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September 7, 2007
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BIRD CON2007 Promotional Flyer by darkspeeds BIRD CON2007 Promotional Flyer by darkspeeds
Heya everyone! = )

I hope that by now that most of your within the DA/Sonic Community are well aware of a another awesome meet-up in London on the 8th September 2007! :D

The past week had been pretty hectic in terms of the comic because I wanted to finish everything before any longer than the first week of September. The good news is that I've sent the CD containing all 60 pages to the first book just yesterday to my editor in Sydney and he will review and give me feedback on it before getting it printed/published.

Nevertheless it was no excuse for me not to do something about this special event that is taking place in London once again. I've decided to make a personal promo flyer, one that is practical so that they can take it there with them to get it signed and take home to keep! ;)

For more details on the event stayed tuned to this website kindly created by Mike (aka omg_m1ke!): [link]

For info and discussion at Sonic Stadium Message Boards go here: [link]

Let's wish our good friend Adam Tuff (aka T-Bird) an awesome and respectful farewell as he will be heading to Japan at the end of September to tackle an English teaching job for a year. I'm sure his job will inspire him and have him take back an unforgettable experience to be shared with friends and family! :D Keep in touch buddy! *thumbs up*
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MysteryEzekude Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
That reminds me. Monthes ago, you made a picture with TGAF characters holding signs with random comments in them. I can't find it in your gallery.
MysteryEzekude Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Isn't Roareye Black in this picture!? He looks cool!
darkspeeds Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2007  Student Digital Artist
Yup it sure is. ^^
Kunnai Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2007
Wish I could go! T_T Its waaaaaaaay to far for me. XD
XX-Midnight Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool. :D
WhitehawkStudios Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2007
Noooo"!!!! i cant belive i missed this ><, fate realy dosent like me XD, and congrats!!!
PhrozenSoul Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2007
Now which one of those guys would be Dreadknux? I see two echindas and I'm not sure which one is Dread...

I see Roarey though. :D
darkspeeds Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2007  Student Digital Artist
Dread's the echidna with the shining grin! XD He's next to Roareye who is below the Roarey you speak of! :giggle:
PhrozenSoul Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2007
Ah, thanks...

Anyway, it's cool to see the anthro versions of the SSMB moderators and staff!
EvyCrystal Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2007  Professional General Artist
pretty sweet flyer |D
I wish I can go to a CON ROFL my life so lame XD jk
chi I want to go somewhere far now mwahah *huggles* wait I always wanted to go somewhere far XD;

aww I wish I can go places =p in time I will mwahaha XD
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