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July 18, 2008
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ASHWORTH Volume01-CHP04-Pg84 by darkspeeds ASHWORTH Volume01-CHP04-Pg84 by darkspeeds
  • The Grand ASHWORTH Fortune: Volume 01, Chapter 04 - Duke Vienna vs. Stream The Hawk

  • Format: Western, reading from LEFT to RIGHT

    I really like the explosion effect on the top-right hand corner. :) It's actually not easy to draw those if you want to get the flow and movement of debris and smoke right! XD

    Oh and 'No-Origin-Faction' dissapoints Duke Vienna! Mua ha ha! Cocky or a little too over-confident? X3 :D

    [PREVIOUS PAGE] Page 83 [link]

    [NEXT PAGE] Page 85 [link]
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    Luke-the-F0x Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
    wow these fight scenes are getting good, especially the first 2 panels.
    Awesome job.
    KentaruZ Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2008  Professional Writer
    wow... now what happen two years ago? o.o
    incredible Elson :clap:
    this is a great page x3 with awesome angles and all!!! :clap:
    also Duke's father looks awesome o.o Shall we see more of him? o.o I hope so x3
    and refresh my mind what is the '''No-Origin-Faction''? o.o
    darkspeeds Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
    No-Origin-Faction is pretty much one of the main antagonists in the TGAF story. They seek or the power and wisdom that is bestowed in ASHWORTH (not the wombat himself... XD).

    Duke's father does look cool! = ) But if you read up on his character profile via TGAF official website his father and the entire family have been... Well... Yeah... They're not there anymore... = ( This could possibly explain why Duke has this cold expression every single time he is on a mission.
    KentaruZ Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2008  Professional Writer
    by the way I add you to my friend list in facebook xD
    KentaruZ Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2008  Professional Writer
    Yes, I see. Well that sounds interesting o.o haha and it would have been a bit strange if it was the wombat himself xD haha

    Well, I knew that fact about his father ;) What I was meaning is if we shall see a long flashback or some spirit intervention of him? =D
    yeah, poor Duke =/
    EA-Firestorm Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2008
    the Duke's getting quite cocky XD
    Are you going to have Ruby heal Stream, now that she's wearing the equipment of a healer!? =P

    BTW: nice art on the impact of Stream onto the ground... looks really good!
    darkspeeds Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
    Wow I never thought about having Ruby healing Stream in that situation! o.O However she is about to make something far more desperate that healing her long-time friend and mentor... Possibly she will make a unique sacrifice to but Stream time to escape as you'll see on the next page. ;)
    EA-Firestorm Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2008
    the next page hasn't shown it yet... =P I look forward to seeing what it is oO
    ow, and if he's sacrificing 'that', notify me and the small children first, so we'll be ready for it XD
    felousefarnayne Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
    ooooo interesting page I must say really well done how the characters look in fighting and such so well done nice work and keep it up ^^
    EliseBellatrix Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2008
    Oops! :giggle: This is such a different vision of Stream from mine! :giggle: Now I can't help laugh a bit! :D Poor Stream! ha ha ha!

    I like the two first panels. I'm always saying the same, but I can imagine exactly the sounds of this scene. :giggle: Well, maybe because you know how to transcript them! ;)
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