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January 14, 2007
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Heroes That Never Die by darkspeeds Heroes That Never Die by darkspeeds
The official ASHWORTH protagonist cast. = ) Along with the six I've decided to add an additional two characters who may have potential in the future production of ASHWORTH series.

Allow me to provide a short description of each character for an introduction. ;)

Ashworth - A person with a deadly curse and has the power to change the world

Ruby 'Locke' Steadfast - An outgoing & loving person, but a justice freak

Parmir - A cute genius but also a pervert

Fei - A silent martial artist seeking to perfect his technique

Healix - A double dealer but a crafty inventor

Geena - A quiet and unspoken character with a mysterious past

Duke Vienna - A runaway prince who seeks adventure

Laurine Glory - A priestess with a gambling problem

Here's a little more about the two new additions:

  • Duke Vienna (The Great Discord)

    In his chapter we explore how Ashworth and Ruby meets up with a vanguard and his crew who are caught in the middle of a war zone between the Lagesta and Standfordia kingdoms in Earth World.

    It seems that the leaders of Lagesta and Standfordia were about to sign a peace treaty. However all hell broke loose when one of the soldiers in the opposite party was murdered brutally in the night. It was declared that the peace treaty was off and war was to be official between the two kingdoms.

    Duke the Vanguard and his crew pilots an airship called 'Rolando' and were ordered by the Lagesta Kingdom to investigate behind the scenes on what exactly happened that night in hope to provide evidence to both leaders of the kingdoms and stop the war without bloodshed.

    Will Ashworth and Ruby lend a hand to Duke and his crew and resolve the matter? And if so will they make it in time before more innocent lives take fall?

  • Laurine Glory (The Song That Stops All Wars)

    Laurine is projected to be the last character to be recruited with ASHWORTH and his friends. They catch up with Laurine in the Heaven World who is desperately in need of a confidence boost.

    She is the choosen one by the Goddess of Elostaciel who will be on a pilgrimage to face great challenges that will test her outmost abilities as a priestess of the Harmonia Kingdom.

    At the end of her journey she will have to acquire a song. This song is constructed by melodies which will be collected and remembered from each challenge. This song is called the 'Song of Hope' one of the most powerful songs in the Heaven World. She is to use this song in order to stop the terrible war that is happening in between her kingdom.

    Will Ash and his friends help Laurine fulfil her duties as a priestess and acquire the 'Song of Hope' in time? Only time will tell.

    Oh and BTW! To those who figured out how that logo featured Ashworth's fur chest as an insigma, well done! :) Thank you so kindly for all your feedback and kind words of encouragement! Oh and not forgetting the ASHWORTH fanart/poems/stories too! :hug:
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    chankaylore Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2007
    Very nice presentation of the cast! Well, the protagonists at least XD; It makes for an interesting take on each of them too; seeing how much of their personality you can show with such a limited space.

    Also, on a more technical note, I like how you've forgone the shading and highlighting for this (as it may have looked a little too busy!) and kept the basic flat colours; simple and clean is what I'm trying to say, really.

    Top-notch job Darkspeeds! :thumbsup:
    bipolar-wolfcat Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2007
    your characters are reminiscent of those from Sonic the Hedgehog.... ^_^;; to me anyways. I really like the character designs and how you described them.... i'm very interested as to what this is all about.... hm...
    demonmustdie Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2007
    what tool did u use for this artwork looks like u've done it from photoshop
    paperclipgal Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2007
    laurine looks so cute!great job
    anemixdacat93 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2007
    I can't express myself, Ashworth is so cool. Even my little 6 year old bro says: "Hey, is Ashworth from Sonic? What is he? Is he a wolf? He kinda looks like Shadow" And other stuff. He even draws him! Can you believe there's gonna be fanart from 6 year olds??!! He even says: "Lets play: you'll be Fei and I'll be Ashworth, ok? And lets make pretend Ashworth plays Xbox 360" XDDDDD

    I'm telling you, if you take him to other places in Australia, you might make it into a cartoon! Well, that's what my mom said, about getting a person's char into business. I also have a character, Crackers, a cat, but it still isn't as popular as Ashworth: maybe I don't draw him that often? Who knows.

