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Crowded Street by darkspeeds Crowded Street by darkspeeds
Double yay! I'm halfway on my 50 conceptual sketches! XD XD ^______^ I've done a whole bunch of other ones but I only put the ones that I think shows a lot more than what words can describe. ^_~

Amy's taking a bite out of Baribia's finest produce - bread! ^___^ Tails is paying the silver for it though which he doesn't mind. LOL! XD ;) I liked how this turned out... the sketch effect... though a little messy, gives it that special look. ^_~ You can see at least 5 other people who are active on the scene too. ^_^ 4 hedgehogs and one racoon. XD ^_^

*To little bro Zephyr-kun --- Yeah it's no suprise where I got the title from.... *shot!* LMAO! XD ^_^*


The outskirts of Baribia, set in an Arabian nights style setting.

Tails and Amy are in the middle of a marketplace buying some food to eat after their long journey. ^_^ Duke is waiting at the tavern just across the market, he'll be taking Tails and Amy to the city of Grandi by sunrise tommorow. ^_^

Baribia is home to some of the most wildest parties and singing. One of the key icons of Baribia - song women and wine! XD *snagged that from Kyle and Ronfar from Lunar! XD* Locals go there and drink all night long for the sake of it. XD Usually excusing themselves from another long week's worth of hard work! XD

Not forgetting that Baribia is also the home of a very special character that will be tagging along the Tails' party ... Yes indeed it's Sara. ^_^ I'll be introducing her here starting with a plot - She stole Amy's treasured ribbon giving by her mother. ^_^ From there the possibilities of events, twists, jokes, humour, danger and adventure is endless... ^_^
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MilesTailsPrower-007 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooh sketchy!! It looks beautiful.
jaggedice200 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2003
Pretty good man
its almost hard to see
through the sketch marks
But I like the set up, tails is
always nice ^_^
zaceryspud02 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2003
Even though it is crouded your attention is still on the main characters because you made them the main focus point. The characters take up a large portion of the picture allowing you to make them very well positioned and detailed in what they are doing. I also love the incredible detail you have put into the croud itself.

By the time I'd finish this half the BG would be scribble because I either got lazy or couldnt draw it fine/good enough for my liking. Not only that but If I ever finished an awsome pic like this there would be so much smudge marks that you couldnt make out the detail anyway. Im getting better with my smudging and detail though, just not as good as some ppl I know *hint hint* ;).
luleiya Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
O___________O..........And it's "just" a sketch..........Ehem...........OMG!!!!!! !! AMAZING!!!!
Bro, you've outdone yourself yet again!^___^*hugs*

And thank you for the comments on my last pic that I did for you and........never mind.
dodgefoxx Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2003
Crowded indeed! I always wonder how one such as yourself manages to squeeze so much detail into nearly ever line. Makes my stuff look quite simplistic... hmmm, shall need to practice that.

Everyone looks so familiar and comfortable in the setting in the pic so as one would not be overwhelmed by the busyness, very well done mnyep.
sonicolas Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yup, that's crowded!
I can really imagine that they'll get robbed ^^;
Anyway, this one really impresses me! It's one of the most deatiled pic I've seen from you (I think the one that had the most one is that huge SoaH pic ^^

Keep up your awesome work! (And I'll say it again, You'll never cease to impress me! XD)
purple-lighting Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2003
Very cool. It look like they're coming right at ya. [claps] Good job.
celestewolf Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2003  Hobbyist Artist
awesome pic ^^ as always... i especially love your background drawings
ine-rocks Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2003
I love how Amy turns out whenever you draw her... that mature style benefits her, she looks adorable! Once again, Tails rocks... and I'm more then willing to read this new story!
darkspeeds Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
To sark, demented1 and Sarinna Panda - Thank you. ^_^

<Zephyr-kun --- Good grief! O_O You needn't comment twice little bro! O_O LMFAO! XD Great Goddess Althena, give my little bro a towel! XD XD XD *hugs deeply* ^___^ Aww... thank you so much, you took the trouble to comment again... Hell I had a laugh or two of course! XD XD XD *sniffles*
You read my thoughts bro... Baribia like Meribia, Tails The Sky Saviour like Alex The Dragonmaster... =')

Thank you Zephyr-kun, you're an amazing little bro and always have embraced your integrity and awesomeness... ^_^ *hugs tight* ^___^
-zephyr- Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2003
( dont mind the previous comment )

*Zephyr comes back from the kitchen with a glass of juice. He's very thirsty and is ready to give the first gulp of juice when the pc shows Darkspeeds' new pic*

PLLLEAFFH!!!!!!! * spits all the juice on the monitor, drooling juice white sees the picture*

AAARGHH!!!!!!! *heart attck* BIG BRO!! That's fantastic!! Awesome! Damn, how can you be so amazing, bigb bro!! =) I love it!! Look at the details.....the perspective......everything is perfect! Favs right now this!! I couldnt expect less from Darky-sama! Keep it up, big bro!! *huuuuuuugs*
-zephyr- Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2003
DARKY!! YOU ARE AMAZING! DUDE! THIS PIC IS SO COOL!! ^_^ my are a god of art......more than that.....awesome!! Yeah I noticed the title * plays Meribia town theme * XD congrats! This is fantastic! FAVS RIGHT NOW!!*

Keep it up, big sensei bro!! ^_^ *hugs tight*
sarinpanda Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so much detailed artwork ^^ I :heart: your work! Its so AWSOME!!
demented1 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2003
Me like the detail and the overall style of the pic ^^. Awsome!
sark Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2003  Student General Artist
cool! love inked sketchs with lots of deatail! neato! great job!
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