. XD)

Hope that can justify my conclusion. ;)

Thanks for the kind words little sis' Kaoru-chan, I will continue to further my interpretations of Shadow & Maria in SA2 Fan-Comic, don't you worry. *hugs* ^_^

Awww... Look I don't care how long it takes for it to arrive, it's already fantastic to know that you've given me something... *sigh*... I hope to do the same. =( Gomen ne... -_-

*hugs tight* ^_^ Thanks again and hope to catch up with you, Marcelo, Kati and the rest of the sibblings in future! ^_~ Ja ~ne! ;)

krusher --- Heya Krusher! ;) Hell yeah he's cool! XD Thanks for the compliment on Fang's scar and Dr. Eggman's outfit and gear. ^_~

Cool! I you liked how I did SUPERSONIC? ^_^ Sadly I don't have anything too much in detail for a front pose of him in super form but maybe they'll be plenty of that in future when I work on SA2 Fan-Comic. ;)

Oh? I thought it was officially HyperShadow, not Supershadow? Hmm maybe you're right on that one cuz of your theory about the Super Emeralds, I've heard a lot of debate on that one but for now I've always had Hypershadow on my mind. ;)

*hugs Krusher* Thanks again buddy and continue to keep up the insanely cool artwork! ^____^

sonictail --- Thanks buddy. *thumbs up* No... Actually He did it without the Chaos Emeralds if you haven't seen this page already. ^_^ Unique huh? ^_^ I got the visual program from my older brother’s friend. ^_~ Catch up with ya on JAFWA sometime in future Jon! ^_^

shadow-freak --- See the relation? ;) *SHOT*! XD *giggles* Well don't take it too far, you & I and many Shadow-fans alike know that his personality is unique and doffeent from many other characters! ^_^

I'm glad that you are dying to see SA2 Fan-Comic and Shadow-kun! XD XD XD I hope to work on it soon. ^_~ Thanks again for your compliments Shadow-freak ! ^__^

phantikid --- Bro! X3 *huggles* LMAO! XD Thank for the quick comment! XX3 What bad word...? You mean a.... *SHOT*! XD (MA DE!!!!) XD XD XD
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yesenix Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
omg !!!!!! i love your comic :3
thedeltalightumbreon Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
swift is like: ?
kacript Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010
How'd he go Super Sonic with the Chaos Emerald's?
AshleyWolf Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
The end panel looks like my friend's character Ben the hedgehog! The way the hair is in the front of his face is the same way!XD
supersonichitt Featured By Owner May 10, 2006
ow its two years ago now! O.o XP is you loook at your newest picz and this you see that its chage aloth! your great then and your stil great now!
jonny777 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2005
sonic has hair?... werd.... lol
great job
(i meant to say "werd." that's not a typo.. danget...)
PheonixWings Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2005   Writer
u spelled "geyser" wrong hehe but holy hell i mean heck ^^; thats awsome
zaceryspud02 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2004
Funny you should mention DBZ cuz it was the first thing I thought of when I saw this. I'm thinkin why can't Sonic become Assended Super Sonic etc XD

Poor Vagetta.. I mean Shadow. I like Vegeta but thats just me XD. Yes they have differences in personality but they both do have that underlying competivness to be the best.

Another great page my friend.
Looks very kewl.
jaggedice200 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2004
seems like sonic is a whole nother hedgehog
never saw that attack from sonic....boy am I behind :animesweat:
that panel with the multiple fames is vert good. I can tell whos head over
for sonic =P
SHF Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2004
After checking out page 8 of your comic and the title of the next comic page, I think the present is either a family photo or his parents who might be dead I suspect.

Anyway, about this deviantion, I love how you portray their faces and emotions. All the shock is written on there!! The hearts are kawaii desu ne~ Me thinks she has a crush na~ *background effects*

The first picture at the top is great na~ Really seem like he's shouting really loudly and the effect is humogoes [can't spell!!!!] I also like the way Sonic's hair droop down after doing the Supersonic tranformation thingy. HE'S SOO HANDSOME!!!!