    Well, I'll go straight to the point: What would be really cool for you is that you could make Ashworth a legend. Imagine that, a TRUE legend, just like Sonic The Hedgehog, the blue blur we all know and adore. Heck, even I'm extremely happy for you, and I'm not even Ashworth's creator! XDDD I'm supporting you on this one, and I hope you fulfill your dream to the max. Ashworth is an incredible accomplishment, if you ask me. Fei, Parmir, Geena, Healix, Duke, and Laurine are such independent characters :D :D

    Keep up the excellent work, and I know Ashworth will become famous, I just KNOW IT.
    darkspeeds Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
    *sniff*... That was very rewarding for feedback... ;__;.....


    Thank you very much for telling me your experiences of you, your little bro and family talking about how ASHWORTH can become a great cartoon one day. Gosh that's rather cute to have your little bro say all those things... It's something that cannot be replaced and I thank you once again for sharing me your kind words of encouragement and experiences.

    Yes I do plan to make ASHWORTH a legend, I plan to revolutionise the Sonic style and the next time people see this kind of art they won't just say it's Sonic, it's ASHWORTH as well! :D

    So you have a cat character named Crackers? He/she looks cute on that latest sketch of yours! ^^ I'm sure with enough effort and commitment your cartoon will become just as famous! ;) :hug:

    Thank you once again for this feedback Anemixdacat93! It really means a lot to me! ^__^ /= ) :) :aww:

    Oh and please thank your mom and little brother for their feedback and suggestions too! I'd really appreciate it! ^^ *thumbs up*
    anemixdacat93 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2007
    You're welcome :aww: You know what would be spectacular to watch? ASHWORTH on TV. Imagine that!!!! :omg: :omfg: You've gotta introduce ASHWORTH to the world, but how can you do that? (besides posting him on dA) We've gotta brainstorm, now!

    And yeah, he loves ASHWORTH :love: He thinks he's really cool and cute. ;) I personally think he's very original :D :D And Fei is my favorite char after him... At the same time mysterious, but open to the people, like in that comic you're drawing, "SALOON".

    Yep! :D What makes me scared is that someone around here could steal my character: how can I prevent that? I've heard many cases like these. :O :O And he's a boy :D I'm planning to make a comic of him and his friends :w00t:

    Hope ASHWORTH becomes famous. ;) And you too, Elson! :hug: :fingerscrossed:

    PS: I'm really worried about ASHWORTH and related chars: wouldn't SEGA tell you something for making ASHWORTH slightly similar to Sonic? I think you should draw Ashworth in another style, not Yuji Uewaka style. :O_o: :O_o:

    PS2: Hey, you can call me Ximena. It's my real name. ;) It's very common in Mexico :D :D

    PS3: Are you gonna come to Mexico? :hmm:
    superchaoticboom Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2007
    Okay,now I know I'm just being annoying but...I'm noticing Fei and Geena.From what I can tell they both seem to have a lot in common in their profiles: They're both seem to have a mysterious past,they both communicate with each other using sign language,both are skilled in martial arts (although she assassinates),they're both the same age which can help^^;. Okay... if there was anything I left out,I'm sorry! I'm just saying they'd seem to make a cool couple! I know this picture probably has nothing to do with this but to me it looks like Geena could be flirting with Fei; Fei looks nervous.:) unless this is just their character-introduction-expression like you said... ^^; but I for one would think they'd be very cool for each other y'know?;)
    I'm sorry this is just wishfull thinking but do/will they have a 'thing' for each other as well? sorry I try to guess at these things! I can't help it! ^^
    darkspeeds Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
    Yeah indeed they have a 'thing' for each other. ;) You see Geena is an expert of languages but there is one language she hasn't master yet - sign language. Who else has that knowledge better than anyone in the ASHWORTH world? *points to Fei* ^^

    They both share are rather depressing past and I hope that the two will meet up and try to work together to make the world a difference. *thumbs up* ^_^
    superchaoticboom Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2007
    Those are great characters! I can't wait to see more comics of them! So exciting!!! ^^
    And I've got to know, will Ashworth and Ruby get a 'thing' for each other? ;) Sorry for asking ^^;
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