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Profile picture Elson Wong 2016 by darkspeeds

Darkspeeds COMMISSIONS Status

:bulletred: :bulletred: COMMISSIONS CURRENTLY CLOSED :bulletred: :bulletred:

Please visit the following page below. Then send me a note when you're ready to do business.

Darkspeeds' COMMISSION Page

Okay cool, 100/+7000 of my watchers can draw. Truthfully now, how often do you draw? 

152 deviants said Everyday - it's a daily ritual
73 deviants said Once a week, I'm getting better at it too!
69 deviants said Once a month, I'm pretty lazy really
45 deviants said Once every fortnight, I impress myself sometimes!

BtWD-MovieNight01 2017 by darkspeeds

BtWD-MovieNight02 2017 by darkspeeds
BtWD-MovieNight02b 2017 by darkspeeds
BtWD-MovieNight03 2017 by darkspeeds
BtWD-MovieNight04 2017 by darkspeeds

It's been more than a year since David from :icondreamkeepers: introduced this comic to me via Twitter - I instantly got hooked and had to make a motion-comic featuring a memorable soundtrack, outstanding performances and compelling audio that matched the quality of a blockbuster movie. I did an audition post, gathered some of the finest voice actors and completed the project more than 6 months later. We ended all it with Premiere Night - which was our mini version of the red carpet. It was a fantastic night to remember by.

To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Beyond the Western Deep

and Songs of the Eastern Sands (written by Alex Kain, illustration by Rachel Bennet & Jerome Jacinto - a huge congrats to you all by the way!), as well as the successful production of Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie we're going to invite you all to a session of fun and reminisce where project members will be watching the movie live on Youtube and sharing commentary on their favourite moments, as well as thoughts on the series' future.

Catch you then as we'll do our best to stay in-character throughout the show to entertain you all!

Last but not least, below is an entire archive of past journals reflecting my love and enthusiasm for the series! Something to read through to get an idea of how it all came about ever since David's tweet on the series!

BtWD - Early Beginnings

Beyond the Western Deep - A MUST READ!:star: I've Just Finished Reading Chapter 2 and...

... all I can say is this.
Man... Today marked a very special day for me. I'm so glad that David pointed this webcomic out because I would have never discovered this gem of a story.
This team of Alex and Rachel (writer and artist) is amazing.
Their storytelling in impecible - from the dialogue/script to the sublime visuals (character expressions, colors, world design), I will tell you now that it is not often that I get to read a graphic novel/webcomic that really captivate my imagination but more importantly, as I've learnt from David (regarding storytelling), I really CARE for these characters.
This dynamic relationship between protagonists Quinlan and Dakkan (as well as their interactions with the rest of the remarkable cast) goes so deep, it's like I've known these guys for years and I only read about them in two nights. What ha
Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie [OPENING!]Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie [OPENING PREVIEW!]

Man, the voice acting team and myself have been trailblazing in terms of progress for this project!
I'm really excited to present this webcomic series by Alex Kain and Rachel Bennett in comic drama format and showcase just how fantastic their story is.
Share this around with those who love stories of kingdoms and conflict, epic fantasy and engaging characters.
This movie is set for release for X-mas/New Year. This will depend on how Alex and Rachel go with Chapter 2. To play it safe I'll say that this will be ready by mid-JAN 2016.
When we hit the premier date I'll host an online gathering so that we can all watch it together and talk about the story and characters created by Alex and Rachel! Just like we had one for the Lackadaisy Audio Contemplation where Tracy J Butler kindly hosted the group chat! ;)
Oh! And of course - HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! ^^
Narrator voiced by Fai

BtWD Character Painting Processes

  Quinlan Painting Process:star: Quinlan Painting Process

That was a lot of fun! Need to practice more to get better and faster at it!
Tomorrow, it'll be a little break from commissions - I'll be working on the Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie project. Getting down to more than 10 minutes of audio so far! Woo!
The day after tomorrow I'll start work on the next set of 'painting' commissions - one from Jason Bronkowski and one from :iconstrykeforce2005:!
:star: Speed Painting Exercise
In preparation for my next couple of commissions (that will require plenty of digital painting), I'm going to warm myself up with a speed painting exercise of what
Dakkan Painting Process:star: Dakkan Painting Process

:star: A Handsome Otter!
Took longer than I thought for the sketch! lol Dakkan's fun to draw! X3 Time for bed. Will finish the painting tomorrow when I come back from work in the morning!

:star: Red-Oak Bo Staff
I couldn't find a pose on the net suitable to what I have pictured for my next speed painting exercise featuring Dakkan from Beyond the Western Deep (another awesome protagonist to the series)!
So I decided to gra
Hardin Painting Process:star: Hardin Painting Process

:star: Role-playing as Hardin? (Hardin's Resolve)
Actually I was in the middle of taking a reference shot for my next Beyond the Western Deep illustration to put more hours into my digital painting milage. :D
I'll be using this for my next speed painting:

And because I had a spare moment with the camera I decided to recapture the scenes I played in person for the Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie project.