*takes a pail*
SaberHappyZero Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2004
lol team rocket or team egg...
Yup Pokemon style XD
7 is a great number i guess 7 dragon balls & 7 emeralds.
Swift looks really cute!! =D
MarinnaiKasaraki Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2004
Nice job. I'd say more but at the way things have been going lately, Elson, I don't have very much to say to you...

Other than, gee, how about you concentrate on your other friends for once in your busy schedule, ne?

t'd be nice to talk to you again without having to get brushed off for other more important people whom you only ever go online for these days. And what am I, James, Dantiscus and the rest of the Aussies for, eh?

Just your "other" friends? Man, what the concept of siblingship is these days, I really don't know anymore...

In any case, it seems someone has "more" important things to do instead of hang with the people who once were your " siblings".

Take care Elson. It'll probably be the last you'll ever see of us.

~*Marinnai-Ruby K. Kasaraki*~
celestewolf Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2004  Hobbyist Artist
yeah oo;; i definitely like the heart eyed amy oo i was avoiding to say horny amy x.x lol why does this have to be the last time that sonic changes into supersonic ;___; does he die or something because he has no chaos emerald.. or am i just lost here oo;
MilesTailsPrower-007 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
BTw...wat font are you using for the text...? I really like that... oO
krusher Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2004
Super Sonic is just… super! XD XD Too bad he's done for this comic… Oh well, we'll still him along with Super Shadow in your SA2-Fan comic, right? Can't wait to see that! Officially Hyper Shadow? :O Hmm… I really dunno, I just based my theory from what I see in the games… ^^; Bah, as long as we all understand each other I don't think there's a problem in calling him whatever we want, won't you agree? ^__^

Super Sonic Geyser Blast, eh? Very cool! Another DBZ reference? XD Probably not, but it reminds me of Vegeta's energy strike that he used to wipe Nappa out or the attack that Trunks (from the future) used to eliminate Cell. No, I'm not a DBZ fan! XD But I used to be. :)

Dude, I think the last panel is great! Love all the expressions and the meanings you pointed for them. Amy and Swift gotta be my favorite ones! I bet Swift will ask his dad if he (Knux) is strong enough to do that too. I'd love to see Knuckles' face when that happens! XD

Now, what was Sonic trying to show Tails? Hmm... I'll take a guess: since your clues point to the word Family and knowing that Tails' journey will be in True Skies, I'd say Sonic was (in a funny way) showing Tails his path, that his family his somewhere in the skies. Does that make sense? o_o;;;;
shadowgirl669 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2004
O_O Sonic ?!?! Super without emeralds??? Shadow will have a lot of work to do now XD

As for what you said on the last drawing , YES I WANT TO SEE SONIC AND SHADOW GOING SUPER (or hyper.. whatever you call it XD ) *shakes you hysterically , holding you by the shoulders* YES YES YES!!!

I so cant wait for you to hit that part n_n ! Just dont put both of them as if they were well.. you know what when taking the power of the emeralds O_O ' My bro and dad were like o-m-g ! they are j------ o-- :O

ok ok enough XD

You did an awesome job on this drawing and last one. I loved it ! You took you time and space to show Sonic transforming and how he is once super. This means indestructible. He could lift his hand and the world would collapse. You shown it awesomly!

XD XD XD And in this drawing,. the expression on everyone's faces are priceless XD XD XD Shadow and knux are funny as heck and Amy XD XD XD (oooohhhh Soooooonic...) XD XD XD

Great work as always Dark!!! :clap: Keep it up keep it up!!! And YES!! MORE HYPER SHADOW AND SUPER SONIC !!

