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December 13, 2008
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How Strong Is Your Punch? by darkspeeds How Strong Is Your Punch? by darkspeeds
That's the power of Ashworth's Phantom Flame Impact! :nod:

Love doing these pages cuz it demonstrates how far I can push myself with techniques self-discovered in traditional pencil drawing. The blurred shading on Ash's fist are smudge marks from using bits of tissue paper rolled up into balls and smudging the lead parts with a tootbrush motion directly on the page. Looks cool doesn't it? :D

With pencil drawings I place more emphasis on the backgrounds and details more than the manga style comic because I have that ability to do so.

In this scenario fans may actually recognise some of the interiors/decor in the background (as well as the people). ;)

They are actually reference to this location in Fortune Islands:

  • (Roof & Windows) [link]

  • (Pillars & People working in the building) [link]

  • (Registration Area - Notice the 'BOOTH' sign?) [link]

    You may wonder why I had added those references into this Chapter PIN-UP for Chapter 8 (the one after Chapter 7: Ruby's New Companions
  • ).

    Well Chapter 07 finishes with Ruby and Ashworth making out of the Tomb of St. Monblur safely with the treasure that no one in the island can get (remember Page 5? Yes that is the very same tomb she barely escaped - thanks to Stream the Hawk - and the treasure that Ruby was holding before the caverns collapsed! It is a treasure that was almost impossible to get - even for experienced fortune hunters.)

    Ruby and Ashworth retreats to Fortune Islands and rests overnight. The next day Ruby heads over to the Registration Building to get her World Quest License.

    Starting to make sense now? But why the title and what's with Ashworth the Wombat almost causing complete chaos to the Registration Building?

    Only one will find out when they read on. ;) The chapter should be complete before MAR2009. Sorry for the delays but I'm taking my sweet time on it. :)

    How about a clue you say? Well let's just say that Ruby will be in for a complete shock from the truth behind COFT (i.e. Council of Fortune Hunting - the ringleaders organising the World Quest Licensing requirements and rules of Fortune Hunting in the Gloreya). Ruby won't only be in shock but she will be abused for her hard work (poor girl).

    However Ashworth will step in to show Ruby just how ridiculous the idea of of a legitimate Fortune Hunting scheme is by COFT. That is all. ;)

    Also I've also got exciting news to share about the new change on how I format the release of the books - it will be more frequent and efficient trust me! :nod: *thumbs up*
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    jonahgut1998 Featured By Owner May 18, 2010
    nice drawling
    Sorain26 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2008  Student General Artist
    My punch I don't know, lol, cool pic.
    TeslaCloud Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2008
    Great job!
    JiaYueHoneyJade Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
    katiefoxe: Nice!! ^^
    D-Tech: O_O;;;; now that's scary...!!
    Amaranth-Pink Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2008
    Nice blur effect.
    sanderg Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
    wow it's fantastic! what about your punch? can it take heavy damage? =P just wanna know
    SONICJENNY Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
    omg man he hot lol :XD: i just love that move can't wait to see when he goes at it with some one with that move. i bet they won't get out of this. for real.:D
    KentaruZ Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008  Professional Writer
    fantastic picture x3
    nothing to say!!! it is incredible!!!
    the pose and the effect is great x3
    fantastic work Elson :clap:
    sonickidnextgen Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008   Filmographer
    lol cool :iconsonickidnextgen:
    shimmyshammy Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008
    As always, you have cease to stop presenting such a strong array of work that has grown stronger every time. What is nice to see here is a homage to the early days of your work and that you can still present a majestic array of detailing and character anatomy that strengthens each time.

    The way you have posed Ashworth is excellent and you can feel a sense of enjoyment from what he loves to do best. Of course, what really takes the cake is your wonderful assortment of pencil markings that are viewable both in the foreground and background. The mixture of soft to hard is explored well and adds a nice drive of endurance within the work.

    Keep it up.
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