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June 4, 2004
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Darkspeeds: JFFS: Piece 7 by darkspeeds Darkspeeds: JFFS: Piece 7 by darkspeeds

Just For Fun Series (Piece 7)

Source: Tails Away

Man it's about time I put some focus on Tails Away!! XD XD XD ^_^

I doodled my ideas of a side story for the manga. This side-story will be taken place during the time Tails have his solo adventures on True Skies. ^_^

Eventually Tails and party (Amy, Duke [Diamond Edge crew - Bunta, Sirus, Slider & Mary] & Sara) will meet up with this group of three young adventurers - Vale's party (Vale, Hunter & Hajime and possibly one more (?) Master?).

It was really awesome when I thought about a situation where both parties will meet up for an event that they will share in common of the good. This means that at some stage they may both join forces to fulfill True Skie's destiny. ^_~

If this is true the villains will be the same case. :D

Read up on what I wrote in the page and I'll follow up with any questions you may have. :)

I'll be sketching some more conceptual art during this study break. The next piece will be of Vale's best friend - Angela. Stay tuned for more next time. ;)



:-- "Just For Fun Series" is used for the following reasons:

1) A teaser page for a current manga I'm working on. (e.g. Tails Away)

2) A resource page for a current manga I'm working on. This means a page that is sketched before-hand. A pag that is drawn before the final finishing touches are added to the page. This is for those who wish to understand how some pages are drawn in the process.

3) A concept sketch of some sort. Maybe a character design of the latest manga: 'Healing Hearts' or a map/script in drawing of a certain chapter I'm doing.

4) A blooper of some sort but not done in the quality that is of a regular manga page with shading or other specified methods (e.g. coloured).

:-- All JFF pieces are sent to the scrapbook within a weeks time. Depending on the artist's decision, if he feels it should continue to stay in the 'deviant' gallery then it shall be done.


:-- Tails & Amy is (C) by Sonic Team
:-- Tails Away manga and concepts are (C) by Darkspeeds
:-- Opinions and feedback made by deviant artists, friends and sibblings are rightfully theirs. They are entitled to express their views and thoughts on anything of Tails Away. Please respect their words and feedback regardless. Thank you and hope you'll enjoy reading the manga. ^_^

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Shadowprower30 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very awesome
sonicolas Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
o.o So that's how you plan your characters! =P
It's so well ordered and clean (Even when there are striked words XD)
Waterstrider Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2004
.............Hunter looks like you man...totally... (excuse my horrible slang) anyway tis awsome!!!
SHF Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2004
I like the designs~ I think they are unique. Not many a times, do I see a person create a blind character or anymore with physical difficulties, in fact. I think it's gonna be hard putting yourself into a blind character's point of view and knowing what she can and cannot do~ GOOD LUCK! I really like how you drew Vale's eyes. Really seem like a blind person's eyes~ What is Vale's personality? introvert?

So what do they call the hunter? "OI, HUNTER, COME OVER HERE!" Like that? XD no other name to call him na~
Dark-Jessa Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2004
Nice work on the character designs, very creative! :nod:
darkspeeds Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks Dark-Jessa. ^_~ More creativity coming soon! :D XD
Sonicfan101 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2004
Looks pretty cool, good job. ^_^
Noshi--001 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2004
Your so good with a pencil and at character designs and well anything in general!
BurstTheHedgehog Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2004
Hey you know isnt that Hunter guy the same one who was shadowed in the Healin hearts promo hmmmmmmm Im a regular sherlock lol
darkspeeds Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Nope it ain't him. Totally different people at diffrent worlds altogther.

Sorry but no cigar! ;)
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