(And yes i know that a lot of peoples doesnt like to hear hyper shadow because according to the normal games you need 14 emeralds to get to the hyper form.. but i think it suits shadow better to be called Hyper and not Super cause anyways.. he is not sonic so why give him the same names? XD)
yamithehedgehog Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2004
Waow, this comic is coming along amazingly ^.^ Awesome stuff! Hee hee, Amy's expression made meh laugh xDD *thumbs up*
gsg Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004
Oh, so that WAS Fang... Whoops. ^^;;

Aww, he wished for a real family after his parents weren't there to support him....

First of all, GEYSER BLAST.... AWESOME. Just.... AWESOME. I also love that little "BING!", er "BLING!", that you put on the star... "Team Eggman's blasting off agaiiiiinnnnnnnn......." XD!

I also like the different expressions you put on the rest of the gang... that's how natural reactions should be... not all the same.

I see nothing that could be improved on this page. Nothing at all, it just rules so much!

Awesome page as always! W00T!
taeshilh Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004  Professional General Artist
Wow O.O.. How.. puzzling. *Giggles* I guess I'm too clingy to the original games to be all "AMAZING COOL" about the whole "Transformation without emeralds" thing xD It's a cool idea, though! I can't wait to hear more explanations onnit =>.. Need reasoooon ;.;!! *Is insane about explanations to things that occur in stories* xD I get into stories too deeply.

.. Maybe Sonic ate the chaos emeralds one day, confusing them with Fruit Loops O.O *Slapped*

So.. yeah! Awesome comic as always! ^.^ You're so wonderful at expressions O.O.. I expected every character to have that emotion after Sonic would do such an amazing thing xD

And don't worry about the Amy comment! It's obvious she would be all "omg take me now Sonic ;.;" about it xD *Destroyed for such an awful statement*

.. And don't worry again about DBZ references! I was only joking ^.^ I was just exaggerating and being all screechy xD That doesn't make me hate the comic-pyo! So please don't take my DBZ-whine-comment seriously ;.; I was only kidding.. even though I dislike like DBZ to NO END.. I would never seriously hate your comic if references of it were made xD Your comic is different => It's actually cool and with a good plot ^.^ *Attacked by DBZ fans*

So it was just a joke, okay? ^.^ Please don't feel sorry or try to change your plans of comments just because of what I said ;.; I would never wish for that! Your comments are always cool and stuff => And remember, I was just exaggerating. I didn't really mean it, okay? ^.^ Sorry if I upset you ;.;

So.. yeah! ^.^ Wonderful job as always! Keeeep gooooiiing! =D *Claps*
ShadyKitten Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004
*Bursts out laughing* XD HORNY SHOCK!! WAHAH!! :rofl:

Ha gods... Eee Super is SO kool!! LoL... My comments make you laugh? Haha... I try I try... *SHOT* XD

Anyways, again I do so EVER love Super and Shadow ((You just make them look soooo CUTE! :love:)). He ehee The expressions of everyone looks REALLY awesome!! XD Amy is SO funny... Hee hee. *Pats Swift cuz he's so cute all confused like that* ^.^-

Sonic looks kinda tired LoL... Hmm... No Chaos? Woo he's a strong widdle Hedgey... Nooo DBZ please... >< ((*Not a big fan of DBZ only Andriod 17. :heart: *SHOT*)) He ehee I so can't wait to see the next Pages!! :boogie: I think I know what Sonic got Tails too!! ^___^-
hedgie-girl Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004
Cool, Sonic looks super awesome^^
I don't think it's too much like DBZ since there are differences between them. You made Sonic look so cute xD I also like the spiltscreen thing with everyone, I love all their expressions^^ Amy's is funny n' cute:aww: Your so cool, I really love your shading, I can't say it enough^^ Keep up the great work! *hugs tight* ^^:hug:
shadow-freak Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004   Digital Artist
I think sonic was being a little exagerating when he said it was a piece of cake. In the panel he looks exausted. *note the sweat*

Amy's expression is priceless.
For some reason, Shadow with a "shock" type expression on him is just sexy. *drools* That's almost as sexy as him saying the word "banana".