Darkspeeds-as-Hardin03 by darkspeeds
You can listen to the prev
Janik Painting Process:star: Janik Painting Process
It started with off with a quick session of myself posing for photo references. :D
I pictured Janik holding a thick hardbound book that she carries with her on her early journeys as ambassador (perhaps a Diary? a Travel log? The book of Vulpin politics? Who knows. One thing is for certain, on this illustration I wanted to show her behind a backdrop of desert suggesting that she is near the Vulpin capital of Navaran - Nessa.
Anyways back to the photos - and oh look, guess who reads Usagi Yojimbo? X3
I decided to stick with my third photo which is pictured below. I also used ART POSE ap on my I-pad mini to assist me with how the light bounced off the figure from a certain angle and thus creating all the forms of light and shadow to be rendered. These two references will be my primary guide to this speed painting session. 

BtWD Music Commission to Hugo Junstrand

Beyond the Western Deep - Overture:star: Merry Christmas ~ (Part 1) A Composition To Share!
First and foremost, may you and the family have a festive Christmas holiday!
It's been a crazy month of preparations for the holidays and I'm sure that many of you have purchased gifts for loved ones and written a good ol' fashioned X-mas card to compliment your thoughts and warm wishes.
You will know that I've been working on the an audio production for the past few couple of months based off the webcomic series by Alex Kain and Rachel Bennett entitled: Beyond the Western Deep.

Well it is still in production and I can happily say that I'm halfway through completing the Prologue chapter and Chapter 01 so far - the total audio length comes to 30 minutes long!
I was in love with the serie

BtWD Updates, Previews, and Premiere Night

Beyond the Western Deep - The Long Journey Ahead:star: Beyond the Western Deep - The Long Journey Ahead
This project has been in the works since October 2015! I spent over 50 hours on casting, promoting and audio production and so far it's coming along great! 
I even did some paintings:
And commissioned :icontoxodentrail: to compose an overture for the webcomic series.
So if you combine all the additional contributions I'd clock over 70 hours of work. It's been a labour of love being a fan, and I wouldn't have it any other way. In fact, this experience wouldn't have been possible without :icondreamkeepers:'s recommendation on Twitter many months ago. 8-)
Anyways just a reminder - I plan to get the movie complete sometime in February, which is next month - gee the year is coming along quick! Right now I'm waiting up on :icontdcpresents: & :iconkobb: to have the HIGH RES images fo
Beyond the Western Deep -A Dark Storm Draws Near:star: Beyond the Western Deep -A Dark Storm Draws Near
It's been a while since I made an official update of this project! Just got back from an amazing vacation to North America and I'm ready to get back into the game to finish this off once and for all! 
I aim to have this complete by June. Spread the word of this awesome web-comic series that is Beyond the Western Deep by Alex Kain (aka :icontdcpresents:) and Rachel Bennett (aka :iconKobb:).
Enjoy the stellar performances of:
FunFamilyGame as BEVAN
Darkspeeds as HARDIN
YamatoGuru as ASHTOR
TheTigerwolf55 as QUINLAN
Fairfieldfencer as KENOSH
Wolfblade93 as DAKKAN
Darkspeeds & Kovabomb as CANID SOLDIERS

We're getting close!! BtWD movie premiere night!:star: Watch me swing a Sword like Ashworth!

Go to my deviantART front-page, scroll down a little and look to the left - there you can play my video tweets! 
Swinging a sword is liberating and a great way to stay in shape! Also it is a nice way to inspire yourself if you got a character in a story that is enchanted by the sword. Get inspired everyone! ;)

Or you can use the following links:
:star: I can't believe it...
This video link says it all...
One hour and ten minutes in total... My longest 'The Movie' and comic drama to date. This is surreal. Can't sleep, I'm getting an adrenaline
Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie:star: Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie - The Aftermath
These past few days have been fantastic - the feedback I got of the project was amazing. So I thank to all of you who have shared their feedback on the production qualities, the cast performances and overall reaction after watching it completely.
I got three more videos to share - I highly recommend you check out the interview (Part 2 vid) and also the "One Last Hoo-Hah!" video.
Enjoy and get inspired people!

Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie CHATROOM! (Part 02 - Interview with Cast and Creators!)
Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie CHATROOM! (Part 01: Pre Meet-up)
:star: Beyond the Western Deep: The Movie

:star: LIVE-STREAMING NOW!! X3 Come join us!
Click on this link and go to the LIVESTREAM link to start chatting with us and listen to us! On


Elson Wong
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