That first panel is just tight as hell. Nice powersurge effect.
You're right again about Shadow only having that one trait of Vegeta's. Shadow isn't exactly powerhungry. He's just really dedicated!!!! *glomp*
thyrachan Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004
*giggles madly* horny shock :rofl: how come I can see Amy doing that without really thinking about it? *SHOT* ><; hem.

WOO tha's cool.. O.O Transforming without the chaos.. boowah. *flail* SONICFIRSTNOTDBZ! *>< not a fan of DBZ**MAULED by DBZ fans everywhere*

*points* wonderful job on ther expressions :D I really like Sonic's at the end, it does look like it takes a lot outta him.. *glomps him and pets him*
RileyTheHedgehog Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004
i just love this page! It's funny looking at everyone's expression! ^^
ploomy Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004
Super Sonic without the Chaos Emeralds?! Now THAT is something to put in the Sonic Archie comics!! ^_______^

I totally love amy's expression....The more of a hunk he is, the more she loves em'

You should really think about talking to archie comics for a job at the Sonic comics department...It's done nearly all manga just in a comic book o.o
purple-lighting Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004
I like all their expressions. XD But... cool. Sonic turning into Super Sonic without the emeralds!? :w00t: Looks like it took a lot outta him though...
DarkHedgehog Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004
Super Sonic without the Chaos Emeralds. they should put that in the games.
i think amy and swifts expresions are the best.
indilee Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004
Well done as usual, little bro. ^-^

"horny shock" XD XD XD XD XD OMG...! *dies laughing*

I love the comparison to Vegeta though. XD That's so true...
NeoBubblemonkee Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004
gosh, this is really good........... i cant draw like that though :P
monotoneemtion Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004
hmm does little Tails get to transform?? and Amy's eyes are so funny- will she never get over her little girls crush?! ehh i guess not- she'll always be in love with sonic but he's not helping much by doing sexy things!
MilesTailsPrower-007 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah!! I love the sorta blurred look on the first panel!! ^^ And Tails' expression is like "OMG WTF HOW?!!!"

turbocharge Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004
way-hey! i got a mention in the artist's comments! :D

thankies darkspeeds. hope to see the next part soon. amazing work, as always.
Aero1988 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004
BOO'YA XD it's like the better form of KA MA wave XD
brittsb Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004
go sonic! :w00t:
f3ng Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004   Filmographer
The efect you have when Sonic uses super sonic geyser blast looks really good. Nice look I think it is in amy's eyes.

Sonic going in Super Soinc without chaos emeralds O___O !? Wow can't wait to see the reason why. if you give a reason that is. Nice twist anyways.

Nice shading and expersions. Great work.

*poor Eggman* Feng point's at him blasying of again ^^!
darkspeeds Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
azarian-rurouni --- LOL! XD MAn I know what you mean bout' DBZ... Sometimes it gives me headache justh thinking of the debates on issues of the anime and this and that and... *SHOT*! XD

Yeah I can't wait too. ^_^ I soooo wanna see Yuber, Err.. I mean Soul in action! ^_^

dodgefoxx --- Yeah you got that right! ;) Yeah Poor Tails... XD =( Cheers on the words Ben ! ;) I'll catch up with you, Ryan and Zac in near future. ;) *salutes and waves good bye* ^_^
dodgefoxx Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004
Hehe! Amy's loveheart eyes, cute. Seems to take a lot out of Sonic, but now there's two holes in Tails' house! Poor Tails.
Azarian-Rurouni Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*Gasp* Sonic can do that...and heck unlike DBZ he doesn't have to go all Constipatiny to transform LOL, and unlike DBZ theres a actual plot....and Unlike DBZ*Is shot* X_X; what I really REALLY don't like that anime...give me Full Metal Alchemist anyday ^_- LOL Can't wait to see Tails go off on his jorney...and I can't wait to see the villain based off of Yuber....Yuber from Sui 3 = the Shiz...XD
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